After book upon book on how to cure fix beat anxiety, this book will make you consider anxiety in so many different ways Not as something that needs fixing but as something that just may be part of us always and could often be embraced A beautiful and thought provoking read. I Loved This Book Matt HaigIf You Have Anxiety, This Book Is For YouIf You Love Someone Who Is Anxious, This Book Is For YouI Quit Sugar Founder And New York Ti Mes Bestselling Author Sarah Wilson Has Lived Through High Anxiety Including Bipolar, OCD And Several Suicide Attempts Her Whole Life Perhaps Like You, She Grew Tired Of Seeing Anxiety As A Disease That Must Be Medicated Into Submission Could Anxiety Be Re Sewn, She Asked, Into A Thing Of Beauty So Began A Seven Year Journey To Find A Meaningful And Helpful Take On Anxiety Living Out Of Two Suitcases, Sarah Travelled The World, Meeting With His Holiness The Dalai Lama, With Oprahs Life Coach, With Major Mental Health Organizations And Hundreds Of Others In A Quest To Unravel The Knotted Ball Of Wool That Is The Anxious Condition She Emerged With The Very Best Philosophy, Science And Hacks For Thriving With The Beast First, We Make The Beast Beautiful Is A Book With A Big Heart, Paving The Way For Richer, Kinder And Wiser Conversations About Anxiety Probably The Best Book On Living With Anxiety That I Ve Ever Read Mark Manson, Author Of The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F Ck This was an insightful and moving account about anxiety from a woman whose mental health she has to fight for every single day I m in awe of Sarah Wilson and her life affirming journey and honest portrayal of what it is like to have a panoply of illnesses to deal with The author points out that her book does not provide solutions nor clear remedies for anxiety however through her open minded and passionate account of her search for one, she has opened my eyes to what it is like to be brave as well as make use of whatever tools there are to make the most of life despite the fact that her anxiety will always be there a beast made beautiful thanks to her courage and determination. I ve read many self help books which are quite frankly unhelpful but this one gives a different outlook or different way to look at anxiety which I found very enlightening It now makes a bitsense. Never before have I read about anxiety and felt so understood Brilliant, informational and totally absorbing Sarah really does have superpowers A very frank description of what it s like to live your life alongside anxiety Well written and easy to read, with useful tips to help keep anxiety under control This is a book I ll definitely be re reading. A beautiful, exposing, comforting and brutally honest account of life with anxiety Thank you for being so brave and so vulnerable I bought this book hoping and expecting an answer of some kind In not giving us an answer, Sarah Wilson tells us everything we need to know about dealing with anxiety Loved it Such an interesting book A good read for anyone who has a friend,relative or colleague with anxiety I have several family members who have different issues and this was very helpful to hear about the thought processes from someone on the inside It also helped me understand my own actions and thoughts I ve already reccomended it to others Thankfully as a society we are becoming muchopen about discussing our mental health issues without fear of being stigmatized.