The breathtaking conclusion to the New York Times bestselling trilogy that began with Jewels of the Sun and Tears of the MoonDarcy Gallagher has always believed in the pull of fate the magic of legend and the importance of money She longs to find a rich man who will sweep her away into a world filled with glamour and adventure and the exotic life that is her destinyA wealthy businessman with Irish blood Trevor Magee has come to Ard to build a theater and uncover the secrets hidden in his family's past He thought he had given up on love long ago but Darcy Gallagher tempts him like no woman ever has She's gorgeous intelligent and she knows what she wants and he's than willing to give it to her But as their mutual attraction flares into passion they look into their hearts and find out what happens when you truly believe

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    I loved the continuity of this series Seeing the aftermath of Jewels of the Sun and Tears of the Moon It was a bit like Jude and Aidan and Brenna and Shawn's stories were continued and I as the reader got to know them a bit better than I had beforeI liked this series because it was practical I've never met a character with a materialistic streak in romance and it was very refreshing And seeing how Trevor kept offering her jewels and opportunities because he thought it might keep her with him I loved thatThe one scene that should have felt stupid and cliché didn't which is a tribute to Roberts and the aftermath of it had me gigglingCorrick as usual was fantastic I love how the faerie shows up with his plans and his temper and his storms and then just comes up against these mortals who won't listenMy problem with this book though is that it ended so uickly Will you marry me yes there's no other page With the other two books it was okay as you got to read up on them and find out how they continued but now there's no fourth book It's a side effect of being brought into a world and liking it When the book finishes you feel a bit kicked out

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    In spite of the fact that I loved Jewels of the Sun and enjoyed Tears of the Moon I am now officially off the Nora bandwagon Heart of the Sea was not a great ending to this trilogy First of all I can't imagine something less romantic than two folks making a business like agreement about their sexual relationship Yuck This takes place at the beginning of the story and I realize that it was consistent with their characters but stillnot romantic and a bad place to start I also had a hard time with how mercenary Darcy Gallagher isher greed for wealth and comfort sort of got on my nerves Trevor the hero is uite likable but not enough to save this book Finally the ending was one of the most abrupt and unsatisfying endings I have ever read in a romance novel With just pages to go until the end Darcy is still flinging things at Trevor and pissed off Suddenly they propose their love and yippee it's HEA forever Too rushed totally unbelievable And after watching Carrick the fairy king and Gwen his ghostly love suffer and pine for each other throughout all three books I was really looking forward to their reunion Nora gives us a couple of pathetic sentences about them flying off on Carrick's horse into the sky and that's it Another bummer and no satisfaction Oh well The first book Jewels of the Sun was really romantic so I guess I'm glad I gave this trilogy a go Grade B CPenelope

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    This ends the trilogy Will the Fairy Prince and the beautiful maid finally find love? Wellonly if they can get the last couple to cooperate and break the curse Said couple consists of the beautiful heartbreaking Darcy and the 'business first' Trevor Both of them are sure they are not capable of love Neither of them want to be the first to admit it when they fall in love And worse? They are both manipulators Once again Nora takes two unlikely people and wrap them up in love and magic with her Nora Roberts ways Beautiful trilogy 😁💕📖

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    It's impossible for me to truly enjoy a book when i just don't like the main charactersDarcy was okay when she was a supporting player in the other stories but she was just overly obnoxious here I have never seen someone so obsessed with money and the idea of being rich And Trevor wasn't much better He came off as an arrogant asshat most of the time My love for the other members of the Gallagher family just couldn't save this one for me

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    25 stars reallyHer eyes they shone like the diamondsI thought her the ueen of the landAnd her hair hung over her shoulderTied up with a black velvet band hmm Darcy's story wasn't all I thought it would be I loved her in the first two books and was excited to read about her getting her own happily ever after The summary didn't uite peak my interest but I figured what was inside would be better than the blurbI was sort of rightIt took me awhile to warm up to Trevor He's different from Aidan and Shawn which isn't a bad thing He's a confident and honest man not always with himself who has come to Ireland to build the theater and learn about his roots at the same time He didn't count on being mesmerized by Darcy GallagherThis might be easier if I just list what I loved and didn't about this bear with me hereProsGorgeous cover art and under the flapsThe writing and atmosphere top notch and gorgeous like the first twoDarcy's wit and loyalty to her brothers and the pubThe banter between the Gallagher clanOld man Riley's brief appearance The parts with Gwen and Carrick having a bigger roleCarrick's temper tantrum with a certain something on a certain night you'll know what I meanGwen and Carrick talking about each other to Trevor and DarcyTrevor's closeness with his familyCons Never felt the passion or heat between Darcy and Trevor really there were a few sweet moments that I liked but all in all I didn't feel the connection like I did with the other two Not sure why really Just an overall disconnectedness right word? I supposeThe story bored me at times it would pick up again not long after but some bits had me fighting not to skim pages in case I missed somethingThe ending was abrupt it felt rushed and wrapped up too uickly One minute Darcy is angry at Trevor and the next she accepts his proposal? Gwen and Carrick's ending only a few sentences? After all they've been through and how long they waited there should have them at the end There should have been something from their point of view at least I love Darcy but now and then being in her head was irksome sometimes This last con isn't an addition to the list necessarily a little saddened that since this is the third book we don't get to see of Trevor and Darcy's life together It feels a little like Darcy got shorted in her story All in all a decent ending to the series and a good tale just not great for me You may feel differently who knows?Happy reading

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    This is book #3 in the Gallaghers of Ard trilogy I enjoyed parts skimmed through numerous repetitious parts and found both Darcy and Trevor a bit materialistic for my taste Repetition is always a killer for me and by the time you get to book#3 there's only so much about Carrick and wen I want to read There are also numerous grave scenes and pub scenes that felt been there done that Once you get around page 300 or so the pace picks up but by then I'd skimmed uite a few pages of the book

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    This third installment in the Irish Trilogy is okay nothing spectacular I have trouble enjoying it when the female is so full of her own perfection that she can't imagine ever being in love because no one will ever be good enough for her That takes the fun out of the story I didn't find Darcy very easy to like Probably her only good uality is her fierce loyalty to her brothers but other than that she seems very superficial and her growth in the final pages was too little too late for meI enjoyed what happened with all the secondary characters finding out what was going on with their livesI was really bothered by Darcy behaving like a spoiled child in one scene at the end screaming and throwing china and glass objects at the man she loves leaving him bleeding both head and foot isn't cute or funny I don't enjoy reading about a grown woman behaving that way or are we supposed to think that she is so out of control because she's Irish? Either way it isn't goodOne other thing the supernatural the faery prince and the ghost and the stuff with the graves I wanted to really see and hear the final reunion of the lovers and was disappointed that there was only a glimpse of itIt's an okay read if you've read the first two you'll want to read this one to finish the series

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    I liked the character of Darcy strong beautiful but intelligent fearless of going after what she wants and loves her family fiercelyAnd as I mentioned in my review of Jewels of the Sun I am kind of in love with the myth than the main story I loved ending of the myth Not saying much for spoilers though

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    Heart of the Sea is the story of Darcy and TrevorDarcy is the youngest of the Gallaghars a talented singer an efficient barmaid and a heart filled with wanderlust She has always dreamt of travelling and meeting a rich man and things fall right into her lap when Trevor Magee comes to Ard to build a theater that will tie in with the Gallaghers' pub Sparks immediately fly and they soon give into their carnal lust But with both of them hell bent on keeping things casual how will they fight when fate is actually conspiring to keep them togetherand their happiness could be the one that reunites long lost lovers until eternityA beautiful conclusion to this wonderful series We see two very distinctly independent and passionate personalities fall in love and fulfill their destiny Past lovers find their HEA and old couples bask in their love I was not the biggest fan of Darcy in the previous books but she does shine in this one especially as we get to see her inner heart I wish we had a detailed epilogue about Gwen and Carrick thoughSafe45

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    This is the final book of the Gallaghers series and it's a good wrap up Darcy knows exactly what she wants in a man chief of which is wealth She is unashamedly materialistic and self interested and knows what she wants and importantly why—which has made Trevor Magee an obvious target since he showed up off screen in book 1Interestingly Roberts chose to make Trevor a near cookie cutter image of Darcy rather than a complement to her He's materialistic and self interested as well and as confident as she is in his ability and possibly even right to have the things he wants When they meet naturally sparks fly Roberts' skill comes through in making us care about this relationship even though it looks on the surface like a cynical match of convenience—Trevor gets a beautiful woman Darcy gets everything that money can buy Fortunately things aren't that simpleIn this review I've skirted twice now around the key thing that made this relationship work for me—the difference between self interested and selfish Darcy knows what she wants and isn't afraid to work towards it But her ambition doesn't blind her to the cares needs and concerns of those around her This was particularly displayed in the previous book when she had the opportunity to go to Paris with a man she didn't care for—and refused to do so A selfish woman wouldn't have hesitated to use him as her ticket to Paris A self interested woman would get to Paris some other way and simply accept that the trip would have to come later rather than at the expense anotherAnd this is how Trevor and Darcy turn their similarities into a strength of their relationship They both know what they want and by uniting would both be better able to achieve their various goals and desires Not that getting to that point is smooth sailing mind Indeed the bulk of the novel is rife with the tension between them as each has to overcome their fear of being in love with someone who may not love them back—a horror not to be contemplated because that would put the one in love at the mercy of someone they know to be both ambitious and masterfulThe meddling by both Carrick and Gwen ramps up in this book as well as the curse they are under is so close to being overcome I loved that Carrick so obviously oversteps with Trevor and nearly ueers his own game Carrick has always been a problematic meddler and I like the confirmation that he's flawed in than just surface characteristics It humanized him somewhat for me and that made him sympathetic His freedom from the curse in the end yeah like that's a spoiler was the poignant for that humanizationThe second book Tears of the Moon is still my favorite of this series but this one is close to it In the end I think the series as a whole is surprisingly synergistic—ie I'd rate the series a solid five stars even though each of the books individually are closer to a four on their ownA note about Steamy Power dynamics play into this story where sex is a manifestation of mastery though not in an icky way ie no domination tactics or anything like that I was actually a little surprised that there wasn't sex as a result Instead Roberts stuck with a or less standard complement of explicit scenes ie two or three while still managing to put them in service of this aspect of their relationship Fascinatingly well done