Elementals Water, Earth, Fire And Air Are Only The Beginning Elementals Support Everything From Darkness To Time, Secretly Maintaining The Processes Of Nature Only Now The Elementals Are Nearly Extinct Two Years Ago, The Air House Released A Plague That Killed Ninety Percent Of Them With Their Society In Chaos And So Many Of Their Kind Dead, They Can T Find Their Phase Matches The Other Halves Of Themselves Without Matches They Can T Have Any Children And, Without The Elementals, The World Will End AgainTessie The Quintessence Isn T Technically An Element And Its Keeper Isn T Quite The Divine Creature Of Legend Mainly, She S Just A Half Human Bartender In Mayport Beach, Florida Tessie Has Spent Millennia Trying To Stay Hidden From Elementals And Other Supernatural Beings, But Her Enemies Are Closing In Now, She Has No Choice But To Turn To The Elementals Leader For Help Honorable, Super Powerful And Way Too Appealing, The King Of The Earth House Seems Annoyingly Perfect But, Since The Guy Owns A Castle, The Least He Can Do Is Pony Up A Spare BedroomJob Consumed With Saving His People From Extinction, Job, King Of The Earth House Isn T Thrilled When The Quintessence Shows Up In His Office Demanding Sanctuary Tessie S Chaotic Mix Of Human Slang, Tacky Clothes, And Feminine Curves Baffles Him To Make Matters Worse, She Does Something With Her Vast Powers To Make It Seem Like She S The Phase Match He S Spent A Thousand Years Waiting For Neither Of Them Can Undo The Connection And The Fake Match Begins To Feel Plenty Real As Tessie Fills Up Job S Lonely Palace With Laughter And Daytime TV But, Tessie S Enemies Are Still After Her And Now They Re Setting Their Sights On Job Book Two Of The Elemental Phases

10 thoughts on “Guardian of the Earth House (Elemental Phases, #2)

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    Looved it This series seems serious than off the wall, but I really think the drama is as well written as the funny stuff is.

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    Great series Have enjoyed this author The characters are engaging, the world building is well done, the plot moves right along and carries me with it Her books are like chips, you can t stop with just one

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    At first, I was a bit disappointed that this one wasn t about Gion but Job and Tessie quickly grabbed my attention and wouldn t let go I became really curious about this oldest and strongest of Elementals, a man looked up to by many, steadfast and reserved, and how he would deal with Tessie and his developing feelings for her I wasn t sure at first how they would fit together and whether I would be able to see it they seemed so different but it turns out this human with the extra long lifespan and horrible sister, this Keeper of the Quintessence, is his perfect Match after all After the first in the series, I was prepared for and looking forward to finding out about the Quintessence and how it fitted into the whole Elementals finding hope and love after the Fall and trying to sort out their futures, which is where I thought the series was heading Turns out Ms Gannon has a different direction in mind and now I m even curious to see how things progress I m also now REALLY looking forward to reading Gion s story and am so glad it s next.A great second novel and I am off to read the third

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    I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT PUT DOWN THIS BOOk If that is not the hallmark of an engaging series, I don t know what is I was reading till 2am and only went to bed because I identify as an adult Job is so adorable I love what a sweet and dutiful person he is Tessie was the perfect match for him She really helped get him out of his shell It was nice seeing Nia and Cross too and watching how Cross and Job try to build a relationship together Everyone in the book is either sweet or snarky and it makes for hilarious conversations I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH I just want everyone to read it.

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    Job finally meets his matchWhat I enjoyed Job and Tessie were cute together It was great to see him lighten up Learning about Gion I m looking forward to his story view spoiler Kay was completely awful I m so glad Tess managed to take care of her, hopefully it lasts hide spoiler

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    Another plus minus book Awesome hero but a less than charming heroine and a silly ass climax.

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    Less polished than her other series but I still finished it and reached for the next book.

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    A great novel

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    Another really good read in whats turning out to be a brilliant series.

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    di seri kedua ini, lebih dijabarkan kenapa wabah terjadi.dikisahkan Ty, sang ratu dari klan Water memutus hubungan Phase Match dengan Parald, dari klan Air walaupun, kebanyakan pasangan Phase Match baik2 personality nya tapi tidak dg Parald Sakit hati karena ditolak, Parald membuat aksi dg menyebarkan wabah yg mbuat populasi semua klan musnah.Job, satu satunya klan Wood yg masih hidup dan pemegang kendali Dewan Council klan, sangat merasa bersalah dg wabah emang karakternya yg lurus, Job memandang semua aspek klan dg serius saking seriusnya, Job beranggapan dia ga akan punya Phase Match.maka kagetlah Job, ketika rumahnya dimasukin wanita cantik, manusia biasa, yg mengaku gara2 Job, hidupnya merana dan menuntut agar bisa numpang tinggal di rumah Job.tambah kaget lagi, wanita itu ternyata pasangan Phase match nyaTessie, sebenarnya ga mau tinggal di Realm klan Elemental gara2 status dirinya sbg penjaga The Quintessence, rumahnya dibakar dan ga punya tempat bernaung lagi padahal tessie sudah hati2 biar dirinya ga ketahuan.dari awal ketemu, tessie tau Job ini pria yg serius, tp tessia ga menduga Job kesal padanya, dan mengusirnya gara2 ada tarikan Phase Match Job menuduhnya macam2, dan tessia mana tau dia pasangan Phase Matchnya tapi bukan Tessie namanya kalau bukan ahli membujuk pekerjaan Job bertambah gara2 kehadiran Tessie, tapi itu tidak menyurutkan niatnya untuk memberikan Amnesti ke klan Air Job tau Parald bukan pemimpin adil, maka dia memberi kesempatan bagi anggota klan Air utk mencari perlindungan ke dalam klan nya.kali ini cerita Job dan Tessie ga se hot dg cerita Cross dan Nia tapi suka ngeliat gimana pas Job terkena gejala2 wabah, semua klan datang menjenguknya, melupakan pertikaian sesama klan di sini, porsi Gion lebih banyak ditampilkan gimana ternyata dia sudah tau Ty itu Phase Match nya tapi gimana mungkin, krn Ty sudah ada Parald.4 bintang utk world buildingnya yg cukup sederhana utk diikutin