The hunt for the Higgs particle has involved the biggest most expensive experiment ever So what is this particle called the Higgs boson? Why does it matter so much? What does this God particle tells us about the Universe? And was finding it really worth all the effort? The short answer is yes and there was much at stake our basic model for the building blocks of the Universe the Standard Model would have been in tatters if there was no Higgs particle The Higgs field had been proposed as the way in which particles gain mass a fundamental property of matter Little wonder the hunt and discovery have produced such intense media interest Here Jim Baggott explains the science behind the discovery looking at how the concept of a Higgs field was invented how it is part of the Standard Model and its implications on our understanding of all mass in the Universe

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    If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewM Theory Higgs The Invention and Discovery of the God Particle by Jim BaggottOne way to visualise this kind of stuff is to understand why Quantum Field Theory QFT is seen as weird Imagine a 2D field a sheet that you excite with some energy – you get waves in the sheet of course What QFT says is that if you reduce the excitation energy to some very small value you don’t get small waves you get no waves at all Then as you increase the energy past some threshold you get a localised wave like excitation a standing wave if you will In the 2D analogy you can imagine it as a small vibrating bump in the sheet