Shirley Babashoff s story is a story for the ages Her story should stand there at the very top espousing American values Work hard Do not take things for granted No matter what troubles there may be in one s youth, it can be overcome by will, determination and hard work Do not blame others for lack of advancement Work with all of your assets Nothing is gained without sacrifice Be honest When one sees dishonesty Speak out When someone lies Speak out Do not be bullied Do not bully others Work with others Be pleased with the accomplishment of others Do not sell out your values to win Win honestly Do not sell out honest values to be on top Integrity is its own reward All good things come with time Put yourself in the shoes of others The media has a duty to report honestly The media shall not crank up drama to sell stories Listen to those with greater expertise and accept their learned opinions Babashoff knew just about all there is to know about swimming and how much work to achieve even 1 10th of second faster Every professional athlete can tell you it was pretty tough to get to a certain level but it was certainly attainable But getting to that bronze, silver or gold level, it took a massive amount of will, effort and practice So she knew it was not possible for the East Germans to be so incredible News reporters did not investigate They did not write honestly They had no integrity Her lessons should permeate every school child through every level of government as well All politicians owe the American people to act according to Babashoff s lessons Never sell out Be honest Work hard Never lose yourself just to win Shirley Babashoff should get her gold medals and the East Germans Women Swimmer should be treated with empathy they did not know they were being doped When everyone around them were advancing at the same pace, how could then know what was normal They should keep their medals and Babashoff should receive her Gold Medals. In Her Extraordinary Swimming Career, Shirley Babashoff Set Thirty Nine National Records And Eleven World Records Prior To The S, She Was The Most Successful US Female Olympian And, In Her Prime, Was Widely Considered To Be The Greatest Female Swimmer In The WorldHeading Into TheOlympic Games In Montreal, Babashoff Was Pictured On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated And Followed Closely By The Media Hopes Were High That She Would Become The Female Mark SpitzAll Of That Changed Once Babashoff Questioned The Shocking Masculinity Of The Swimmers On The East German Womens Team Once Celebrated As Americas Golden Girl, Babashoff Was Accused Of Poor Sportsmanship And Vilified By The Press With A New Nickname Surly Shirley Making Waves Displays The Remarkable Strength And Resilience That Made Babashoff Such A Dynamic Champion From Her Difficult Childhood And Beginnings As A Determined Young Athlete Growing Up In Southern California In The S, Through Her Triumphs As The Greatest Female Amateur Swimmer In The World, Babashoff Tells Her Story In The Same Unflinching Manner That Made Her Both The Most Dominant Female Swimmer Of Her Time And One Of The Most Controversial Athletes In Olympic History I loved this book It s an inspiring autobiography centered on what it was like to come up against the DDR doping program with no support from the media or sports organizations Shirley is one of our greatest swimmers and showed amazing interior strength to be virtually alone in calling out the cheaters Everyone should watch the 1976 4x100 women s freestyle relay on youtube IMO it s just as exciting as the famous men s relay with Jason Lezak s swim Beating the dopers is a great accomplishment High time the USA somehow awarded the right medals to the 1976 women s team, including golds to the second place finishers I ve thought that for some time and really enjoyed getting the first hand I m a swimmer but I could understand if a non swimmer thought there was too much about times and practices etc. This is a great story of an American Olympian who would have won multiple gold medals in 1976 but the East Germans were drug cheats and for her outspoken nature, surely was viewed a spoiled sore loser.The book reads like she is there talking to you.It is evenrelevant given the IOC s reluctance to ban all Russian athletes because the Russians are systematic drug cheats. Like a lot of the reviewers, I m old enough to remember the 1976 Olympics and how Shirley Babashoff was cheated out of several gold medals by the East German doping system It s good to have her finally write at length about this experience This book was really necessary for something I find unbelievable Many top swimmers in the current generation know nothing about her and what happened in Montreal Shirley Babashoff should be known in any household with a swimmer for being not only one of the all time greats, but for what happened to her She should be a revered figure in the U.S swimming community I hope this book sells well and helps restore her as the honored member of the world swimming community she so richly deserves to be. Not just a song, a movement against doping, led by someone characterized as a sore loser, that was 40 years ago and it could be today I think maybe a plot point of the 1985 movie Perfect was from a coach predator whose story is told in this book associated with Diana Nyad Ms Babashoff hung out with good people like John Naber but home life and married life bad She says as is said in another song, the best time for her is now Hope so. Fascinating yet very disturbing tale of Shirley s swimming career Why this was allowed to happen when it was so obvious East German girls were being used as human guinea pigs is beyond belief Swimming authorities should be hanging their heads in shame No winners or losers here regardless of nationality A very sad tale of swimming in 1970s and unfortunately the beginning of drug use in sport.Love Shirley Babashoff a swimming legend Until I read this book, I thought Britain s Sharron Davies was biggest moaner in swimming And boy, has she milked it over the years, still carping today about a German girl depriving her of an Olympic gold What Sharron conveniently neglects to mention though is the U.S.A boycotted the games that year, so who s to say whether she would have got anything at all with a so called even playing field of ALL competitors But after reading this, it s now a toss up between her and Shirley Babashoff.Well Shirley, the question is did you think you DESERVE those golds I recall to this day reading about the U.S Olympic trials, and the fact that you knowing full well the forthcoming games schedule chose to swim the 400m I.M in Montreal Come the day, however, you according to Swimming World at the time dropped out to save your energies for other event s , a concern you had dismissed at the trials In doing so, you deprived another swimmer from making the team and having the experience of a lifetime whether she would get a medal or not It probably ruined that girl s swimming career So if we re talking about opportunities being taken from you, I think you need to look in the mirror and see if karma didn t play a hand Well, I should say that was how it WAS reported back in the day, but nowadays, Shirley herself has no such misgivings, it would seem She doesn t mention saving herself in the book, Instead, she gives us an alternative yet totally LUDICROUS reason She claims she refused to do the I.M at the games because they d been in training camp a few weeks and Jack Nelson who she clearly hated with a vengeance, but hey, that s her prerogative didn t let her do anything but freestyle in practices Huh So because she allegedly hadn t done e.g butterfly in a few weeks, she d completely forgotten how to do it I ve never heard such utter rubbish How dare she insult us with such nonsense Even if the drills didn t involve all strokes, she was perfectly at liberty to swim them in race warm up sessions In the end, it doesn t matter which of the two excuses you decide to believe The fact remains that she was at fault End of.As for the famous relay of redemption , the book is unbelievable in its analysis and over dramatising I d read snippets before about the girls discussing and hypothesising at length blah blah, but seriously, after the order had been decided, what strategies are left to discuss Even Wendy Boglioli summed it up as basically common sense , i.e everyone go flat out Exactly Yet we even have coaches giving their two penneth I told them just to give it their all etc Oooh, what fantastic, ground breaking advice It beggars belief how they all thought it needed such planning and who thought they deserved credit for it I raced through the last few pages I m just not interested in reading about someone s beautiful son marrying his beautiful wife and no doubt having beautiful children, zzzzz Let s hope none of the family line ever chance to be born with a cleft lip, eh As for rest of her family, I can t believe she kept in with both her parents both of whom seemed rather vile to me yet lost touch somewhat with all her siblings In fact, a bit of input with them would have been interesting to this reader, anyway.In summary, I DID enjoy reading about the detail behind those years The anecdotes were invariably interesting, and sometimes humorous It was written with an oft very good turn of phrase thanks to the co writer, I d guess Miss B was probably too busy whingeing.