Everyone needs to be rescued sometimesEveryone but Hannah Montgomery that is She just needs a vacation Three weeks in New Zealand to sort out her life figure out what she wants seems just right Oh and to relax She should definitely put that on the agenda She certainly isn’t looking for a sexy fling with a professional rugby player no matter how attractive he is Hannah doesn’t do casual But maybe just this once As much as he’s shared with Hannah Drew Callahan has kept one very big secret And learning the truth now that she’s back home again has made Hannah warier than ever Drew knows that she’s right for him But how can he convince her to let down her guard enough to explore what they could have together?Note This romance like New Zealand contains some steam If that isn't your cuppa you may want to visit another country er book

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    I asked for recs for a contemporary romance with a realistic non alpha maleish hero and an eually non stereotypical heroine This book at the time a freebie was suggested to me by someone I am sure wants to stay unnamed ; I added a new shelf for this because the adjective best describing it isF R U M P YThe Good At least up to the point where I read everyone seemed to be out of college belonging to the adult of our species and working There still was a handwave at youth culture though given that the heroine was prematurely aged in her ways by playing mum to her siblingsThe BadThis was despite allegedly being nothing of the sort sexist and misogynic and had body shaming as well as slut shaming parts It felt written by someone trying very hard to write something modern while at heart being uite no very frumpy There were constant stabs at predatory women women preoccupied with their looks aggressively sex oriented women women jumping into the bed with an acuaintance immediately yada yada Micro aggressions these things are called I believe when they actually take place There were so many little stabs at what other women do and what the good brave oh so wonderful heroine didn't do I felt distinctly turned off Especially as they both are just in instalust for each other without actually developing attraction at all And for a book allegedly without any alpha males and stereotypes there are a lot of them around really The guy is HUGE and his penis is just as huge penis penis penis the author didn't take one word describing human genitalia into her mouth while I read So there P E N I S and muscular like Arnie in his Conan times or so Huge Seriously I mean his thighs his arms his back huge She has this special blond especially long hair on the other hand Except else she is frumpy Even though she works of all things in the fashion industry And she has this super white skin But her butt she thinks is far to big Why don't we ever get heroines who feel just fine with how they look?They both constantly ponder the most awkward things I mean what would you think about a hero who thinks the heroine is suprisingly open and easy to be with for someone so attractive? Then she is being sold as a strong woman but the moment she sets foot on NZ and is in vicinity of he hero she suddenly lets him take over entirely up to the point of nearly drowning How very strongThe UglyThis contained one of the most godawful off turning unsexiest and frumpiest sex scenes ever It was like something straight out of a seventies porn flick described by a prim spinster Firstly let me tell you one thing and I am not at all super uptight about hygiene I can go without a shower antiperspirant and perfume for longer than five minutes But a woman who hiked up and down a major mountainside in broad daylight and hot weather is not smelling like roses between her thighs afterwards Indeed the description of the hero delving into her secluded sweaty bacteria decomposing there vulva after that day brought up my breakfast a little bit I don't need a description of a shower I don't need them to wash up I just don't want him to fucking go there and lick and smooch I really can do without that notion while trying to read sexytimesNot that the sex was erotic Or even just sexy Or maybe warming Nope It was frumpy Big huge studly stud did her from front and behind honking her like some stallion and even biting the side of her neck while asking her whether he hurt her not with that bite with his super huge uber big hunky dory P E N I S And while I am the very first to state that sex can be written without using too many of the four letter words or any of those genitalia words here it was done so obviously and so priggishly it was frumpyI backed out of this book shortly after that curious sex scene Really this is neither a realistic couple nor what I meant when asking for a non alpha male romance This is an alpha male even if he isn't an alpha hole and I want me some normal men Yes with a paunch maybe or less than normal hair or a small penis P E N I S Someone who works as a cook or a waiter or in an office shoving paper around yet has this interesting hidden side to him that we all have I also really can do without frumpy

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    Before you read this things you must know 1 I am a kiwi born breed and raised2 Previously any time i have read anything in which New Zealand was mentioned or was the setting i have wanted to shoot the author for their portrayal of my country3 because of 2 i went into this book already highly discouragedA romance book set in New Zealand and it was good? Do my eyes deceive me? Am I having a hallucination did the author actually manage to look close enough to see the depth beneath our culture?So Rosalind James I take my hat off to youyou managed to show some of the aspects I love the most about kiwi's perfectly Not an easy feet you stayed true to the differences in how we speak you managed to highlight the life style we love an often take for granted and all the while managed to eave in a love story that was believable realDid i think that sometimes the accent was over done? Yes I mean we don't really say eh or a is much as portrayed though the reckons were right on task but on the whole you managed to capture our kiwiisms to a TFirst time I have liked a book set in my home land in fact I've started reading the next in the series now hope I like it just as muchIf you want a book in a setting different from the norm Try this book dare ya

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    After I finished this book I concluded that nothing much happened in it However upon reflection I realised that indeed lots occurred but the plot and the characters just didn't make a big fuss about itHannah leaves the USA to have a holiday in New Zealand goes for a swim in the ocean and gets caught in a rip Luckily for her she is rescued by Drew the Captain of the All Black rugby teamNow only New Zealanders and Australians can immediately appreciate just how important this game is and the rivalry between the two countries certainly not Americans and Hannah is no exception How Hannah used to being the boss cockyover her siblings and looking after herself gradually allows Drew into her life is the main plot but the beauty and culture of New Zealand are just as important in this novelI lived in New Zealand from 1963 1965 and my first husband was an All Black contender I had forgotten many of the language and customs of this country so I greatly enjoyed this book for these matters alone There are not that many novels set in New Zealand a truly beautiful country it's no wonder they set Tolkein's Hobbit films there so finding one was a delightThe romantic plot was charming Not a lot happened no dramatics no jealous girlfriends draping themselves over Drew only Hannah's own insecurity becoming a slight blight on the landscape of their relationship For this reason I thoroughly enjoyed this novel as I am a little over the usual suspects raising their heads in the romantic genreUpon reaching The End I read the sample from Rosalind James' seuels Just Good Friends and decided that yes I could take of this author's work I immediately purchased the others in the series and am now immersed in Just Good Friends I will be posting review for it in the morning

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    Visiting the neighboursI have had my eye on this story for years and when I saw it available on the Romance Package I couldn't stop myself from giving it a tryNew Zealand is a country I have visited and loved With them being so close to Australia we're practically neighbours I found it somewhat comforting to recognise the lingo and places mentioned Having the hero playing Rugby Union was also something familiar and I loved the discussions comparing Rugby Union and Rugby League New Zealand and Australia have a kind of sibling relationship We'll bag each other out to each other but heaven forbid you attack a Kiwi to an Aussie and you've got a fight on your hands I really liked Drew but Hannah was a little annoying unfortunately She needed to trust Drew and her instincts Hannah has played parent to her brother and sister since her father passed away when she was a kid herself Their mother didn't do her job and it was Hannah's only choice to step up Now that her siblings are adults Hannah's struggling to cut the purse strings The holiday to New Zealand is to take a break from her stressful job and to not always be on call to her siblings My frustrations were that it seemed to take a little too long for her to realise how much she was being taken advantage of It all comes good in the end and I was left satisfiedThe narrator was AMAZING with accents Her American and Kiwi accents left me bamboozled as to what country she originated from Kiwi accents are not easy and she does a fantastic Aussie accent too Only one little complaint I couldn't tell when the characters changed from male to female I was convinced that Emory was a chick for the first couple of chaptersReally happy to have found this one in the Romance Package and I will definitely be looking to go on in the series

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    Sometimes you get what you pay forI picked up this Kindle freebie to get a refreshertravelogue on New Zealand as an old friend who now calls En Zed NZ home is coming for a visitI started the book optimistically I even checked the Kiwi Glossary at the end of the book to get my lingo and slang down before learning about down underHannah is the typical over worked unappreciated heroine Her work and her two siblings monopolize her time so she rarely dates or takes any time for herselfShe decides to take a three week holiday by herself to relax and enjoy touring New Zealand alone The first time she goes swimming she gets dragged out in a riptide and Drew the giant All Blacks captain of the national rugby team rescues herHannah plays hard to get For about 3 minutes A race to a neighbouring motel ensuesTheir first time turns into an animal husbandry display right down to Drew biting down on Hannah's neck to keep her in place as he mounts her from behind As they are relaxing in that post coital glow he apologizes and tells her a story of his youth back home on the farmand oncethere was a palomino mare that was brought to the stallion Beautiful pale coat that white mane and tailHannah is of course blonde Did something to me seeing that bay stallion over that palomino mare Watching him hold her there with his teeth her backing into him urging him on Reckon I've been looking for that ever since 66 Mmmmm she murmured still basking in the afterglow content to be so close to him her hand on his chest stroking him Good to know I'm your horse fantasy Guess that's why my round butt doesn't bother youSay what?At this pointI didn't care if Drew and Hannah live happily ever after or if he fitted her for a bridle and horseshoes They could carry on with their lives without this reader I did persevere though and read about Hannah Mare's insecurities and Stallion Drew wondering why she had to be so independant Hello her parents died when her younger brother was 18 She sacrificed her life for her ungrateful sibs The mixed feelings on Hannah's part continued as she flew about the area attending various World Cup gamesWhen the inevitable breakup happens the conservative Hannah breaks all of her personal rules by drinking the hotel mini bar dry and gasp calling in sick to work She only sees the light after her man works harder than anyone on the team in his final match for the World Cup Cookies cut The secondary character Reka a wise sage of a Maori woman was the only highlight I could find in this novelNext time I choose to learn about a country I will pick up a Perly's

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    What can I say but an utterly FANTASTIC bookHannah is a marketing manager for a busy and successful sports clothing company in SanFran Tired and needing to get away from it all she takes a dream vacation to New Zealand by herself planning on relaxing and enjoying herself with no schedules and no deadlines Her first full day in En Zed what natives call New Zealand like we would say US she's out swimming in the beautiful blue ocean and nearly drowns when she's caught up in a vicious riptide Even though she's fit and in good shape she's no match for Mother Nature and is nearly done for when she's rescued by a rugged hunk of gorgeousness named Drew 6'3 muscled tan and just plain yummy to look at Drew is a sports superstar in NZ captain of the All Blacks rugby team Rugby is similar to American football but played without helmets He's out kayaking on a much needed fishing trip when he spots a swimmer in a rip tide about to lose the fight He rescues Hannah and takes her back to shore makes sure she is not injured and basically takes care of her for a few hours until her body's adrenaline has subsided and she can safely get some rest It doesn't hurt that she's also a very pretty Yank American She also appears not to know who he is and that's very attractive as well He's tired of being chased for his fame fortune and position in society My Hannah Drew google him for even goodnessTheir holiday romance starts slow but both are wildly attracted to each other Drew gives her a little time to get used to him his size and slowly turns on the charm His sex appeal is off the charts and the first time he really lays one on her a kiss you just want to melt into a puddle of goo right along with Hannah swoonAll too soon however Hannah's break from reality is over and she has to return to SanFran Drew is determined to stay in contact he feels like their attraction should be explored and sends her home in style but upgrading her ticket and calling to make sure she arrived home safely can I swoon again now? A few visits multiple phone calls texts and emails later Drew asks her to consider moving to NZ to explore a relationship After much self reflection which I won't go into very much because that's a major plot point she does move and the meat of the story really begins Hannah secures a job with a NZ sports company gets her own apartment and is determined to be self sufficient and not rely on Drew Hannah and Drew's romance is not all wine and roses though and I loved that It was very real in terms of Hannah basically changing her entire life and moving to a foreign country to be with a man she's attracted to She's also somewhat insecure another plot point and doesn't really believe deep down that Drew wants her for the long term Drew on the other hand is like a kid with candy on Christmas morning He has a great life a good career and a smokin' hot woman who turns him on like nothing before and he can't understand Hannah's reservations about becoming serious He's a bit old fashioned or possibly just New Zealandish is that a word? in that he believes in paying for dates and taking care of his woman He's also very jealous and damn if that ain't just sexy as hell when he gets his drawers in a bunch LOL Some very real life emotional turmoil between these two make this a book that's hard to put down I loved that Hannah was slightly insecure but not TSTL or needy She was almost the antithesis of needy in fact I loved that Drew was ALL MAN possessive and jealous and just plain yummy to imagine The sex is scorching especially the first time and to not be flat out erotica is very erotic I do not recommend reading those parts at work as I made the mistake of doing grinsDefinitely an author to watch Definitely a keeper for me A5 starsThanks to BkGurl for the loan

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    This was a toughie to rate There wasn't anything inherently wrong with it but it was kind of boring What I liked The New Zealand culture was pretty vivid and the way the dialogue was written I could practically hear the accents Loved that The story itself however was just okay A contemporary romance with no 'real' conflict yeah okay the heroine is afraid to love because her father died when she was young and her mother was ineffectual afterward I actually started skimming in places because there was too much of nothing really happeningNo editing grammatical issuesI'd say 25 and be comfortable with it I guess

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    Good story and great narration on the audio version

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    Maybe I'm getting burned out with romancesI thought this story was okaygot a little tired of how resistant Hannah was towards Drew Come on he's perfect That being said he was a little too perfect and she was a little too depressed not sure that is the right word for me There was really no drama in the story at all I kept reading on because at 50% through the book they were basically together and planning on Hannah going to NZ I hate to say this but I think Hannah was a drip and I couldn't figure out what really attracted Drew to her other than her hair and her bum lol

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    Woohooo I'm finally writing this review Mostly because I keep forgetting about it and probably a bunch of others as well However that's all going to change today I've got my coffee and an audio book to keep me entertained Well enough until I'm done with reviews and then I can read Just This Once was an okay kind of romance I liked it and it was cute but other than that it wasn't that memorable for me However those delicious accents were worth the audio In this book you will meet Hannah and Drew Again they were a cute couple and shit but some of the things that happened or were done by these characters were just meh First I wouldn't move to a different country for a boy that I haven't been dating for like a year maybe Second I get that Hannah's character is strong and independent but hot damn it took her 500 years to eventually trust Drew It was annoying to listen to and I wanted to bang my head against my desk while at workOther than that it was a bit cheesy but in a good way? I still feel like something shouldn't have happened between these two but I also liked that there wasn't that much drama in this book as well Maybe if it had smut or something else I would've rated it a bunch starsand now I'm jealous and want to go to New Zealand ASAP Or maybe randomly meet a handsome rugby player that has an adorable accent?? Nah swoon worthy accent