This Edition Is Out Of Print Noah Kingston And Sawyer Shaw From The Apples Gin Series Adore Their Friend David He S Been A Good Friend To Them For Decades, He S Directing One Of Sawyer S Videos, He Ll Be The Best Man At Their Wedding, And They Want To Make Him As Happy As They Can In Return They Re Devoted To Each Other, But Is There Room In Their Relationship For One

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    Can you enjoy a series and characters so much that one interlude can ruin it all for you I believe so I ve adored the ApplesGin series so much It s been at times amusing, angsty, romantic, heart wrenching, sexy and gorgeous That the author was able to pull out such layered and complex characters and storylines in 20 40 pages just blew me away The pacing over eight years just worked so well and was so tightly written.I wish that I didn t know this story existed Sigh It was so out of character that it completely threw me After the first story, I got the rest in the series blind and didn t read the blurbs for any of them I wish that I had and I could have skipped this one It s actually mislabelled 6 when it should be 4.5 since it happens after Christmas and before the wedding Noah and Sawyer are shooting their duet which is basically their love story It sounds super cheesy but the set up of it was incredibly lovely And out the blue view spoiler Sawyer wants to invite guys into their relationship Only if Noah is there and only if Noah agrees to it What The Fuck If this had been an established parameter of their eight year relationship then okaybut it wasn t ever To make matters worse the first guy Sawyer wants to screw is Noah s best friend who will also be his best man and he s the director of their duet video Again What The Fuck What a buzzkill The whole of the series has been about these two men Sawyer and Noah How much they love each other and what they ve gone through to be together I don t think I ve been this disappointed with a character s actions in a book for a long time More maybe because it was out of left field so completely out of character I didn t like it At all hide spoiler

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    I ll have to look up the other books from this series now.

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    Jenna Jones Tryst is a short story in the Apples Gin series, and as far as I can tell without having read them, it slots somewhere between books four and five, before Noah and Sawyer s wedding.Without knowing the characters already I felt a bit like I was thrown in at the deep end, but I soon wrapped my head around who they were and their relationships There are three main characters in this story Noah, the older photographer who is our point of view character, Sawyer, the young country singer, and David, a successful movie star and old friend of Noah s Noah and Sawyer are very much in love and David is envious of what they have, but without wanting to spoil it in any way The three of them are thrown together when shooting the video for one of Sawyer s songs one that Noah sings on too David is the perfect man to direct it and seems to share Sawyer s creative vision When Noah discovers that Sawyer has a crush on David, he wants to find a way to make both men happy, for a short while at any rate.As you might imagine, this is a menage story, although not a menage romance as there is never any question of David trying to become a part of the relationship he is happy in his position as friend All the characters in Tryst are nice guys, just trying to help each other out It doesn t hurt that they re all incredibly good looking and successful in their careers either.The romance between Sawyer and Noah is very sweet and there is very little tension between them, so this is the kind of warm, fuzzy story you can really cosy up with It would make a good comfort read for anyone out there who enjoys reading hot threesome sex scenes, but without the complications of a menage relationship You get the best of both worlds in Tryst.

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    Even though I strongly believe in fidelity, the m nage in Tryst is portrayed with such tenderness, sensitivity, and respect for all three men I can almost understand how it might happen Although it is very sensual, it is also very loving In spite of their fierce loyalty to each other, Noah and Sawyer realize that they can lovingly and sexually reach out to David in a way which will not only bring the three of them closer, but will also give them a new perspective Tryst is tender, poignant, loving, sensual and heartwarming I love and respect Noah, Sawyer, and David This is the first of the Apples Gin series I ve read, but if the others are half as touching as this one, I know I d enjoy them as well I dare you to read this story and not ending up saying, Wow Awesome story NOTE This book was provided by Torquere Press for the purpose of a review on Queer Magazine Online

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    I haven t read the previous Apples Gin series yet, so this was an interesting introduction Noah and Sawyer are obviously devoted to one another, but worry for their friend and Noah s ex 20 years ago David, who is lonely but doesn t realize he wants something than casual flings until he starts working with both of them Given that Noah and Sawyer act in a way completely antithetical to my own views on relationships, but I still respected their commitment to each other at the end, I have to say this is a well written short.

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    I have not read all of the stories in this series but did read the one where Noah and Sawyer get married and this happens BEFORE that book It s basically just a sweet threesome with their best friend David who is having trouble finding love There is no jealousy, nor blinding passion, just some good sex to help out a friend I m not sure if this indicates David will be getting a story or not When you re in the mood for sweet and sexy a good choice You don t have to have read the others first as enough back story is dropped in to make it clear.

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    I have really liked this series of short stories, until this one Throwing in a third for a seemingly out of the blue three way sexual encounter just didn t do a thing for me If menage is our thing, I guess this one was okay, but for me it simply reduced the emotional intensity by a large factor I enjoyed the overall story of this relationship much before this pointless episode.

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    I like this story of Noah and Sawyer and Noah s friend David who temporarily is the third I would like to read stories from this author though the prose was lovely.Reread in 2012 Review coming soon to

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    I wasn t sure if I was going to enjoy this particular story because I think Sawyer and Noah make a great couple However, the subject was handled sensitively and I ended up really enjoying it I hope we get to find out about David and his search for true love.