An inspiring story of survival, courage and determination. Being A Refugee Is Not A Choice Our Choice Is To Die At Home Or Risk Death Trying To Escape Yusra MardiniYusra Mardini Fled Her Native Syria To The Turkish Coast InAnd Boarded A Small Dinghy Full Of Refugees Bound For Greece When The Small And Overcrowded Boat S Engine Cut Out, It Began To Sink Yusra, Her Sister And Two Others Took To The Water, Pushing The Boat For Three And A Half Hours In Open Water Until They Eventually Landed On Lesbos, Saving The Lives Of The Passengers Aboard Butterfly Is The Story Of That Remarkable Woman, Whose Journey Started In A War Torn Suburb Of Damascus And Took Her Through Europe To Berlin And From There To TheOlympic Games In Rio De Janeiro Yusra Mardini Is An Athlete, One Of People Magazines Twenty Five Women Changing The World, A UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador And One Of Time Magazines Thirty Most Influential Teens Of This book is just fantastic, I can t compliment it enough It humanizes the absolute atrocities that the media shows us one day, and forgets the next Absolutely spell bound from start to finish What a tale Loved her story Very inspiring and moving story which gets its message across Challenges perceptions about refugees and how individuals can make an impact I loved ita vivid description of what was portraited in the news but seen from the inside this time Really enjoyed this wonderful book A riveting read and very insightful to the challenges faced for those trying to settle into different cultures and nations. I absolutely loved the bookIt is well written