Undercover Operation Julie The Inside Story, Documents Everyday Life Of Undercover Work As The Author, Stephen Bentley, Won The Confidence Of The Gang Members Bentley Tells In His Book How He Built A Perfect Relationship With Smiles, An Important Gang Member But This Friendship Almost Undermined The Whole Operation Dominic Blake, BBC News England, October , This Is An Enlightening Account Of The War On Drugs InD Tale MagazineCompelling Insight To The Life, Mental Make Up And Identity Confusion Of Someone Deep Undercover GoodreadsOne Of My Favourite Reads OfGoodreads The UK S Donnie Brasco A Must Read Goodreads This Book Will Appeal To Those Interested In The Police How They Work Undercover Hopefully Lessons Have Now Been Learnt Margaret Joel, Review Spot UK A Very Absorbing And Engrossing Story Highly Recommended Patricia Humm, Review Spot UK In Short, Operation Julie Would Have Made A Remarkable Work Of Fiction, If Only It Had Never Happened Marilyn Chapman, Review Spot UK Initially Thought The Book Was Going To Be Very Dry And Dreary I Was Quite Wrong Once I Started On The Main Content, I Had Difficulty Putting It Down I Found This To Be A Very Worthwhile Book To Read, It Made Me Think And Was An Eye Opener To The Risks Undertaken By This Group Of Very Brave Men Yvonne Probert, Review Spot UKThis Undercover Cop Memoir, Though An Early Pioneering UK Undercover Police Operation, Had Many Links To The USA Some Of The Main Drug Gang Conspirators Were US Citizens, Some With Sinister Connections Operation Julie Is Still The Largest Drug Bust In Britain The BBC Called It The Start Of The War On Drugs It Also Inspired The Song Julies Been Working For The Drug Squad By The Clash Though Operation Julie Is Synonymous With LSD, My Book Also Tells The Story Of How I, With My Undercover Partner, Uncovered A Miami Based Plot To Smuggle Huge Quantities Of Bolivian Cocaine Into Britain This Cocaine Plot, And The Characters Behind It, Were The Inspiration Behind A Spin Off Fictional Undercover Cop Series Steve Regan Undercover Cop

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