Bound By Guilt, Freed By LoveDriven By Guilt And Grief, Aidan Decides To Join The Monastery At Lindisfarne In Northumbria, Despite His Noble Upbringing Soon After, He Encounters Nolana Kyncade, A Scots Lass Running From A Horrific Betrothal And A Cruel Stepfather Although Their Love Is Impossible, They Can T Deny Their Feelings For Each Other The Centuries Old Tradition Of Mead Making At The Famous Monastery Provides The Backdrop For The Novella

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    Spoilers 3.5 StarsMuch better than the first book There is a little conflict and excitement The pace was faster, and the characters likeable.I enjoyed it.The beginning starts out great Gripping Then it kinda dipped down a bit and remained steady I did not skim.My main complaints is the hero seemed to wimp out on the heroine He should have tried harder to get her back and stop the wedding I seriously don t even know why he shows up at the weddng feast just to turn around and walk away This is love Then the heroine has to come to HIM after her husband dies Ok anyone reading this may be confused Lry mr clarify The heroine is captured on her way to a convent. after meeting the hero who is now a monk He was injured and in an infirmary when she was escorted to the convent.He finds out she s gone and sends his brother to intercept the escort but is too late and she is taken by her evil stepfather back home ands forced to marry and old abusive fat guy The hero knows who took her, and where, so he leaves the abbey and the monk life, gathers some people together and goes to the heroines rescue only to find she s already married and looks miserable It is her wedding feast So what does he do Nothing he goes home, and sulks that he lost her.She on the other hand avoids bedding the old guy and fortunately he ends up having a heart attack and dies This is when she runs to the hero.The good thing is the hero s past isn t thrown in our face There is only one part in the beginning where it is mentioned he is not a virgin but never pursued women and never love one before the heroine of course.Overall it was pretty good action wise I just wish the hero had a little backbone.Safety Hero Experienced but not overly Past not thrown in our face Not arrogant.Heroine Virgin and remains so until she is with the hero.Cheating NoOM OW Om but unwanted Heroine is forced to marry an old man He dies before consummating the marriage.Violence mildCursing NoAdultry NoRape NoAbuse noHEA ILY s yesMarriage YesBaby yes in the epilogue we see the H h s far future They have 12 kids.

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    I read this as part of the

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    Little bit better than the first one I gave it an extra star due to the ale making process, which fascinated me When I read the first book I was pretty much disappointed and bored, but I thought of giving the second book a shot and maybe get to read something better I did, I read something better, but still not enough to make an impression on me.

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    Great Story LineI really enjoyed this journey of a laird and the path that was taken to save a lovely woman Great characters and well developed as usual I m looking forward to the next book in the series.

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    Aiden FitzRam has lost his mother and father in a shipwreck Feeling extreme guilt because they used his passage has led him into making a controversial decision for atonement He must live the life of a religious Both his brother Edwin and sister Ragna violently oppose this choice, but as much as he detests the life, he is stubborn That is until he meets Nolana Kyncade Her stepfather Baron Grouchet plans for her to marry an old man of his acquaintance who needs an heir Since she fears being used by this man, she runs Her intentions are to head to the closest nunnery, or better still, to her father s people in the Fells From then on the story becomes a book incredibly hard to put down Help from an old crone leads to her being in the same market place as Aiden and from the moment his blues eyes meet her green beauties full of fear, his course changes Ms Markland has hit the bulls eye with this love story Full of her rich prose, and descriptive narrative, she brings the times alive so well that one can t help but visualize and become immersed in this setting Perfect diversion for a lazy afternoon

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    I enjoyed this book with it s sweat love story of two people finding each other, when they weren t looking But it took heartack for them to be together.

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    Exciting A truly great story It starts out so sad, but improves and definitely holds your interest Nice read And a great addition to this series.