Th Anniversary Edition Cover Note Each Copy Of The Anniversary Edition Of The Blind Watchmaker Features A Unique Biomorph No Two Covers Are Exactly AlikeAcclaimed As The Most Influential Work On Evolution Written In The Last Hundred Years, The Blind Watchmaker Offers An Inspiring And Accessible Introduction To One Of The Most Important Scientific Discoveries Of All Time A Brilliant And Controversial Book Which Demonstrates That Evolution By Natural Selection The Unconscious, Automatic, Blind Yet Essentially Non Random Process Discovered By Darwin Is The Only Answer To The Biggest Question Of All Why Do We Exist 117 117 59 59 14 14 17 17. I should explain the point about the watchmaker A SMALL ROCKIf you re walking along in the countryside and you come across a rock, you don t say, well, where the hell did that come from and who made it It s a rock No one cares There s no notices stuck on trees or printed in local free newspapers anywhere saying have you seen this rock Description roughly three inches by four by three last seen in the Dorchester area undistinctive grey colouring answers to the name of rock reward please call this number WE MISS YOU ROCK It s a rock ON THE OTHER HAND, A GOLD WATCHNow, if you saw a beautiful gold watch on your walk in the countryside, you would say lo a watch I deduce that someone has lost a watch and it is here also, I further deduce that there must be a God Richard Dawkins says that watches, or indeed anything complicated, do not infer the existence of a watchmaker Or, to use a different analogy, a book, which can be a complicated thing, does not infer the existence of an author You could say well, here s a book called The Blind Watchmaker and it says it s by Richard Dawkins, so we see that Richard Dawkins is the author and he wrote this book, but Richard Dawkins would say NO it doesn t, have you not been paying attention, have you been giggling and passing notes in the back row again EVOLUTION OF THE SEMICOLONWhat happened is that gradually, over many billions of years, language formed, inconceivably slowly, for instance it took ten million years for commas to evolve out of a full stop, and another ten million for the exotic semi colon to evolve out of the comma So this book The Blind Watchmaker like all other books evolved slowly We have fossils to prove this They show the missing links We have, for instance, copies of the book which are called The Blond Watchmaker dating from the Devonian period it took several millions of years for the Blond to evolve into the Blind, you see I read that Mexican paleontologists recently unearthed a copy called The Bland Watchmaker Going back further , we find all sorts of evolutionary byways that, because of natural selection, died out eventually One manuscript from the late Pleistocene period which is currently on display at the University of East Anglia shows a strange hybrid between an early version of The Blind Watchmaker and Alice in Wonderland in which the famous teaparty scene features a pterodactyl, a plesiosaur so very unlikely and a crazed archaeopteryx This unviable literary form did not survive, as we know Natural selection, although brutal from our limited human perspective, explains the evolution of complex things RELIGION CANNOT EXPLAIN WHY TWILIGHT IS POPULARGod cannot explain why the book species Stephanie Myers and Dan Brown , for instance, proliferate wildly in many varied habitats, whilst arguably beautiful forms like Henry James, Proust, and the Golden Tamarin dwindle to the point where human intervention from libraries and literary professors are the only thing keeping them from sinking into oblivion no, God cannot explain this But Richard Dawkins also known as Science can.Sorry, that should be Richard Dawkins. The Blind Watchmaker Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design, Richard Dawkins The Blind Watchmaker Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe without Design is a 1986 book by Richard Dawkins, in which the author presents an explanation of, and argument for, the theory of evolution by means of natural selection 2014 1388 383 1389 9789645676757 1389 20 1390 394 9789640476932 1389 Dawkins loves explaining evolutionary theory, and this is one of his best books My favourite bit is the section on long tailed birds peacocks, etc From the point of view of simple utility, they are rather baffling What use could you possibly have for that long, stupid tail But, as Dawkins keeps reminding us, it s not about survival of the species, or even of the individual, but rather of the gene Suppose there s a sex linked male gene that disposes towards long tails, and a sex linked female gene that disposes towards finding long tails attractive A child born of a union between two individuals carrying these genes will be likely to have both of them Hence, if it s male, it ll have a long tail, and if it s female it will prefer males with long tails If this combination becomes common, long tailed males will have a larger and larger advantage in terms of being preferred by females Tails will lengthen until the practical downside being unable to fly, avoid predators, etc counterbalances the upside of efficiently attracting potential mates.I read this, and suddenly looked at supermodels in a new light God, they re hot In fact, if they were any hotter they d be dead.