On December , , Three Key Members Of The Infamous Essex Boys Gang Were Lured To A Deserted Farm Track On The Pretense Of Planning A Robbery As The Trio Sat In Their Range Rover, Two Gunmen Approached The Open Rear Door Of The Vehicle Moments Later, The First Shots Rang Out Signaling The Start Of A Swift, Yet Bloody Massacre When The Weapons Fell Silent, The Three Men Lay Dead Before The Gun Smoke Had Cleared, Rumors Laced With Innuendo And Lies Had Begun Circulating Throughout The Essex Underworld And Beyond Who Really Killed Tony Tucker, Pat Tate And Craig Rolfe Soon Became The Greatest Mystery In British Criminal History Despite Countless Books, Films, And Documentaries Pointing Accusing Fingers At An Array Of Suspects, No Clear Cut Version Of Events Backed By Hard Evidence Has Emerged That Is Until Now Within This Audio, Former Key Member Of The Essex Boys Gang Bernard O Mahoney Breaks His Silence He Is The Man Who Knows Who Killed Who, Why, How, And When This Is His Confession This Is The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth About The Essex Boys Murders And So Much

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    This is just Bernard cashing in How does he know what happened in the range rover This bloke was a doorman who use to get bullied by Tucker The canning town story is made up, or Carlton leach would be dead as well These dudes were minor league junkies, not sure why everybody cares about it If you bully people and punch above your weight, your end up dead in a range rover Lesson learnt, thanks Ber naaard

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    Nothing knew, old story dragged out to make the people involved harder than they really where Coked up druggies who picked their victims They obviously picked on the wrong people that time A mixture of a few books rolled into one Bloggs19 told a similar story years ago.

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    This book mostly consists of older stuff that has previously appeared in BOM s other books, Essex Boys Bonded By Blood, and also seems to take material from Tony Thompson s Bloggs 19 written in collaboration with Darren Nicholls There was some new stories and characters in this book that I didn t recognise from before, but the cynic in me made me begin to wonder if these bits had been lifted from someone else s book maybe those by Carlton Leach or Nipper Ellis The main difference between this and BOM s earlier books on Tate, Tucker Rolfe and the Rettendon murders is that here, he inexplicably reverses his earlier view that the wrong men were convicted and jailed, instead he now follows the version according to Darren Nicholls given in Bloggs 19, namely, that it was indeed the convicted men Jack Whomes and Mick Steele who were the shooters This is a strange about face, since BOM had previously and publicly stated on his website that there had been a miscarriage of justice He had supported Whomes brother John, who claimed that certain corrupt elements within Essex Police had fitted up two innocent men, and who continues to campaign for a retrial If you already own or have read Essex Boys or Bonded By Blood, I wouldn t bother If this is your first time reading about the Rettendon case, I would suggest this, or Bonded By Blood.

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    Doesn t even deserve one star and only putting that so can leave review Always found Essex Range Rover murders interesting story but really taking the piss out it now Wether you believe bom or not isn t the issue with this book, this issue is that just about the entire book is lifted word for work from his first book and from bloggs 19 and nothing new or interesting what so ever apart from saying he knew Steele and whomes did it all along and lies in first book Didn t know it was that easy to get a book published just be lifting chapters from other books Anyway don t buy this book it s crap Save your money till I ve published my book the truth about Jesus Spoiler alert it s word fir word like the bible apart from I exclusively reveal he really did die at the end

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    I am a little shocked and bewildered by how similar this account of events are the same word for word in certain chapters of this book as they are in the last man standing , I would love to think believable but I also think one s pleading there own innocence , fantastic read but a grass is a grass and 9 times out of 10 done to cover one s own guilt

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    Essentially just a cut and paste of previous books on this subject by the same author Ok if this is the first book about the Essex Boys that you have read but if you have read any of the others then you will recognize this as nothing than a marketing opportunity How much is there to say on this subject

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    Loved reading this book dispite the grisly nature of what the subject matter is After watching all 3 Rise of the Footsoldier films, I felt a need to read something related to those films for some reason and once I came across this book I couldn t put it down Very well written, it accompanied me into coffee shops, the smoking room in my house and the skive breaks in the factory toilets An excellent read

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    A book needs to grab my attention from the first page or I get distracted Unfortunately this didn t do that so, even though I persevered, I just couldn t keep going I have read other books on this subject that have been better though I really can t put my finger on what was lacking