The best laid plansHalli Sanders spent two years planning the trip of a lifetime to Italy Her itinerary did not include being stranded by her siblings kidnapped by a sexy American movie star dodging bullets or fleeing criminals in a car chase around Lake Como And that's just in the first three hoursoften go awryTrent Tomlin put his movie career on hold to investigate his brother's murder ruled suicide at his Italian villa He's closing in on the suspects when an American tourist unwittingly films the murder of the retired cop helping him The killers will stop at nothing to get the evidence including holding Halli's family as collateralLife's a little different unscriptedThrust into the role of real life hero Trent finds himself falling for the Plain Jane whose beauty blossoms with every challenge they face But how can he keep the evidence from the murderers to get justice for his brother and friend without betraying Halli and her family?

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    The book I read is Kidnapped and the first book in the Italy Intrigue series by Stacey Joy Netzel Halli and her siblings are vacationing in Italy when they stop so Halli can film swans on Lake Como But her camera films than just the birds She films a murder So Halli ends up getting left by her family and then Trent Tomlin shows up to rescue her Well sort of anyway First he has to kidnap her and convince her that he really is rescuing her Meanwhile the baddies are after themThis was a uick read Not bad entertaining for the most part Not sure why but I felt it was missing something But I would probably read by the author eventually

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    Okay Look I know I know I know I know that this is pretty much every girl's wet dream International megastar falling for you? Yes Yes I would like to win a date with Ted Hamilton thanks for asking It's like the stories we used to write as teenyboppers where the lead singer of the boyband sees us in the middle of the crowd and it's love at first sight and we live happily ever after and it's corny and so implausible and I know okay? I knowBUT I LOVE IT I love it SO HARD I loved Trent I loved Trent long time I loved his James Dean swagger and the man underneath it His cockiness and vulnerability His desire to protect the Plain Jane Halli and his drive to get to the bottom of his brother's murder Trent's hot stuff is what I'm saying here Yes Trent I would like to win a date with you and later have your babies We don't even have to wait til later I'll get down on the first date Or in the middle of a high speed chase WhateverWe've seen Halli's type before in other romance novels but she works so well here The control freak who is thrust into an impossible situation and somehow blossoms and ensnares the hearththrob's heart I loved that she refused to swoon in the beginning She did not go all simpering fangirl on our silver screened fox Not Halli Hell no Haven't seen even one of your movies Sorry Hell yes girlfriend Never swoon leave that up to me kay? KayThe whole package the love story the mystery all of it was top notch There was car chases and shoot outs and boats getting blown to bits and general chaos with just enough steaminess thrown in to make me want to take the whole thing to bed and cuddle it all night

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    I'm so glad I found this book The audio is available for 199 if you download the book Great deal This novel engaged me from the first page and kept me in its thrall until the last page Haley is an endearing heroine She loves her brother and sister and is determined to live a different life from her parents She really comes into her own and shows a great deal of courage and bravery While fear is intense she does not let it hold her backTrent is absolutely yummy as a hero Even though he puts himself in great danger he comes to Haley's aid determined to save her from harm I loved his tender side one he has not had until he falls in love with herIf you enjoy a novel that will take you on a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end; and one with a great love story then you will definitely want to read this book Happy reading

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    This is a story about a girl named Halli who takes a vacation of a lifetime to Italy Once in Italy Halli's vacation becomes a nightmare when she accidentally catches a murder on her video camera Halli is then kidnapped by a famous movie star named Trent Tomlin who claims to be saving her life Together the duo is thrown into an action packed adventure I am completely amazed by this book Just imagine that you and your favorite move star crush have a chance encounter which launches the two of you into an intense romance The story starts off right away and every pages that follows is packed full of excitement that will keep you on the edge of your seat I am completely in love with this book; I could not put it down Lost in Italy is absolutely a brilliant with an original plot and well developed characters My favorite character in this story is Trent I fell in love with him Trent carries the world on his shoulders and still comes out with a charm that had me cheering him on the entire book I highly recommend readers go purchase your copy of this book; you will not be let down

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    Lost in Italy is the story of how ordinary tourist Halli Sanders gets mixed up in the middle of a murder and is narrowly rescued by international movie star Trent Tomlin whose brother was killed by the same organized crime thugs Halli is now their target because she inadvertently caught the murderer on video while filming swans on Lake Como The author Stacey Joy Netzel does a good job of putting the reader in Italy and uses the setting to nice effect Halli and Trent both have interesting backstories that affect how they relate to each other and seed their initial less than trusting reactions when first thrust together The sexual tension is also well done and the character's reactions to each other are surprising enough to keep the story interesting The action scenes are punchy tense and drive the story forward Netzel weaves some good twists and turns into the plot particularly among the thugs and a subplot involving Halli's kidnapped brother and sister is also well done I plan to read by this author

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    I loved this fast moving action packed romance Halli plans everything down to the minute She takes a vacation with her sister and brother They convince Halli to throw away her agenda and just live in the moment Shortly after landing in Italy Halli looks around to find that her brother and sister has left her She took the time to take a video of swains swimming When she looked up she was all alone Movie star Trent Tomlin knows Halli is in trouble than she can deal with and moves fast to save her What she actually tapped was a murder and the guys that pulled the trigger now want that tape He lays on the charm to get Halli to take a ride with him but she wants to wait for her sister and brother Trent has to kidnap Halli to keep her save Halli got her vacation of a life time She spent it with her favorite movie star A heart throb she never thought she would ever met in person While Trent and Hlli were running and dodging bullets the two fell in love along the way

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    LOST IN ITALY is full of action and adventure The story holds the reader’s attention from page one to the very end It is packed full of excitement and contains numerous twists and turns The main characters are well developed and you can’t help but grow to love them as they strive to stay alive and rescue the heroine’s brother I will definitely read from this author

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    For More Reviews wwwravenous reader book reviewsblogspotcomLost in Italy by Stacey Joy Netzel was my first book to review for World Literary Cafe I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I picked a book that I thought would be relatively safe for me to start down this new avenue of networking not only for the author but for myself as a new book review blogger I mean who wants to start something like this with a whopper of a bad book? I’m really happy with my choice this month and am already looking forward to picking something againI really wished that I had read Lost in Italy while hanging out on a beach somewhere because this is the perfect beach read I would have say that this book could be classified as a romantic thriller because there was a lot of romance and a thrill in every chapter There were a lot of bullets close calls and some steamy momentsNetzel did not waste any time getting right into the action and setting the stage telling the reader about Halli Sanders and Trent Tomlin The character development didn’t drag on like many books but there was once in the beginning that I did go back a chapter to make sure I had all my bad guys straight I loved how the majority of the book spanned only a few days therefore allowing the story to be jam packed with those little details that sometimes get lost in books that cover a longer periods of time Netzel did a great job of keeping me interested and wanting to get to the next chapter and the next and the next while adding a small amount doubt from time to time making me wonder if the plot would go another way because it really could have taken off in an entirely different directionwho knows?If I could give one criticism about Lost in Italy it would have to be the overuse of one particular word and all forms of it growl and there were no animals in the book I checked with Vinnie the Kindle and he told me that it was used 27 times While not overly distracting it did catch my eye a few times without taking anything away from the great plot of the book If you are heading out to the beach or the lake this summer and want a fun little read definitely pack your beach bag with Lost in Italy

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    Italian Dream VacationIf you've ever been in a foreign country and had the slightest moment of unease about your location or an awareness of a stranger who makes you uneasy you'll understand the premise of this bookIf you have an imagination you'll understand that kind of OMG moment even if you've never found yourself alone on a side street in Firenze followed by a couple of men who look like what the locals call gypsies Makes me shudder just remembering that little incidentBlurbing The BookControl freak doesn't begin to describe Halli Sanders a young woman with deep seated trust issues She and her brother Ben and her sister Rachel are in Italy intent on having a vacation of a lifetime When Halli gets stranded and unwittingly films a crime she finds herself rescued by American action film star Trent Tomlin who is out to prove that his brother's death was a murder not a suicideHalli's carefully planned itinerary hadn't included car chases abductions unending danger and falling in love but nothing seems to work out as she'd planned What's she has no control over the unfolding events and neither does Trent who probably wishes some director would yell CutMy 2 CentsEngaging characters a wildly implausible plot that the author skillfully makes the reader believe is plausible and tension that ratchets up with every chapter Lost In Italy is a compelling read that makes you root for Halli and Trent Sometimes you'd like to slap Halli and tell her to stow the emotional baggage and have a modicum of trust but that just means that the author did a good job in showing her with all of her conflicting emotionsI thoroughly enjoyed the book and found myself grinning at the ending and thinking that these two people had a shot at happily ever after

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    Halli Sanders goes on a once in a life time trip to Italy with her brother and sister She is a bit anal and wants to follow her itinerary but her siblings say no that she needs to lighten up They stop so she can film the geese on Lake Como She accidentally films a murder and then gets accidentally left by her brother and sister Trent Tomlin is a famous movie star who is in Italy trying to get the people that murdered his brother The guy that Halli filmed getting murdered was his friend that had gone in undercover He see the whole thing go down along with Halli filming it and knows now her like is in danger along with finally having proof on the bad guys He trys to convince Halli she is in danger and needs to come with him but she isn’t haven’t anything to do with him even though she recognizes who he is This in turns leads to him kidnap her for her own safety and them dodging bullets and fleeing from the criminals in a car chase around Lake Como Things just keep getting worse The bad guys kidnap Halli's siblings in hope to use them to smoke Halli out of hiding In the messages that Halli leaves for them they figure out where she is hiding out and this leads to Halli and Trent having to go on the run again this time by boat The action is nonstop And both Trent and Halli are attracted to each other but she thinks he is an egotistical jerk who thinks all he has to do is flash that smile and women will just fall at his feet But Trent is alot than just a pretty boy actor Will Halli finally see what is really inside the man?