San Pedro Is Bolivia S Most Notorious Prison Small Time Drug Smuggler Thomas McFadden Found Himself On The Inside Marching Powder Is The Story Of How He Navigated This Dark World Of Gangs, Drugs And Corruption To Come Out On TopThomas Found Himself In A Bizarre World, The Prison Reflecting All That Is Wrong With South American Society Prisoners Have To Pay An Entrance Fee And Buy Their Own Cells The Alternative Is To Sleep Outside And Die Of Exposure , Prisoners Wives And Children Often Live Inside Too, High Quality Cocaine Is Manufactured And Sold From The PrisonThomas Ended Up Making A Living By Giving Backpackers Tours Of The Prison He Became A Fixture On The Backpacking Circuit And Was Named In The Lonely Planet Guide To Bolivia When He Was Told That For A Bribe OfHis Sentence Could Be Overturned, It Was The Many Backpackers Who D Passed Through Who Sent Him The Money Written By Lawyer Rusty Young,Marching Powder Sometimes Shocking, Sometimes Funny Is A Riveting Story Of Survival

8 thoughts on “Marching Powder: A True Story of a British Drug Smuggler In a Bolivian Jail (The Pan Real Lives Series Book 6)

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    Marching Powder is a good book not a great book, but a good book but it just seems a little far fetched and, there s no denying, a bit repetitive I know someone who visited the San Pedro Prison in Bolivia and was disappointed to learn there were no tours of the prison.It s certainly true that when you ve experienced aspects of life that others haven t you very often get accused of making it up, mostly out of jealousy, so I m not suggesting Thomas McFadden has made this up, not at all I just feel he s used a little poetic license here and there and that the book could do with an edit, cutting out, say, 20%But that s only my opinionApart from that, it s certainly a worthwhile read, and should be enough to stop anyone foolish enough to consider smuggling drugs.

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    Found this trueaccount of life in a Bolivian prison quite startling to say the least By all means drug smugglers should be punished but what these prisoners have to endure is unbelievable To have to pay for, or buy your own cell for a start is a prisoner s introduction to prison life otherwise they have to just sleep anywhere they can find They are up against corruption at every level and have to bribe their way through their sentences every single day Brutality is part of daily life from prison staff and fellow inmates The book portrays extreme ha r ships of prison life, a game of survival, corruption and camaraderie I could not put the book down and would recommend to anyone interested in this genre.

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    This is book is very unique in every way, although it reads like a diary of a professional drug criminal career who has had the misfortune of being incarcerated in a Bolivian jail for around 4 years The book gripped me from the very start and kept me glued till the very end So if you want to know all the details of drug trafficking and and its clientele please read on Apart from drugs consumption, I also found the Bolivian cultural depiction very interesting, especially the hate for Gringos and their DEA forced laws on the population.

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    I give Marching Powder 5 stars but the quality of the book 1 star This book was an excellent read but pages began to fall out within reading the first few pages I had to use paper clips to keeps pages from Falling out and which made it a really difficult read I think if the book wasn t such a good read I would of given up and binned it So glad I did persevere I can honestly say it s probably the best book I ve ever read Defeninitly recommended

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    I really enjoyed this story With autobiographical story you don t always know how much is actually true and what level of self justification is attempted But for the most part it did seem believable and quite confessional I would certainly recommend you giving Marching Powder a read.

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    Despite the despicable trade that got him into trouble in the first place, and his weakness in not avoiding becoming an addict himself, Thomas becomes a very likeable and inspirational character This account of his sojourn in SanPedro, though touching on unimaginable horrors, includes pictures of the lives of many other inmates each of whom possessed admirable spirit in the face of adversity Vividly expressed, this story contains many examples of life lessons from which a reader can gain strength and courage to face their own difficulties.

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    I wasnt quite prepared for what lay in store here and just lazily bought it on a whim not expecting much from it How wrong I was At first I thought this must be a work of total fiction and subject to gross exaggeration until i researched it online and found it to be absolutely true in all regards i even found images online which fit nicely the descriptive powers of the author.That such a prison STILL exists to this day operating in this manner is absolutely mind blowing Read it and whilst doing so remind yourself that this society is happening at this very moment you wont regret it I assure you A book of real impact and hugely enjoyed.

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    Incredible Easily one of the best books I ve ever read Just mind blowing how such events ever occurred You simply HAVE to buy this book I guarantee you won t be able to put it down