The Is The Tale Of A Cheeky Little Sod From Salford Called Jason Growing Up Surrounded By His Properly Funny And Most Definitely Shameless Family And His Discovery That Being Funny Might Actually Get Him Somewhere Other Than Detention, Mugged, Dumped Or Sacked That IsIt S About Being Part Of A Big, Northern, Working Class Family Forever Struggling With Money, But Never Short On Laughs Or Misadventures, Who Show That When The Chips Are Down What Really Matters Is Sticking Together

8 thoughts on “Brung Up Proper: My Autobiography

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    I like Jason Manford as a comedian and I enjoy reading autobiographies so thought I would like this book but I was very diappointed.I usually find the first few chapters of an autobiography, about childhood and teenage years, a bit boring, and unfortunatly thats all there is in this book.Jason Manford talks about his great grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings, uncles etc, tells us about his childhood and teenage years, various jobs and girlfriends up until the age of 19 then tells us about his first few times on stage and just after that, he jumps about 10 years to 2010, he gives us a glimpse of his Christmas, and the book ends.A few of the stories were amusing but I didn t really enjoy the book at all and was very disappointed.

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    I think anyone would enjoy this book, but if like me you come from similarly humble beginnings, it will definitely resonate and add to the laugh out loud enjoyment of this book It s jam packed with typically working class anecdotes and riotous shenanigans that rekindled lots of my own childhood memories that I must have suppressed for nigh on 30 years As other readers have said, I literally couldn t put this book down and knocked it on the head in a day, so there was definitely room for it to extend all the way through to present day 2010 instead of jumping straight there and thus missing out the whole of his career as a professional comedian I suppose we ll have to wait until volume 2 he obviously needs to get his finger out, as this title was released over 7 years ago.

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    I really enjoyed the truthful account of his early days and the mixed up family that he has been very close with on both his parents sides At times his stories take you back to your own youth Well worth a read Alastair Wilson author Santiago On Two feet.

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    Where is the actual story of Jason s rise to fameThis book has no depth, no real engaging storey telling 70% covers in an erratic and not terribly entertaining way, Jasons childhood and first attempts at stand up Then all of a sudden, he s married with twins, a pregnant wife, and it ends Compared to John Bishop, Michael Mckintyre and Johnny Vegas, this book doesn t stand up at all in interesting entertainment Obviously left room for the next book , which is ridiculous as this attempt desperately needed content, less padding Disappointing

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    Just finished this book and really enjoyed it Some parts really made me laugh to the extent that I repeated them to other people Was also nice comparing to experiences from my own childhood Only downside was that it is childhood early adulthood memoir and as a result doesn t cover when Jason became famous or any anecdotes from this time which I would have liked to read This did not take away from my enjoyment of the book however In short this is quite a heartwarming book that I would recommend.

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    I ve done nothing for two days because I couldn t put this book down A great read It took me right back, but to my kids childhood rather than my own What a wonderful family Jason has The honestly in his writing comes over well He s done a really good job It s a very entertaining and well written account of a young but certainly action packed life Strangely enough I live on the same Stockport road as Jason, although I don t know him personally, and can tell you that the tree he mentions at the front of his house with the Christmas lights was quite magnificent last year Now I need to pluck up the courage to knock on his door and get my book signed Well done, Jason You re a true star and your mum and dad must be so very proud of you.

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    I love this guy as a comedian and was looking forward to seeing his humour in words I wasn t dissapointed As story telling goes Jason is a natural and had me laughing out loud I was on the verge of giving it 5 stars towards the end of the book Then why didn t I The end made me sad It was as if someone had ripped a few chapters out It skipped many years Years that I would have thought were important His rise to national public fame as a top comedian, his stage career, television career, getting married, having the twins, and even maybe his ahem indiscretions Still a good read though.

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    I absolutely LOVED this book I only read a few chapters at a time and really struggled to put it down but I never wanted it to finish so I took my time with it, and I won t lie, I was gutted when I was on the final page.Its true, you will laugh and you will cry thankfully you ll laugh than cry there are a few stories you ll think Flippin heck I wasn t expecting that It just shows that just because you ve hit the big time, it doesn t mean you didn t work for it or struggle through the hard times.I also loved the respect Jason showed for every single member of his family.This is a must have book and will recommend it to anyone who wants to relive their childhood as well as learn about Jason s.Well done Jason on such a fabulous read