Playing Dirty is the latest book in the Greenwood series by Helen Black.I found that the book took a little while to get going but once it did it was a fast moving and entertaining book with a good story line.Whilst this is the latest book in a series it can be read as a standalone without too many issues as there is sufficient backstory for you to fully enjoy the book.Overall a very enjoyable book that is recommended Playing Dirty is the third book in this series and it doesn t disappoint.The story brings us back into the lives of the Greenwood family and their nefarious dealings Liberty wants the business to take alegitimate course but obstacles are forever being put in the way As an all out gang war threatens to erupt, Liberty must make the hard decision about which way to go.The story is told in 1990 and gives an indication into Liberty s troubled early life and present day where she is a fully paid up member of the Greenwood family.A well written, action packed book with twists that will keep you guessing I am looking forward to the next book in the series. Sometimes I wonder what planet I m on I can t believe I ve just read book 1 and then book 3 How did I manage to completely miss book 2 As I d recently read book 1, for me I feel these books would be better read in order I felt in parts I d really skipped some chunks of life Having said that I still really enjoyed to book The story flows and there is enough going on to keep you reading I ve been a fan of Helen Black books for many years and always look forward to reading them. I enjoyed this book and thought it was very well written and moved along at a fast pace It switched from past to present very well and held my attention Plenty of plot twists in the story to keep you guessing First book I ve read by this author and would readof her books. 3.5 stars Liberty Greenwood is just one member of a notorious family of gangsters who control their area of Leeds, in the North of England, with an iron fist, so when gangsters from over the county line in Manchester try to move in on their patch, it s obvious that it heralds an all out war This is especially unwelcome news for Liberty, who has recently returned to the family nest after giving up her career as a solicitor Her intention is to lead her family away from their criminal activities, so this challenge upsets the apple cart and puts her plans on hold.Told by means of dual timelines, 1990 and the present, it gives our protagonist a voice, enabling the reader to see how Liberty initially came to turn her back on her family s criminal activities and become a respected solicitor, and then eventually return to the family fold.Wasn t entirely convinced by some of the things that happened, kind of had to suspend disbelief once or twice, and that meant I lost concentration at times, but on the positive side there were some really intense, heart stopping moments, especially towards the end Thank you to Netgalley and Little, Brown Book Group UK for my ARC I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange Gripping And Gritty, This Book Will Keep You Hooked From The First Page To The Last Roberta KrayLiberty Greenwood Is Back County Lines Blurred Lines Crossed LinesThings Are Looking Up For Liberty Greenwood She S Brokered A Deal With The Local Rival Gangster And It Looks Like The Police Have Finally Stopped Investigating Her She Even Has A Plan To Steer Her Family Away From Their Criminal ActivitiesBut When A Spate Of Violence On The Estates Points To A Hostile Takeover Bid From A Crew From Out Of The Area, Liberty Is Forced To Take Decisive And Dangerous Action Action Which Ends Up With Her Doing A Stint In PrisonMeanwhile, Liberty S Partner, Ex Copper Sol Connolly Is Recruited To Join An Off The Books Team Who Will Stop At Nothing To Infiltrate The New Drugs Gang, Hellbent On Sending Kids Up County As Liberty And Sol Attack The Same Problem From Different Angles, Who Will Give Out First And How Many People Will Have To Get Hurt As They Fight For What They Each Believe In The Leeds Setting Is Every Bit As Gritty As Kray S East End Hard As Nails Peterborough Telegraph