In Einem Roman Mit Gro En Figuren, Farbigen Dialogen Und Vor Dem Tableau Der Rassenunruhen Der Letzten Jahrzehnte Amerikas Erz Hlt Richard Powers Die Geschichte Einer Familie Mit Zwei Hautfarben Die Eines Vor Den Nazis Gefl Chteten J Dischen Wissenschaftlers Und Einer Afroamerikanerin Ihre Ehe W Re In Vielen Staaten Der USA Noch Ein Verbrechen, Doch In New York F Hlen Sie Sich Sicher Sie Vertrauen Ganz Auf Den Amerikanischen Traum, Dass Sich Jeder Selbst Neu Erfinden Kann Mithilfe Der Musik Bauen Sie Ein Nest, Das Alle Dissonanzen Der Welt Fernhalten Soll Und Es Scheint Zu Gelingen Der Lteste Sohn Wird Ein Gefeierter Tenor Und Lieds Nger, Der Mittlere Begleitet Ihn Am Klavier, Und Einzig Die Tochter Durchschaut, Dass Sich Nur Wei E Leisten K Nnen, Ber Die Hautfarbe Hinwegzusehen, Und Schlie T Sich Den Black Panthers AnDenn Wie Eine Melodie Sich Nur In Der Zeit Der Musik Entfaltet, Entgeht Keiner Der Geschichte Seiner Gegenwart Die Musik Mag Zuflucht Sein Vor Der Frage Nach Der Hautfarbe, Doch Schlie Lich Droht Die Familie An Ihr Zu Zerbrechen Every once in a while you ll get into one of those conversations with an acquaintance who thinks he or she is smarter than you in which you list a string of books you ve read recently and authors you particularly enjoy Invariably Michael Chabon s last name shay bawn is mispronounced in these conversations.If you want to win the next conversation like this you have, I highly recommend delving quickly and deeply into the urvruh of Richard Powers, who, despite never fully penetrating the upper echelon of modern novelists, has been a finalist for the National Book Awardoften than Jane Smiley has ovulated, which is impressive because Jane Smiley ovulates at a rate three times the national average You should read In The Time of Our Singing, and other Powers books, because they are excellent You should also read them because when Paul Besterhooz, Sarah s ex boyfriend and grade A thunderdouche busts out Ian McEwan as one of his favorite writers, you can fire back with Richard Powersnuanced and, let s face it, the only way Atonement could beoverrated is if it was written by a recently liberated Afghani woman take on guilt and consciousness in literally all of his books.In The Time of Our Singing is about race in America and opera singing and also math. The bird and the fish can fall in love But where they gonna build their nest The Time of Our Singing sings about the fortunes of a mixed American family from 1939 to the present day A German Jewish physicist marries a black singer and the uncommon couple gets three children By making music and singing together, the family creates a world of its own in which race is an insignificant factor Yet their family is inevitably marked by the prevailing racial inequality Powers lashes his novel with historical and political material from recent American history Martin Luther King, racial riots and plays all registers of white and black music, albeit in a not always so subtle way Via the reflections of the father on the concept of time, Powers gives time an sich an essential role in the storyDe vogel en de vis kunnen liefde voor elkaar opvatten Maar waar gaan ze hun nest bouwen Het zingen van de tijd bezingt de lotgevallen van een gemengd Amerikaans gezin van 1939 tot heden Een Duits Joodse fysicus huwt een zwarte zangeres, waarop het stel drie kinderen krijgt Door samen te musiceren en te zingen cre ert het gezin een eigen wereld waarin ras een onbeduidende factor is Toch wordt hun familie onvermijdelijk getekend door de heersende rassenongelijkheid Powers lardeert zijn roman met historisch en politiek feitenmateriaal uit de recente Amerikaanse geschiedenis Martin Luther King, rassenrellen en bespeelt alle registers van de witte en zwarte muziek, zij het soms op weinig subtiele wijze Aan de hand van de natuurkundige bespiegelingen van de vaderfiguur over het begrip tijd, geeft hij tijd an sich een essenti le rol in het verhaal. ufficiale veramente il superlativo che dicevano e con questo potremmo prendere baracca e burattini e andare a casa prima per , qualche considerazione consapevolmente inadeguata su un romanzo che mi faceva nicchiare per via del titolo, pi adatto a un programma da reti mediaset che alla bellezza di questa complessa architettura talmente complessa che, leggendo, pi d una volta vien da chiedersi come stia su quel che powers costruisce livello dopo livello, indossando il cappello di carta di giornale per preparare il calcestruzzo, e contemporaneamente lavorando di lima e raschietto per rifinire dettagli della trama e scanalature della prosa.e tirando su alla fine un romanzo che tratta anche di tempo e relativit , di possibilit lasciate aperte e del fatto che la variabile t possa essere quantizzata, discontinua come le note di una melodia un romanzo il cui sottotesto sta nelle intersezioni di vite sviluppate come i movimenti di una sinfonia, e portate avanti e qui indietro dal compositore in una impeccabile partitura sapessi di musica e di fisica, potrei provare a dire di pi e meglio perch , buttate l nell ordito di millanta vicende, hanno un senso ben preciso frasi come la musica parlava eternamente a se stessa o il suo tempo non viaggiava, era un blocco di perenni adesso spoilererei tutto solo per la soddisfazione di riuscirci, garantito e invece a questo giro mi limito al fatto che per me stato come aprirmi a una composizione che ha un intro abbastanza laboriosa non ho amato subitissimo lo stile di powers , e poi di colpo ti arriva addosso con una simultanea e maestosa scrittura di temi per esempio che se le illusioni sono destinate a fallire quanto pi puntano in alto, l unica possibile falla nella storia della famiglia strom, miscellanea di razze, un elemento di rottura nelle leggi fisiche cos come le conosciamo pi che una battuta d arresto, uno strom und drang lo so, lo so ma non ho saputo resistere che apre un varco, un paradosso su piani questo senso, mentre leggevo ho pensato pi volte a prima della pioggia, bellissimo film macedone basato anch esso sulla variabile t, sulle divisioni tra razze e sulla storia maiuscola che entra nelle vite nel 1994 vinse il leone a venezia raccontando un intreccio di vicende in cui non ci sono un prima e un dopo, e in cui la circolarit del tempo pu essere spezzata per provare a cambiare il corso degli eventi basta un dettaglio, un apparente stonatura nell esecuzione powers ci ha messo 835 pagine e mi ha portato al largo per raccontarmelo, in modo magistrale forse un filo troppo, magistrale a distanza di qualche settimana da quando questo romanzo ha finito con me lasciando solo ossicini spolpati, ho tolto una stella dal punteggio pieno iniziale a posteriori ho percepito l eccesso di mestiere e un po di sfoggio del medesimo, ecco. I had a hard time finishing this book, because the ending was so good that I couldn t stop crying Not because it was sad, but because it was so unbelievably good, and because I d never before read a long book with an ending that lived up to its heft.Seriously, it took me like half an hour to read the last few pages, because I kept flinging down the book and pacing around my apartment, sobbing hysterically.Don t get me wrong, this book is not perfect, and it definitely falters in places However, the ending is Perfect, I mean. What you gonna do when the world s on fire che fare quando il mondo in fiamme Come quando finisce un gran pezzo di musica, o la lezione di un insegnante che riuscito a a catturare tutti i tuoi sensi, come dopo una prova intensa e magnifica, come ogni volta che hai sfiorato la bellezza e rimani l , in silenzio, perch neppure l applauso rovini quell attimo di emozione che vorresti far durare ancora e ancora un po ho avuto bisogno di silenzio dopo questo libro, senza buttare l inutili parole.E dopo alcune settimane in compagnia di Powers poi, che le parole le sa usare eccome, che altro potrei mai aggiungere io Musical ImmersionI have participated in classical music as an amateur my entire life, and worked professionally in the field for four decades they are different experiences Up to now, the novel that most completely captured both the love affair of the amateur and the exacting discipline of the performer has beenAn Equal Musicby Vikram Seth, set in the world of chamber music But this 2003 novel by Richard Powers eclipses even that beacon Beginning with the astounding competition win by a young American singer, Jonah Strom, in 1961, and then using the next 200 pages to trace the path that led him there, this is a book so totally immersed in music that the words themselves become a musical instrument, and the descriptions of formal concerts or jamming around the piano at homeexciting than the sex or action scenes of most other writers So totally does Powers understand the life of an aspiring vocalist and the special world of a music conservatory my own habitat for forty years , that it comes as a shock when he finally makes an error almost 400 pages in having his hero, a tenor, come under consideration for a role in a real production that was eventually taken by Simon Estes, a bass baritone But any flaws are tiny this is a masterpiece.Jonah is accompanied in his recitals by his brother Joey, who narrates the book The strength of this is that Jonah s talent is described, not from the point of view of his audience or fans, but through the fear and excitement of somebody trying to ski down the musical mountain beside him, responding to his impulsive turns, sharing the adrenaline of his impossible descent The downside, though not apparent until much later, is that when Jonah no longer has the spotlight and Joey emerges as the protagonist of his own book, some of the light is lost but we have seen this often enough before think The Great Gatsby or All the King s Men Though only Jonah has the star temperament, he and Joey are both musical prodigies, formed from parlor games in which parents and children alike would combine tunes from Lassus to Loesser in a quodlibet of improvised counterpoint When the book ends with similar jam session on a much larger scale in an inner city school in Oakland, California another magnificent set piece the musical homecoming is poignant.For this is also a book about race Jonah and Joey s parents met through one of those iconic moments where music and race intersect, at the celebrated concert by black mezzo soprano Marian Anderson on the Mall in Washington in 1939 David is a recent Jewish refugee, a theoretical physicist taken onto the faculty at Columbia, where he would become peripherally involved in the Manhattan Project Delia is the daughter of a black Philadelphia physician, a graduate of Howard University, and an aspiring singer in her own right I thought I knew about the sorry racial history of this country, but Powers brings it home with the force of revelation how intense the bigotry was in the middle decades of the century, and how foolhardy such a marriage would have been The Stroms idealized wish to raise their children beyond color only presented each of them with an ambiguity that they would take the rest of their lives to work out Jonah, who could almost pass for white Joey, who struggles to pass for black and their younger sister Ruth, who takes the most radical steps of all One of the things I most admire about Powers is his ability to bring major events close into the wings without them ever taking over the stage, and to forge a chain of events that serve as defining moments for the other America the Anderson concert, Hiroshima, Watts, and the two great marches on Washington It is an astounding book for a white writer even to attempt, let alone bring off with such authenticity.Perhaps Powers is over ambitious and tries to include too much His writing, though brilliant throughout, is often too dense for easy reading, too dependent on the special jargon of music or mathematics Not all his attempts to work through his racial theme in musical terms pay off But when he manages to pull it all together, as he does remarkably often, he is simply superb So let me end with his description of the congregation at the funeral of the boys mother How many gradations did anyone see This polytonal, polychordal piece played for a stone deaf audience who heard not tonic and dominant, and were pretty shaky even picking out those two But all the pitches in the chromatic scale had turned out for my mother, and many of the microtones between. The best contemporary fiction that I ve read this year. This is the second Powers book I have read, and it left me wanting to readLike Orfeo, this is a book which shines with a deep love and knowledge of music of all kinds This one centres on a mixed race American family of musical geniuses The central figures are Delia Daley, a singer from an upwardly mobile black family, her husband, the Jewish physicist David Strom who has fled Nazi Germany, and their children Jonah, a talented classical singer who struggles to avoid being typecast and diminished as a black singer, Joseph, his accompanist and the narrator who sees himself as a lesser musician, and Ruth, a talented singer as a child who is darker than her brothers and abandons music for a life working to help black people with a husband tainted by his association with the Black Panthers The family story is complex and is interwoven with the tragic history of racial struggles and conflicts in America, spiced by a liberal sprinkling of scientific ideas Powers control of these many strands is masterly, and the whole is very satisfying and surprisingly readable given the complexity of some of the ideas I couldn t help thinking that the ending, for all its formal elegance, did not quite ring as true as much of what preceded it I can t sayabout that without spoiling Maybe not quite the best book I have read this year, but it did come very close. Il tempo resta, noi scorriamoPowers geniale.La molteplicit dei temi trattati, la raffinatezza della scrittura, la cultura e la ricchezza intellettuale di Powers, le invenzioni narrative rendono questo libro una scoperta ad ogni pagina E direi anche un capolavoro, uno dei migliori libri che ho letto in assoluto.Le discriminazioni razziali tra bianchi e neri si mescolano alla musica, alla fisica quantistica, alla teoria della relativit , alle persecuzioni contro gli ebrei per arrivare alla constatazione che le razze difficilmente possono mescolarsi E noi l a stupirci, a seguire i tanti rivoli dei discorsi, a imparare, a cercare di capire le ragioni di certi accostamenti, a gioire e a soffrire con i protagonisti Razza, musica e tempo.Il libro ragiona sul legame esistente tra queste tre cose.Facile capire che musica e tempo siano legati tra loro per il ritmo della musica stessa, ma anche la musica come inviluppo di tutta l opera dei compositori che ci hanno preceduto nel tempo.Le razze invece secoli fa erano molte e ben differenziate ma col procedere del tempo allo stesso modo in cui avviene nella musica, dove gli accordi armonici hanno pian piano fatto spazio alla politonalit atonalit e ai mezzi toni si sono progressivamente mescolate tendendo lentamente verso un futuro in cui saremo tutti scuri di pelle e con gli occhi scuri Ma come il pubblico fatica ad ascoltare musica che non abbia i tipici e vetusti e rilassanti accordi di tonica e dominante, allo stesso modo il mescolamento della razza non affatto accettato dalla gente Il pesce e l uccello possono innamorarsi, ma l unico loro nido sar la tomba Tre aspetti, la musica, la razza e il tempo che sono analizzati e sviscerati a fondo nel libro ma quanto colto questo Powers E strabiliante Ed meraviglioso arrivare in fondo e assistere alla chiusura del cerchio, ossia che queste tre direttive, cos stranamente accostate, convergono in un finale romantico e meraviglioso.La lettura sar sempre entusiasmante, fin quando ci saranno libri come questo Potente, denso, impegnativo ma illuminante, complesso ma scorrevole, affascinante.Bellissimo.