A great little mystery for my five year old the plot is easy to follow, the print is big enough for her to follow along, and there are cute illustrations on nearly every page Better than all that, though, is a story about a strong and curious little girl and her friends. AMY AND THE MISSING PUPPY is the first book in the Critter Club Series It is the story of a group of friends who help solve the mystery of a missing dog I can t say I m overwhelmed by the plot or the book in general but there are a few things I loved I loved the references to Nancy Drew I loved the positive girl role model in Amy a problem solving, reader, and good friend and in her mom, a vet My six year old twins enjoyed it and immediately requested that I get the second book This series isn t the absolute best I ve ever read, but it is one I would happily encourage my kids to keep reading. Introducing The Critter Club Amy And Her Friends Solve A Canine Caper In This Start To A Pet Friendly Illustrated Chapter Book SeriesIt S Spring Break In Santa Vista, And Everyone Has Big Planseveryone Except For Amy, That Is As Her Best Friends Head Out Of Town On Exciting Adventures, Amy Resigns Herself To Helping Out At Her Mom S Vet Clinic At Least She Ll Be Around Cute Animals But When Santa Vista S Cold And Elusive Millionaire, Marge Sullivan, Brings Her Puppy Rufus For A Check Up, Amy Encounters An Unexpected Mystery After Her Friends Return Home, The Girls Get To The Bottom Of What Happened To Rufus And Discover A Way To Help Other Lost And Lonely Animals In Their TownWith Easy To Read Language And Illustrations On Almost Every Page, The Critter Club Chapter Books Are Perfect For Beginning Readers We read this in two nights as a bed time story to five year old She pronounced it Let s read it again next week and Can you buy the next one so I d say it was a success She enjoyed the pictures, and finding the clues Amy was talking about in them, and seemed to really like both Amy and the mystery. My issue with this book is that it is at the right reading level for my first grader who is reading at a second grade level but the book s first scene includes some girls talking about a crush on a boy, which is not the right maturity level for first or second graders Or am I behind the times either way, I don t want my first grader reading this, and maybe not even my third grader. What s with the game of MASH in a book written to be read by 2nd or 3rd graders Luckily, that storyline goes nowhere and the mystery of finding a puppy takes over Once the mystery begins, the story gets interesting and the stereotypical characters one girl likes reading, another is dramatic, blah blah no longer are so important. I read this to my 6 year old who is entering 1st grade It is a cute book with a cute plot, however I do agree with some of the other reviews about the very beginning of the book, in the fact that it brings up boys and the game of MASH over my daughters head If you can get past that short part in the beginning the rest of the book is good. I read this book aloud to our 5 year old in just one day After the last page she said, I want to punch through this book so I can actually be inside of it Can we please read the next one This books is all about girl power as the four girls try to solve the mystery of the missing puppy It is a great pick for girls who enjoy mysteries, animals, and friendship There are illustrations on just about every page This book included the MASH game where kids pick out who their future husbands are and if they will live in a Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or Home If this is bothersome for your early reader and used as a read aloud then the adult can skip over this part if they would like, as it won t take away from the plot Reading Level N It s fun to imagine what it would be like if your mother were a veterinarian and you lived next door to her clinic, helping her care for sick and injured animals every day What girl who loves animals wouldn t want to be in Amy Purvis s shoes Spring break is starting, so this Friday s sleepover party with her friends Liz, Marion, and Ellie will be their last get together until next Friday Liz and Marion have vacations planned, but Amy and Ellie will be both staying home in Santa Vista At least Ellie s grandmother is moving in with Ellie this week, but Amy won t have much to occupy her own time except volunteering at her mother s clinic and the Nancy Drew mystery she s reading This could be a disappointing spring break Then one evening Ms Sullivan, a wealthy older woman not known for friendliness, seeks out Amy s mother at home Ms Sullivan s St Bernard puppy, Rufus, has escaped by digging under the back fence of Ms Sullivan s house It s a stormy night, and she fears for her dog out there alone Seeing the woman s distress, Amy wonders if Ms Sullivan isn t as bad as she assumed The next morning, while Amy s mother notifies the locals about the missing pet, Amy follows up on a clue she s found Rufus leaves muddy paw prints wherever he shows up around town, but he s always gone by the time Amy arrives Can she think of a way to predict where the puppy will go next Enlisting Ellie to assist, Amy emulates Nancy Drew s detective methodology, studying the clues to deduce Rufus s whereabouts As days pass she knows the pup must be taking shelter somewhere, but what kind of shelter would appeal to a hungry, frisky puppy The clues are all there for Amy and Ellie to solve their first pet mystery, and learn that not every person who seems grouchy actually is Ms Sullivan could be the key to the next great adventure in Amy, Liz, Marion, and Ellie s lives the founding of The Critter Club, a much needed supplement in Santa Vista to Amy s mother s clinic It s the start of something special Amy and the Missing Puppy is a pleasantly atmospheric beginning for Callie Barkley s The Critter Club series The mystery is easy to follow and logical, Marsha Riti s illustrations are attractive, and we learn something about not judging books, metaphorical or otherwise, by their cover I see why The Critter Club is a popular series, and I intend to readI ll see you at book two, All About Ellie I recently started reading chapter books to my 4 year old and, after reviewing several series, this was the first series I picked We ve gotten through 3.5 books in this series and haven t encountered any of the meanness or name calling you sometimes find in other series some of which is fine for older kids but not so much for a 4 year old The plots center around 1 orof the 4 main characters all girls as they solve a problem or 2 and help adorable fuzzy animals The girls tend to solve the problems with minimal help from adults pretty much all female and they save the day for whatever animals are in their care What s not to love Especially if you are a little girl.