1943 one year after the end of Under the Blood Red Sun Tomi’s Papa and Grandpa are still under arrest and the paradise of Hawaii now lives in fear—waiting for another attack while trying to recover from Pearl Harbor As a Japanese American Tomi and his family have new enemies everywhere vigilantes who suspect all Japanese Tomi finds hope in his goal of raising Papa’s fishing boat sunk in the canal by the Army on the day of the attack To Tomi raising Papa’s boat is a sign of faith that Papa and Grandpa will return It’s an impossible task but Tomi is determined For just as he now has new enemies his struggle to raise the boat brings unexpected allies and friends

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    Graham Salisbury strikes again with Tomi and House of the Red Fish Following the events of the previous book Under the Blood Red Sun the plots flows and intertwines so smoothly connecting plot point to plot point like a connect the dots page in a child's coloring book House of the Red Fish is the type of story where you can get immersed in it so easily and by the time you put it down you're already at the end of the book It's actually uite a fun read it feels like you're there right alongside Tomi and his friends which is a nice little bonus As far as writing goes Salisbury seems to be in complete control of this book Yes this book is somewhat lengthy for what it is but honestly I can't imagine getting rid of a single sentence Everything in this book works hand in hand to carry on the story The characters the setting the events especially the climax as well There's even a little peak in tension near the end of the book too which I enjoyed With a title like House of the Red Fish I didn't expect a whole lot of humor to come from a book of historical fiction but oh was I wrong Salisbury is a fantastic writer and it feels like everything came naturally to him while writing this book

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    This was an absolutely stunning book Award winning author Graham Salisbury’s “House of the Red Fish” intensely captures life for a young Japanese teen boy Tomi Nakaji in Honolulu after the attack at Pearl Harbor His best friend Billy other friends and close family members are all his main supports throughout the story as times get exciting and tough I’m so glad that I picked out this book because it actually really surprised me I came across it when I was at a small book sale and the cover caught my eye the first thing I saw it I never thought that it would be as great as it turned out to beThe whole book is told out of the perspective of Tomi himself and reveals how he’s seeing everything as it happens After the bombing Tomi and his family were discriminated against for being Japanese And because of that his father a fisherman was arrested and taken to a military camp to be investigated and patrolled This had a big impact on Tomi’s life he then became the man in the house and had to care for his mom and his innocent little sister Kimi which was a hard task for a young thirteen year old Life around the island had all changed too No one trusted the Japanese any everyone had to carry around gas masks and the streets became dangerous at night filled with people looking for suspicious activity usually associated with any Asians Tomi had to stay strong for his family though through these harsh times all with still missing his dad extremely; but when he had the idea to bring up his dad’s sunken boat that had been damaged during the attack his whole attitude towards life changed Everyone thought he was crazy but Billy his grandpa Ojii Chan and some other close friends helped him to attempt to carry out the impossible dangerous and possibly illegal attempt The only problem was that the people that his family worked for and even lived on the property of the Wilsons began to get suspicious of what was going on as word carried throughout the whole island The son of the Wilson family Keet despised Tomi all his friends and family too threatening to get him arrested kicked off their property or even threatening his life just because he was Japanese But Tomi was determinedIn the end Tomi just wouldn’t give up Keet constantly sabotaging him and causing fights set him back a little but throughout the book he thinks about what his father had always taught him and with all the help of the amazing people that he met along the way mostly with the help of his cranky old grandpa Ojii Chan he was finally able to miraculously get the boat out of the water bringing his father’s passion back to life He changed as a person and became so much closer with his friends and community showing that not all Japanese are up to no good and showing Keet who’s the bigger man and what Japanese in particular are capable of This was a perfect way to end the book it was so powerful and full of enlightenment It was an ideal good guys always win and bad guys always lose scenario which everyone is familiar with Out of all the great things though one of my favorite parts of “House of the Red Fish” is when Tomi finally sticks up to Keet during a fight Keet had stolen one of Tomi’s most precious family's heirloom a katana and had been bending it slightly right in front of him almost to the point where it was about to snap Even though Tomi’s dad had always told him never to fight he just couldn’t watch a symbol of his family be snapped in half so he went punching scaring Keet away and having all the guys on Keet's side join Tomi in the end It was a very ironic and basic fight but the way that it played out after months of torture from Keet was just perfect and made an excellent power shift that was evident for Tomi It was definitely inspiring and changed how you saw himThis book was phenomenal and will stun everyone who reads it Before this it would definitely not have been the kind of book that I would have ever read but it really surprised me It had so much drama passion and heartfelt lessons with a little bit of history out there that it’s a book for anyone and everyone I would recommend it to all Graham Salisbury also wrote a book before this “Under the Blood Red Sun” a seuel to this one This was one of the books of the year for me and to anyone who’s willing to try something new that will blow them away and give them an impassioned inside look of life after Pearl Harbor and of dreams coming true for those who work hard I truly loved the “House of the Red Fish”

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    Paul Gonzales2 15 19The book “House of the Red Fish” written by Graham Salisbury is an amazing book It takes place in Hawaii during WWII A young man by the name of Tomykun lives with his family and has no idea how the war will change his entire world Unfortunately the bombing of Pearl Harbor transformed Tommy’s life and that of all Japanese citizens Shortly after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor Tommy and his father were out fishing when the US military arrested his father and took his boat for helping the enemy You see all Japanese Americans were seen as a threat Many were considered spies or even traitors Even though that was far from the truth for Tommy and his family other judged them otherwise After his father’s arrest our young protagonist is left to take care of his family Tomykuns father is gone but Tommy has a strong desire to salvage his father's boat which the military had sunk in a canal Throughout the story Tommy and his friends face many challenges in order to raise and repair his father’s boat “We’ve been trying to bring it back up” shows Tommy’s determination “I thought you hid all your Japanese stuff” was an important uote in the story which shows that despite the threats Tommy and his family were experiencing he was proud to be Japanese He never showed any form of shame for his culture This is an amazing book that contains valuable life lessons It teaches us that perseverance pays off and that no matter how people judge you you should always be proud of your heritage I enjoyed all the thrilling and motivating moments in this story If you like stories about people overcoming difficult challenges then this is the book for you

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    355 stars Okay honestly the reason this got knocked down to 35 instead of 4 stars was because of Keet Wilson Halfway through the book I was ready to chuck it across the room He is an infuriating antagonist and not in a good way Even though Salisbury gives us a little bit of a he's a boy with daddy issues and is trying to make his father proud of him it wasn't nearly enough for me to feel like he was than a villain who is evil simply because he's supposed to create conflict every ten pages I love Salisbury's writing style and I am obsessed with the little motley crew of boys at the center of the story Mose and Rico are fabulous and I love Rico's fighting spirit and Mose' good natured ribbing I love Billy's uiet loyalty And I love Tomi's struggle between upholding his family's honor by being the bigger man or upholding it by standing up for himself I love Grampa Joji's gruff tenacity I thought Mama was a better developed character in this book as well and I liked her much better I also liked the character development of Jake Billy's brother now that he is separated from Keet But Keet's ridiculous meddling and his ability to summon a slightly unbelievable number of young men to intimidate Tomi's crew got old really really fast Still a great book but I'm hoping that Keet isn't as infuriating in the next book I'm guessing he is

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    The second book of the series House of the red fish is by Graham Salisbury and is about a young american named Tomi with japanese parents in 1940s Hawaii After the last book the bombing of pearl harbor the racism Tomi decides to bring up his father’s fishing boat which was sunk after the attack Because of this his landlord's son keet is back at it again screwing everything up he even takes the family katana One theme of this book is about friendship as stated in the review for book one but another one is the virtue of patiencethis is shown in the struggle between keet and Tomi over the Family katana After Keet steals it Tomi neeeeeeeeds it back but he must wait till the right moment which is at the end He shows patience he needs to learn in a conversation talking about the katana on page 193 “‘What you did? Took it home?’ ‘I left it there Mama said she could be accused of stealing and get fired’” which confirms this theory confirming patience

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    A young Adult book with bad guys but good guys than bad Also the grumpy Grandpa the hard working Mother the Father taken to a Japanese Prison Camp the teenage son who tries and completes the task of saving his Fathers fishing boat Many messages Reviewer 1943 one year after the end of Under the Blood Red Sun Tomi’s Papa and Grandpa are still under arrest and the paradise of Hawaii now lives in fear—waiting for another attack while trying to recover from Pearl Harbor As a Japanese American Tomi and his family have new enemies everywhere vigilantes who suspect all Japanese Tomi finds hope in his goal of raising Papa’s fishing boat sunk in the canal by the Army on the day of the attack To Tomi raising Papa’s boat is a sign of faith that Papa and Grandpa will return It’s an impossible task but Tomi is determined For just as he now has new enemies his struggle to raise the boat brings unexpected allies and friends

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    This is the continuation of Graham Salisbury's first book from this series Under the Blood Red Sun I wasn't even aware that there were four books to this series I found books 2 4 and loved them I enjoyed this book in particular returning to O`ahu with Tomi his family and friends in the midst of WWII I thought the pick up of his story about a year after December 7 1941 felt seamless moving forward with Tomi and where he is with his father interned and family still under scrutiny because they're of Japanese descent What I enjoyed about this book is the stress of familial duty Tomi shows to his father by his undeterred uest in resurrecting his father's fishing boat Having grown up in Hawai`i in a Japanese household this is something I can absolutely relate to Especially with nisei grandparents who lived through WWII in the islands I felt a deep connection to Tomi and his struggles just like in the first book

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    While I really like using Under the Blood Red Sun for my WWII unit with students this book was a little disappointing It continues the tale of Tomi Billy and the others but has much less tension than the first book This book concerns itself with Tomi trying to save his dad's sampan fishing boat so that it will be ready for his father ifwhen he returns He can't do anything to change the continued racism against the Japanese around Pearl Harbor so he concentrates on achieving this goal to give himself some purpose While there are many challenges he faces and it is a good tale of growing up and into responsibility I simply didn't enjoy it as much as the first

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    I think this book is astounding I love how in the book they talk about what Japanese underwent during World War II and how they were treated The protagonist Tomi has a friend who is white and gets made fun of because he's friends with a jap This action packed book is amazing it goes into depth on the thoughts of the Japanese at that time and also what they had to go through just so people won't think they were dangerous people Overall this book has a significant message to all

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    A good book that middle school students could easily read to understand a bit about the experience of different groups that lived in Hawaii during WWII and what people had to endure This book gives hope about how different groups can come together and how individuals and groups can differ evolve and change over the course of time