John Betjeman Was By Far The Most Popular Poet Of The Twentieth Century His Collected Poems Sold Over Two Million Copies Television Audiences Loved His Quirky Evocations Of Landscape And Architecture As Poet Laureate, He Became A National Icon, But Behind The Public Man Were Doubts And Demons For Much Of His Fifty Year Marriage To Penelope Chetwode, The Daughter Of A Field Marshal, Betjeman Had A Relationship With Elizabeth Cavendish, The Daughter Of The Duke Of Devonshire And Lady In Waiting To Princess Margaret Betjeman, A Devout Anglican, Was Tormented By Guilt About The Storms This Emotional Triangle CausedThis Book Is The First To Use Fully The Vast Archive Of Personal Material Relating To Betjeman S Private Life, Including Literally Hundreds Of Letters Written By His Wife About Their Life Together And Apart It Is A Celebration Of A Much Loved Poet, A Brave Campaigner For Architecture At Risk, And A Highly Popular Public Performer For private entertainment and education. I always enjoy A.N Wilson s writing and this was no exception It rekindled an interest in Betjeman s poetry and introduced me to an excellent book written by his wife on her travels through Andalucia. I have downloaded the Kindle version to read later this year when on holiday I have already read the paperback version and can see why the product was a Sunday Times bestseller The man and his life is a paradox The book was easy to read and is the perfect book to read at the end of the day Not too difficult to take in and leaving one wantingthe next evening It opened up a new horizon for me I have been buying the same type books for years based on my lifetime interest and this was a great change You know what they say about a change it is as good as a rest and so it has been I have purchased other Betjeman books for further reading This has opened other horizons R.S Thomas and Phillip Larkin So, if you are interested in Paradoxes and are looking for a change then I don t think that you will be disappointed.Derrick Matthews, South Wales, United Kingdom. Fascinating to read the back story of this delightful poet s life A Pagliacci character the sadness of the clown. A hefty tome, well written and highly informative.I d say this is a MUST for those who still adore this chap s writings, his verse, and his personality.When John Betjeman took his leave of this world we lost a great friend Love him and miss him greatly.Read and enjoy it s a treasure. The best book on Betjeman you will read Comprehensive and beautifully written. I really enjoyed this biography It shed a lot of light on the character of this much loved poet, and of course painted a detailed picture of his life, family, his circle and the his times I m pleased to have read it and just as pleased to have it in my kindle.