British Organised Crime Has Changed Beyond All Recognition Over The Last Five Years Youth Violence, The Drug Trade And Rising Levels Of Gun Crime Are Rarely Out Of The News Beginning On The Troubled Streets Of The Inner Cities, Gang Land Takes Its Readers On A Journey Up Through The Underworld Hierarchy Until It Finally Reaches The Very Highest Levels, Occupied By Shadowy Mr Big Characters

8 thoughts on “Gang Land: From Footsoldiers to Kingpins

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    I enjoyed this book it flowed well and had a nice blend of information I didn t find it particularly shocking It was however a good light read offering an interesting insight into varied aspects of criminal activity as well as the criminals themselves Definitely worth a couple of pound

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    Very informative without glamourising crime Lots of behind the scenes info that does not come into the public arena.

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    not a bad read but i was expecting and it didnt really deliver, alot of people in the book are nameless, and although i understand this is due to legal reasons, it doesnt read very well doesnt really go into great detail when he could have and spends far too much time on the lowest ranking footsoldiers when the reader really wants to read about the mr bigs.did make good use of his journalist background by including various newspaper articles at relevant stages, which i thought demonstrated various points wellas stated previously, not an absoulte must read but not a bad read either

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    Thoroughly good read although there are areas that are rather boring like internet crime, just a filler i feel I skipped by these as i prefer the nitty gritty stuff.

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    I enjoyed this Well written and quite factual Always funny to hear the media s view when you know what really happened If crime interests you then give it a try If not, then why are you here Sideman Go back to the hello kitty section

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    another well researched master piece from this great writer This book will open ur eyes to what has been happening in the u.k the last few years its a good read but u may find it makes u angry and sad sometimes.

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    Slightly Boring.The book did educate me on a few thigs about gangs and such and i got a giggle here or there but i found the writer to be a bit ego driven, a lot of self stroking.