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There is to Goa than sun and sand, the hippies and the fenny, and Portuguese influence and the stately churches It s all these and It is a tiny geographical land which has been constantly struggling to maintain its own identity, first with the forces of the Portuguese colonialists and then, after the liberation, with the Indian state, as Maharashtra first annexed the state to its borders and then tried to impose Marathi as the official language, as opposed to the local Konkani The book, incisively edited by Jerry Pinto, is a precious mixture of critical essays, book extracts, commentary, poetry and even a comic strip, ruminating the past, present and future of Goa, how it came into being as a result of the old marriage between Konkani and Portuguese, and how it fought hard to retain its own identity, first at the hands of the Portuguese, and then, the Indian state, and now, the onslaught of globalization Among other things, I did love the placement of two contradictory pieces together First, an extract from William Dalrymple and second, Prabhakar S Angle s defence of the misrepresentation of Goa. I ve never been to Goa and like most Indians, most of my impressions of the state are a bit cliched and anchored on the stereotypes beaches, drugs, greenery, churches, Portuguese colonialism etc This anthology of writings on Goa did a lot to educate me on the aspects of Goa which I never cared to bother about the Marathi influence, the strong Hindutva strains, the various musical gharanas along with all night classical concerts, FN Souza s art, the Goan diaspora, the fisheries and agro industry, Goan theater, memories of the 1964 military action and much Some pieces of writing by the foreign travellers to the state Graham Greene, Richad Burton, van Linschoten etc were a bit tedious for me to follow and so were some of the stories Naresh Fernandez s quest for the relics of St Francis Xavier was the most enjoyable read.Someday when I visit Goa, I ll be grateful to this book for helping me see and search for than what meets the eye. thoughtful I bought this book because of my strong ties with Goa Some of the essays are good and some bore one to death Overall its a good read and gives an overview of some though not all aspects of Goa This book seemed like an interesting read, but goodness gracious, it just dragged on and on It was almost as if someone had googled Goa and brought together every single essay, article, poem, or memoir ever written on Goa Like any anthology, this was a mixed bag for me I loved a few, but sadly the vast majority of them were rather dry and tedious The ones I did enjoy reading were William Dalrymple sAt Donna Georgina s , Frederick Noronha sOn the Abbe s Trail , Vivek Menezes article on Francis Newton Souza who claimed to have swallowed Goa whole , an excerpt taken from Alexander Frater sChasing the Monsoonsomething I have marked to read when I travel back to Kerala in the monsoons, reserved for quiet afternoons watching the rain and Naresh Fernandes quest to find a bone from the arm of St Francis Xavier What worked for me Although rather tiresome, the book brought to light many interesting aspects about Goa to me For example, Dalrymple s interview with Donna Georgina who still thinks about crossing the border to India , and who believes that the liberation of Goa in 1961 was not really a liberation but of a botheration,is an example of someone who still remains fiercely loyal to the Portuguese On the other hand, there are essays which mention the cruelty of the Portuguese and the movement for liberation in the 1960s Post independence, the focus shifts towards Konkani pride and the need to keep Goa separate from Maharashtra.Another aspect of the book that I found compelling was the role of religion in Goan society Maria Couto s essayKeeping the Faith , for instance, narrates how numerous families were separated in the wake of the Portuguese conquests A few members fled the scene, and escaped down south in order to protect their faith, whilst the others stayed on and embraced Christianity Although still related by bloodlines, they are now separated by religion What fascinated me the most was the fact that despite having converted, many of them still maintain Hindu traditions, even going as far as worshiping in temples In the same way, I found it interesting that one could certainly find Hindus among the mass of the faithful at Bom Jesus where the tomb of the 16th century Jesuit priest, St Francis Xavier, is located Interesting trivia every ten years, St Francis body is brought down from the altar for worship, and this is known as the Exposition During one such ritual, a lady was so overcome with devotion that when she bent down to kiss the saint s feet, she bit off Xavier s big toeand it began to gush blood What I missed in this book It s a book on Goa Why wasn t there any mention of Mario Miranda and his wonderful work George Menezes is one writer from Goa whom I have had the pleasure of reading before, and I do think he has written much better work thanWhere has all the culture goneUnfortunately, none of those were included either, and if they were, I m sure this would have been a engaging read Further, I must confess I chose this book because I had only recently discovered Jerry Pinto and was looking forward to reading him With the exception of a poem and an old Goan folktale, there wasn t anything else penned by him Oh well, looks like I ll have to wait to readEm and the Big Hoominstead.