The Fiercely Honest, Fearless, Darkly Funny Autobiography Of Global Tennis Star Maria SharapovaIn The Middle Of The Night, A Father And His Daughter Step Off A Greyhound Bus In Florida And Head Straight To The Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy They Ring The Bell, Though No One Is Expecting Them And They Don T Speak English They Have Arrived From Russia With Just Seven Hundred Dollars And The Conviction That This Six Year Old Girl Will Be The World S Next Great Tennis Star They Are RightThis Is Maria Sharapova S Gripping And Fearless Autobiography, Telling Her Story From Her Roots In The Small Siberian Town Her Parents Fled To After The Chernobyl Disaster, Through Her Arrival In The US With Nothing And Her Phenomenal Rise To Success Winning Wimbledon Aged Just Seventeen To The Disasters That Threatened Her Career And Her Fight Back Here The Five Time Grand Slam Winner Gives Us Candid Insights Into Her Relationship With Her Father, Who Gave Up His Job And Life In Russia To Dedicate Himself To His Daughter The Truth Behind Her Famous Rivalry With Serena Williams The Injuries And Suspension Controversy That Threatened To End It All And Her Recent Battle To Get Back On Court Told With The Same Combative, No Holds Barred Attitude As Her Game, It S A Story Of Crazy Luck, Mistakes, Rivalries, Sacrifice, Survival And, Above All, The Constant, Unwavering Determination To Win

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    How apt to be reviewing this in Wimbledon fortnight I had always been a fan of Sharapova s Tennis grunting aside but really didn t know much of her backstory This certainly fills in all the gaps and then some, well written and incredibly interesting It was certainly refreshing to read of a tennis players good relationship with a pushy tennis parent Sharapova should not just be remembered for drugs ban , she was so much than that and it would be a crying shame if that was all that was remembered of her legacy.

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    Brilliant autobiography, so well written and engrossing I finished the book in one day I ve always been a fan of Maria but never realized the extent of how much her father took a huge risk in leaving Russia and going to America with very little money A story of fight and determination Sharapova s outstanding work ethic and and belief in her abilities is an inspiration for so many people I would highly recommend this book

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    I have given this a 5 because it s a riveting account of a life with a lot of honesty and it is well written The journey through hardships to glory is laid bare and is inspiring The only thing that is unsettling is her clear obsession with Serena No matter how she puts it she is clearly in awe of Serena and looks up to her subconsciously but she clearly doesn t realise that I can t help thinking Maria would one day love to be friends with Serena after their careers are over But this book has made that almost impossible I would recommend this book to anyone who likes autobiographies.

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    Dark, stark and funny account of her life, tennis and her crushes love Her rivalry with all tennis players and how the single mindedness have run through Her run in with authority is honestly dealt with I am open minded about the book Make your own mind, whether she is a diva or a person whose culture has moulded

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    This book brings out the absolute dedication top athletes have to their chosen field, in this case tennis It seems this elite group is able to block out all other pleasures in life in order to achieve their goals, playing through injuries, pain, putting their bodies through incredible stress One wonders if, later in life, their bodies will rebell I found it rather sad that a fun, carefree childhood has completely bypassed Maria, but she does not appear to view it that way A very interesting book.

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    Tells the story of her tennis life to date Particularly enjoyed the really early days of her life as Maria and her dad fought against the odds to get her coached in the us A bit disappointed there wasn t on her commercial and business success but that s probably for next book

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    I loved this book, to know what her father went through to reach her goals it s amazing , also I just love Maria , she is so talentedI recommend this book to anyone who loves a true story, brilliant read

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    Pretty good book for those that are interested in Sharapova, but also for those that want to read success stories Her life is interesting and full of twists, mostly same as with all great players It also just added little fuel to Serena Williams s fire I hope she wins one Grand Slam after ITTF unfairly suspended her.