Very detailed account of freediving and the various competitions I knew very little about this sport before, but found the book captivating and also a sad account of Nick Mevoli s life It s not a book about death though, I d say it sa book about life, about living passionately and that s what drew me into the story A really good read. Such a great find The book not only focuses upon Nick Mevoli but the free diving world as a whole I am not a free diver and knew nothing about free diving before I read it, however the book gripped me from the start Definitely worth a read Offers moderate insight into the technical challenges of the free diving world and far too much insight into the apparently insular and polyamorous nature of some of its members Far from being an inspiring read it was tedious and repetitive. This book has opened my eyes to a sport I knew very little about and was told so clearly and frankly The book takes you on the life journey of one individual whose passion is free diving alongside an informative insight into the world of free diving and development of the sport It is such a detailed account of the world of free diving, the commitment it takes, the risks but also the sheer joy this sport can bring Not a book I would have picked up from the shelf but I am so pleased I have read it.. I didn t know anything about freediving until as read this as part of the Adventure Book Club and I thoroughly enjoyed it It was an immersive and emotional experience, where I felt like I was with the people and in the water which is so impressive for an author to achieve I would recommend it to anyone who wants to explore a completely new world. I d never heard of this book before it was chosen as our Adventure Book Club choice of the month, but I was gripped from the off Beautifully woven between Nick Mevoli s past and the crucial freediving events that shaped his freediving legacy, Adam Skolnick has a style that reels you in and plonks you right into the story.I ve never considered freediving before, but now I can t think about anything else. This was the 2nd book I read after join a book club I do not think I will choose this book for myself because I do not do freediving However, I would like to try freediving after reading this book The best part of this book is the human, personal side of the characters that is not completely related with the freediving competition I like how the author tell the story from main character since childhood touching the different aspects of life. One Breath Is A Gripping And Powerful Exploration Of The Strange And Fascinating Sport Of Freediving, And Of The Tragic, Untimely Death Of America S Greatest Freediver Competitive Freediving A Sport Built On Diving As Deep As Possible On A Single Breath Tests The Limits Of Human Ability In The Most Hostile Environment On Earth The Unique And Eclectic Breed Of Individuals Who Freedive At The Highest Level Regularly Dive Hundreds Of Feet Below The Ocean S Surface, Reaching Such Depths That Their Organs Compress, Light Disappears, And One Mistake Could Kill ThemEven Among Freedivers, Few Have Ever Gone As Deep As Nicholas Mevoli A Handsome Young American With An Unmatched Talent For The Sport, Nick Was Among Freediving S Brightest Stars He Was Also An Extraordinary Individual, One Who Rebelled Against The Vapid And Commoditized Society Around Him By Relentlessly Questing For Something Meaningful And Authentic, Whatever The Risks So When Nick Mevoli Arrived At Vertical Blue In , The World S Premier Freediving Competition, He Was Widely Expected To Challenge Records And Continue His Meteoric Rise To Stardom Instead, Before The End Of That Fateful Competition Nick Mevoli Had Died, A Victim Of The Sport That Had Made Him A Star, And The Very Future Of Free Diving Was Called Into Question With Unparalleled Access And Masterfully Crafted Prose, One Breath Tells His Unforgettable Story, And Of The Sport Which Shaped And Ultimately Destroyed Him