Modern celebrity auto biographies are the literary equivalent of fast food they do a job, fill a hole and leave you feeling vaguely unsatisfied Eric Idle plainly hasn t taken to heart the dictum that a memoir should be as surprising to the author as it is to the reader Relying heavily on and then I partied with x and spent lots of money on y type sentences they aren t fleshed out enough to be called anecdotes , this is uninspired stuff The author is right in saying that it was the mix of personalities in Python that made them what they were Reading this, it s pretty clear where all of the Monty Python s Final Rip Off style jokes came from Clearly written for the cash and the cash in, it does a job, it passes a short train journey, but it s not something you ll return to for insight, aphorisms, anecdotes or sparkling prose. Having read a few biographies I sorta liked it but would have appreciatedinformation of Eric s life rather than what he wrote script wise or song wise. I like Eric Idle but found this book very poor For a man of his inherent wit, it does not come through when reading the book Then again, as a money making exercise it probably proved successful. Having grown up with Python my uncle was a Monty Python fanatic it was really interesting and enlightening to hear about how the shows and films came about as well as finding outabout the talented Eric I d love to listen to all his songs in one please as they are so well observed. What an interesting story Lots of background about the Pythons , as you d expect, but also about Eric Idle in particular It certainly fleshed out his life for me Highly recommended purchase. Excellent book to give as a Christmasgift. First up from the user name I have chosen and I have used it for years and years you will see I am something of a Python fan So obviously I was going to buy this wonderful tome by his immortal excellence Mr Eric Idle What a let down We get to find out his best mate was George from the Beatles The only time George left him disappointed was when he would not meet David Bowie even though he was Eric s new best chum The name dropping gets boring In fact other than the brief opening telling of his child hood everything has probably been told in the press indetail frankly The one fact that shines through is Eric feels he was never paid enough and will not turn the chance of easy cash if put before him I feel here he was offered a nice big advance and did the absolute minimum he could get away with to earn it At the same time as this I purchased Roger Daltrey s book What a difference, a real deatiled no holds barred tale of the Who Roger, who I held in high regard, has gone to the top of my list of top chaps. Best Known For His Unforgettable Roles In Monty Python, From The Flying Circus To The Meaning Of Life, Eric Idle Reflects On The Meaning Of His Own Life In This Brilliantly Entertaining Memoir That Takes Us On An Unforgettable Journey From His Childhood In An Austere Boarding School Through His Successful Career In Comedy, Television, Theatre And Film Coming Of Age As A Writer And Comedian During The Sixties And Seventies, Eric Stumbled Into The Crossroads Of The Cultural Revolution And Found Himself Rubbing Shoulders With The Likes Of George Harrison, David Bowie And Robin Williams, All Of Whom Became Lifelong Friends With Anecdotes Sprinkled Throughout That Involve Other Close Friends And Luminaries Such As Mick Jagger, Steve Martin, Paul Simon And Mike Nichols Let Alone The Pythons Themselves Eric Captures A Time Of Tremendous Creative Output With Equal Hilarity And Heart In Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, Named After The Song He Wrote For Life Of Brian That Has Since Become The Number One Song Played At Funerals In The UK, He Shares The Highlights Of His Life And Career With The Off Beat Humour That Has Delighted Audiences For DecadesA Legend In His Own Lunchtime, Eric Is The Author Of Many Books, Some Not Half Bad, Some Not Even A Quarter Bad Now He Enters His Anecdotage As The Last Word In Python Memoirs, And The Last Of This Extraordinary Group To Tell His StoryMarks The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Pythons, And Eric Is Celebrating The Occasion With This Laugh Out Loud Memoir, Chock Full Of Behind The Scenes Stories From A High Flying Life That Features Everyone From Princess Leia To The Queen