This book was about Emily, a girl who s stepsister moves in Emily tries to like her but every time Jessie s around bad things happen to Emily and everything points to Jessie Emily doesn t know what to do, should she trust Jessie It made me feel surprised because I didn t expect nothing that happened in the book to happen I learned that everybody lies and has secrets I would recommend this book to everybody because this is an interesting book. Out of all R.L Stine books this one is my ALL time favorite.When I was 12 I walked into a store and saw this book on a shelf I bought it and couldn t put it down I read it in one day After reading this over and over I started to become a fan of Fear Street and made it my mission to read all of the series.I have read this book so many times I know it by heart LOLThis book is about a girl named Emily who s father died, so her mother decides remarry Emily, her mother and her sister Nancy live in the same house Her stepfather, her step sister Jessie and her step brother moves in Emily has to share her room with Jessie, at first Jessie is kind of mean to Emily, when Jessie gets to Emily s room she takes Emily s Teddy Bear and rips the head off of it after that bad things start happening to Emily Someone puts peroxide in Emily s shampoo and her hair gets dyed green, someone stabs Emily s dog with a knife and leaves him in the middle of the kitchen floor, someone erases Emily s whole book report that she worked on for weeks, someone sets the school bathroom on fire and locks Emily inside, Emily is scared that it might be Jessie who is trying to kill her when she finds Jessie s diary one night and reads that Jessie might have commited a murder.this book has a surprise twist and a sad ending to it This is the best Fear Street book R.L Stine has written I like this book because you don t suspect what happens in the end. Fear Street Where Your Worst Nightmares Live Emily Wants To Like Her Stepsister, But It Hasn T Been Easy As Soon As Jessie Moves In, She Takes Over Emily S Room, Steals Emily S Clothes, And Lies To Everyone Then Emily Picks Up Jessie S Diary And Learns A Horrifying Secret Is Jessie Really Capable Of Murder Emily Tries To Tell Her Parents, But No One Believes Her So It S Up To Emily To Expose The Real Jessie If She Can Stay Alive Adults are so naive in teen suspense novels. I actually really enjoyed this one and it definitely made up for the mess that was the last Fear Street book I read Because if you remember my review for Haunted you know it left me like Thankfully, The Stepsister doesn t revolve around a girl falling for her attempted rapist and that already gives it a big leg up Instead, this story is about 16 year old Emily and her new step family After her father died in a freak drowning accident, Emily s mother remarried and Emily has to share her room with her new step sister Jessie She starts out really excited about this until Jessie moves in and bad stuff starts happening at an alarming rate Like, OMG The bunny is in the pot Fatal Attraction kind of bad things.And since this is a Fear Street novel of course the parents don t seem evenly remotely concerned that someone is trying to murder one of their children and are useless It s a time honored tradition in these books I will forever appreciate.The ending was also a nice twist that was foreshadowed but not super obvious Spoilers for the twist ending behind the cut view spoiler I loved that it was her sister Nancy taking revenge because she blamed Emily for their father s death Looking back it made sense, Stine actually did a really good job always making Nancy there when these things happened but just like Emily we never considered her to possibly be responsible for them.I do wish the end hadn t been as happy I mean, her own sister tried to murder her, frame their step sister and had been mentally tormenting her for weeks Instead of dealing with that or explaining what happened to her sister we re left with Jessie and Emily goofing around and saying they re going to be like real sisters now I get it Every horror book or movie in the 80s or early 90s had these weird happy endings despite the fact that multiple people were dead It just hasn t aged well hide spoiler Wow, I did not see that coming Honestly I thought anybody could have been up to something Sure it looks like Jessie is committing all the cruel acts, but everyone else looked pretty suspicious.Maybe after what happened to their father, Nancy OR Emily had snapped Maybe Rich, the quiet stepbrother was to blame Maybe Jessie was doing everything after all.I couldn t tell until the big reveal who was actually up to no good And when the truth was revealed view spoiler I was stunned to discover it was her sister I understand snapping after the death of a parent, who wouldn t But to act so lovingly and than be so horrible hide spoiler Wanting to revisit memory lane and enjoy those teen horror tales all over again, I was ecstatic to nab some of these babies on E bay recently I remember reading this one because of the cover, but every single aspect of the story alluded me As I age, I seem to forgetandIt was great fun to re read stuff that meant so much to me then, and is a quickie that even an adult wanting a leisurely read can enjoy I m itching for my son to grow up a bitand enjoy these as much as I did.Character wise, we have nothing too complex as it s a fear street young adult, and it is cursed with the usual melodrama teenage angst Still, the characterization is strong enough for this type of book, I really grew to love the little boy and get pissed at the mother as I should Surprisingly the mystery is a relatively good one Ok, Ok, I DID guess the culprit halfway through, but only because that person was the least likely suspect.From beginning to end the story moves fast, with scene after scene was horror Dare I say that Nothing too suspenseful or creepy, great for the young adult reader to cuddle up with for good times It s not as good as some of his other stories, though, so this one earned the partner of three stars Just didn t stand out enough, the motive and culprit wasn t surprising, and some of the drama DID begin to wear on my nerves although I kept telling myself patience was needed because of the age level Stine s a great writer and it s hard to believe he can come up with some many different stories You would think after awhile the man would start repeating himself, but he doesn t I would empty my meager savings for that sort of imagination. The stepsister is a good book It is about a girl named Emily who has a new stepsister named Jessie She also has a sister named Nancy At first Emily is very excited about having a new sister until she meets her Jessie is very wierd with a bit of double personality Then wierd stuff begin to happen Such as finding her dog dead, dying her hair by accident Emily thinks this is the work of Jessie Obviosly because of her shady atittude But in shock it turns out that Nancy was the one behind the drama Apparently, she thought Emily had killed their dad Thankfully Jessie comes and helps This book is a great twister The Stepsister The story was ok, the misdirection was good The parents are just characters in the background that aren t concerned about anything, well no how much Stephen King the son is reading lol the get a way at the end was something It felt like a slap in the face from step papa he seriously suggest that yes, he really does Like most of the others, it s great fun reliving these but not much to them. TW Fire, Death3.5