Very interesting read, filled with crazy stories particularly in Alaska , while also relating to the reader with a humane side pertaining to Two Tonys daughter If you watch Shauns YouTube videos you will getdepth on a couple of the prison stories told there.The only thing letting it down is that the pacing seems a little off and a few things are repeated to no real effect I can imagine this is due to the long period over which this was written and the situation it was written in.Merry Xmas all After reading the English Shaun trilogy I was left wantingTwo Tonys was a very interesting man and his life was full of action and integrity throughout Thank you sharing his story with us and doing it justice I m already excited for T bones book It s great to see your YouTube channel blowing up too Hopefully I ll see you at one of your talks when I m back on English soil L R This book tells the story of mafia hitman Two Tonys, who was a member of the Bonnano Crime Family The book sheds light on what life is really like in the mafia, from violence and murder, to running from a biker gang and the police If you re a fan of books on the mafia and true crime, then this is a must read.The stories will have you gripped and shockedand definitely wanting .I definitely recommend this book. After first discovering Shawn through the True Geordie Podcast, and then binge watching every other one of Shaun s videos I felt compelled to hearof Shaun s experiences, after hearing of Two Tonys, I knew which book of Shaun sI would begin with, this fast paced book is a truly great read for anyone who enjoys prison life, made even better being from a perspective we rarely get to hear, it gives the reader several points on which to think This book really does justice to Two Tonys and will be a great read for many years to come. Great book I m not a big reader but I couldn t put this book down I like Shaun iv been watching him on YouTube I m going to be gettingof his books Looking forward to the t bone one coming out in the next few years. I really enjoyed the book I thought that he came across as genuine, engaging and extremely witty individual The relationships that he forged which are the backbone of all of Shaun s excellent books are especially touching, notably with his daughter and indeed with Shaun And the positive mental attitude that he managed to possess despite everything that he went to are a credit to him and those relationships Highly recommended. If you re looking for a fast paced, exciting true crime memoir then this is for you Shaun really delves deep into Two Tonys mafia life and running from the police and a biker gang as the hit list death toll builds Shaun writes in a very accessible manner and so I would recommend it for both experienced and new readers I really like the Godfather and this true story has as much action, so if you like the Godfather you ll love this too A Fast Paced True Crime Memoir With All Of The Action Of Goodfellas UNILADSopranos V Sons Of Anarchy With An Alaskan Snow Backdrop True Geordie PodcastBreaking Bones, Burying Bodies And Planting Bombs Became Second Nature To Two Tonys While Working For The Bonanno Crime Family, Whose Exploits Inspired The GodfatherAfter A Dispute With An Outlaw Motorcycle Club, Two Tonys Left A Trail Of Corpses From Arizona To Alaska On The Run, He Was Pursued By Bikers And A Neo Nazi Gang Blood Thirsty For Revenge, While A Homicide Detective Launched A Nationwide ManhuntAs The Mist From His Smoking Gun Fades, Readers Are Left With An Unexpected Portrait Of A Stoic Philosopher With A Wealth Of Charm, A Glorious Turn Of Phrase And A Fanatical Devotion To His Daughter