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    The demon s here in every one of us, and every one of us can let our demons out at any time We ve all felt that flash of anger that balls up our fists, raises our pulse rate, and makes something slithery coil up in our guts We suddenly feel warm as our muscles expand and our brain, for just the tick of a second, quits thinking beyond the moment We are prepared to hurt someone Then for most of us, reason kicks in, and maybe in a few seconds we can even laugh about the Spaghetti Western music that for a few bars was playing in our heads, narrowing our eyes, and curling our lips I can remember a situation where I had warned my boss about getting us involved, in my opinion, but an informed opinion, in a difficult project Later when the project, as anticipated by me, went sideways, he knew what I was thinking as I was stoically taking the ass chewing along with everyone else He pointed a finger at me and said, It s your fault we are in this mess because you hadn t been convincing enough Now that is a kick in the shorts, right Maybe it was the finger pointing, which is one of those things that just instantly raises my hackles, but it was certainly also the unfairness of the situation I couldn t even enjoy being right I was still wrong I felt that flash of anger, and for a moment I had this startling clear vision of myself grabbing him by the ears and banging his face off his desk It was so real that I actually, for a second, thought I had done it It was as if I d hallucinated violence I m telling this story because I ve met my inner demon and, fortunately, slapped his slobbering hairy face and put him back in the cage Andrea Maria Schenkel leads us through the atrocious murders of a family in Bavaria The original murder happened in the 1920s, but for plot reasons Schenkel decided to move the murder to the 1950s So it is a book based on a real murder but is actually written as fiction There have been comparisons made to In Cold Blood which, as usual, is just a bunch of hyperbole The only similarity that I saw to the Truman Capote book was the fact that both books were based on the murder of an entire family The style that Schenkel uses is completely different She switches points of view as people explain, in what I can only think are monotone voices, what they knew about the crime or the family, which in most cases was hardly anything at all We do have a brief foray, as well, into the mind of the killer My gumshoe mind enjoyed the tantalizing clue of a maid who quit just before the brutal murders Was she lucky or did she know that something was about to happen Was the new maid just incredibly unlucky or did she bring this violence with her Old Man Danner was an unrepentant asshole who browbeat his wife into submission and chased the maids around the kitchen table and around the barnyard One young woman even hanged herself out of shame Was there a brother or father so incensed by the treatment of his sister daughter that he exacted revenge on the whole family There is also the matter of the incestuous relationship the old man had with his daughter When she found herself pregnant for a second time, she began a relationship with a neighbor, well, just long enough to put his name on the birth certificate And where was her first husband Did he return with vengeance in his heart The suspects are all thin There isn t that person you can just say fits the profile of someone capable of perpetrating such horrendous murders The best suspects are actually dead The wife should have taken a pick ax to the old man and her daughter years ago The daughter could have easily had enough and wanted revenge on a mother who didn t stop the father and a father who couldn t just be a loving, normal father I understand direct conflict Someone steps on your blue suede shoes, and you pop them in the kisser Maybe you come home, and some guy is putting the flag pole to your wife in your bed while letting your dog watch You might shoot the guy and your wife if you happen to have a gun handy, but you don t shoot the dog You might chastise the dog for being a somewhat willing accomplish, but you don t shoot him Killing people beyond the person or persons that you actually have a conflict with is a different kind of killer There is a another level of psychosis involved.Whoever killed this family killed the maid, whom he probably didn t know, the wife, the old man, the daughter, and both small children He killed them brutally with a pick ax, which, by the way, I ve used a pick ax before, and you need to be somewhat coordinated to use one effectively Also, using one indoors to kill several people would have taken some controlled skill He was strong, and he was really, really angry The demon had a stranglehold on any sense of morality he may have possessed To get to this level of murderous rage, it has to be a murder of passion, of temporary insanity The killer is never found Some of the locals are convinced that it had to be some psycho stranger passing through the neighborhood, intent on robbery Danner liked to brag about the fact that he didn t trust banks and kept all his money and valuables close to hand There wasn t much to like about Danner Those who are astute or paranoid realize that the killer was most likely someone from the community Someone they worked with or a next door neighbor or someone who might even sit in the same pew with them at church Schenkel does give us a killer There is no twist, no surprise, just an ending with her interpretation of what may have happened I thought the style of this hybrid novel was interesting and was compelled to read it for that reason I was also somewhat swayed by the fact that it solds millions of copies in Europe I thought the concept was good, but the writing needed a bit hot sauce and a couple of shots of J germeister.If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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    With so many horrible and brutal murders to keep track of that have happened in North America The Gruber family Hinterkaifeck Murders was never on my radar So when Ivonne suggested THE MURDER FARM as our monthly group read, I was unaware it was based on a true story.A lot of people compare it to In Cold Blood, but other than the murder of an entire family taking place in a rural setting I don t see a lot of common ground here These murders remain unsolved probably the act of one man and the lives of these people, before they were so brutally murdered, were pretty horrific to begin with Dark and depressing enough to have been a story of its own before they were all hacked to death on a cold winter s night image error

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    this is a very slim crime novel based on an unsolved murder case that took place in bavaria in 1922 schenkel sets this book in the 50s which allows her to use the aftermath of WWII to further darken the mood, but other than that, the basic facts are the same one night, in a rural locale, six people were killed a farmer, his wife, their grown daughter, her two children, and a maid on her first night in their employ all were killed with a pickaxe, and their bodies were found scattered about the barn and farmhouse when neighbors concerned that they had not seen them in church or in school eventually went to check on them the story is structured as a series of interviews conducted by a former resident of the village who returns to try to solve the crime these testimonials are offset by om narr pov chapters of events leading up the the murders and fragments of hymns or prayers, which become chilling used in this context.we are told by our investigating narrator that The people I met there were very willing to tell me about the crime To talk to a stranger who was nonetheless familiar with the place Someone who wouldn t stay, would listen, and then go away again.for all that, some of the residents are not at all willing to get into the specifics, some do not have much useful information, and some are just there to gossip and there is a lot to gossip about the danner family old danner, the patriarch, was not a likable man rumors of wife beating and incest swirl around him, and his avarice is well known his loveless marriage to an older woman got him his farm and his daughter, and his habit of harassing his household help and of hiring drifters for farm labor and bragging to them about the money he has hidden around his farm is well known no one mourns his death, but the children are another matter the crime shocks the community and speculation and rumors run wild, all to the ears of our unnamed narrator.the documentary style lends to book to In Cold Blood comparisons, but this is a much starker treatment with no conclusions for the police, the villagers or the narrator, and only the reader is allowed to know the truth of what happened, in the final chapter.it s a fast read, and the structure is smart and unusual enough to prolong interest, but it ultimately didn t wow me enough to leave a lasting impression, and at the resolution i was just like, oh, okay, that s what happened good to know but it wasn t a major earth shaker or anything definitely worth the read, but it s not going to haunt you forever or anything.

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    This short novel, at 168 pages, contains almost every trigger I have Several years ago, when doing some housework, I was listening to CMT and a song called Alyssa Lies came on I stood there in the centre of the room, duster in hand and sobbed as I listened to it beginning to end To this day just hearing the opening bars to that song sends a chill down my spine and makes my blood run cold The greatest ally to abuse that exists is silence The Murder Farm is jam packed with silence, unaccountability and ostrich style head burying told through testimonial style chapters interwoven with narrative, this story pleads truths and frankness but delivers a chilling amount of standoffishness The text itself is sparse and vague, however, within that efficient use lies an eerie darkness compelling because of its simplicity I tell you there is no God in this world, only Hell And Hell is here on earth in our heads, in our hearts I cannot speak to the story that this is based on, I am not a true crime reader, however if this novel is even half true, it paints the story of a crime so horrendous that my mind seeks to reject it Initially I really didn t care for the prayer passages seemingly tossed into the story at random intervals, but as the story moved on and truths started to rise to the surface I began to grow cold reading them Of course I knew there wouldn t be a happy ending but I had rather hoped for a glimmer of some goodness Alas there is NO goodness in this novel, only horror, evil and complacency.Category A Book Based on a True Story

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    The Murder Farm is a fictionalised account of a true story the unsolved murder in 1922 of the entire Gruber family farmer, wife, daughter, two children and a maid on a remote Bavarian farm called Hinterkaifeck As such, it s drawn comparisons with Truman Capote s famous work In Cold Blood, which explored the murder of the American Clutter family in 1959 Hinterkaifeck farm The novel opens with a short passage by the nameless narrator, who had previously spent some time in the village and feels compelled to return following the news of the murder My village had become the home of the murder farm and I couldn t get the story out of my mind With mixed feelings, I went back The people I met there were very willing to tell me about the crime To talk to a stranger who was nonetheless familiar with the place Someone who wouldn t stay, would listen, and then go away again The novel narrates the story of a multiple murder of the Danner family at an isolated Bavarian farm called Tann d in the 1950s The points of view of the victims, the witnesses and the perpetrator are intertwined in 39 short passages Through these largely separate testimonies, the reader gradually builds a complete picture of the events that lead a rural family, headed by a tyrannical, abusive father, to all be brutally murdered.Schenkel doesn t stray far from the facts of the Gruber case or the circumstances of her victims, except in her decision to set the story in the 1950s, and to change the names of the characters and reveal the killer s identity The author s decision to move the action to just after the Second World War may be a comment on uncovering Germany s atrocities after the war This small town turns a blind eye to the incestuous relationship between old Danner and his daughter and ends up paying a high price their trust and security The Murder Farm is an excellent example of the crime genre s ability to explore a range of weighty themes, in spare, documentary tone, that is simply compelling The author also allows the reader to enter the minds of five of the six victims in the hours and minutes before their deaths It is a remarkable, sparse, and chilling novel in both atmosphere and the telling.On publication in Germany, The Murder Farm won first place in the German Crime Prize 2006 as well as the Friedrich Glauser Prize 2007 , and the Swedish Crime Prize 2008 It was released as a film in 2009.Well worth a read The True CrimeHinterkaifeck, a small farmstead situated approximately 70 km north of Munich, was the scene of one of the most puzzling crimes in German history On the evening of March 31, 1922, the six inhabitants of the farm were killed with a pickaxe in a grisly and unnerving crime The murder is still unsolved.The six victims were the farmer Andreas Gruber 63 and his wife C zilia 72 their widowed daughter Viktoria Gabriel 35 and her two children, C zilia 7 and Josef 2 and the maid Maria Baumgartner 44 Andreas was known throughout town to have physically abused his wife and to have had an incestuous relationship with his daughter For this reason, many people chose not to associate with the Grubers Rumors had been spreading in the village that Andreas was the actual father of two year old Josef The coffins of the family Maria Baumgartner arrived at the Hinterkaifeck farm early in the afternoon of March 31st Her first day into her new job would be the last day she d be alive Not having heard from any of the Grubers in days, the locals began to grow suspicious The young Cazilia had not showed for class that Monday and wasn t in class Tuesday, April 4th They soon learnt from the postman that mail for the Grubers had been piling up since Saturday, four days earlier, and no one had come in to pick it up The neighbors mounted a search party and traversed through the dark woods and arrived at HinterKaifeck to find the place eerily still After calling out their names and not getting any responses, they proceeded to inspect the farm.The first place they checked was the barn that sat a few yards away from the house In there, they were horrified to find the bodies of Andreas, his wife, his daughter Viktoria, and his granddaughter Cazilia, laying in a large pool of coagulated blood All appeared to have been lured into the barn and killed one by one They went on to inspect the house, where they found Josef and the new maid, also laying in a pool of blood News of the killings reached the Munich police department within hours.There was rampant speculation that a neighbour, Lorenz Schlittenbauer, may have committed the murders He d had an affair with Viktoria and thought that he was the father of Joseph, only to learn later that Andreas was the father Schlittenbauer was a suspect for months, however, that trail soon ran cold.The HinterKaifeck Murders have remained unsolved throughout the years The farm itself was destroyed a year following the crime.

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    This is the re telling of an actual mass murder in 1922 in Germany The murders are, to this day, unsolved But with some literary licence the author gives us a likely killer and changes the time frame from 1922 to 1950 Apart from that the story is true account of the goings on at Hinterkaifeck, the farm in question.The story is told in the form of interviews given by various members of the local community It s the harrowing story of a domineering father, his wife, who turns a blind eye to everything awful thing going on around her and a daughter who bore two children to her own father.As lacking of any sympathy as this family is the death that was dished up to them was heinous in the extreme.As each person gives their version of events that lead to this tragedy a story unfold of an unscrupulous thief, a love besotted widower and a family living on the edge It makes not for light reading but it is, at its best, a powerful story well written.Highly recommended.

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    Here s fair warning Do not start The Murder Farm when you ve got a lot to do This riveting novel sucks you in so swiftly and implacably that you won t get your tasks done.Author Andrea Maria Schenkel based The Murder Farm on the true story of an unsolved murder from 1922 in which an entire family was axed to death at the farm in a remote part of Bavaria Should that add to the frisson of reading Schenkel s novel I have enjoyed non fiction books that purport to reveal the truth after all these years about cold cases, be they notorious crimes like that of Lizzie Borden or obscure ones But the attraction of The Murder Farm really rests on Schenkel s artistry That Schenkel s talent shines through even in translation is a testament to translator Anthea Bell.Schenkel rechristens the victims from the Grubers to the Danners, changes the village s name changed from Hinterkaifeck to Tann d, moves the action from 1922 to the 1950s, but, by all accounts, leaves the rest of the facts unchanged Killed were the abusive, tyrannical family patriarch, his beleaguered wife, his pretty daughter, her young children, and a newly hired maid on her very first day of employment As in Lauren Oliver s Rooms which I ve recently read or William Faulkner s The Sound and the Fury, the action is told alternately by an unnamed narrator, the victims, witnesses, unsympathetic neighbors, and, finally, the killer Gradually, detail by small detail, the grisly truth about the bloody murders comes crashing down on the reader Atmospheric and chilling, The Murder Farm deserves every award it has won I couldn t put it down, as clich as that sounds I only hope my fellow Buddy Read sisters enjoy it as much as I did.

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    A chilling, foreboding and dark book, as dark as the isolated farm house in Germany where unspeakable things happened Although the time period was changed in the interest of the story, this is actually based on a true crime, that was never solved Several people of the town, plus those who were in someway involved with those murdered give their opinions on what was happening on the farm even before the murders In short chapters we hear from the people themselves, before they were victims and things were far from all right even before the murders Was interesting to read everyone take on things and how fear so easily spreads throughout the small village.A short but compelling read.

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    Description Andrea Maria Schenkel Bunker Ice Cold has taken the real history of a brutal, remote murder and twisted it into something even unnerving for this, her first novel originally titled Tannod and now being published for the first time in the U.SBased on an unsolved Bavarian crime committed in 1922, The Murder Farm is set in the wake of World War II, told by an unnamed narrator It includes excerpts from interviews with friends and colleagues of the murder victims, and diatribes from various villagers who felt that the family had it coming At first, it s unclear precisely what has transpired, or if anyone actually is dead the interviewees make grave, vague reference to the day before it happened and so on, leaving the reader in suspense But as the interviews continue and it s revealed that the entire Danner family was killed, everyone from the eight year old friend of the little dead girl to the elderly village gossip agrees that there was something wrong with the peculiar Danners As the narrator delves into the family s history and how their remote murder farm got its nickname, he or she reveals the villagers isolation, ignorance and superstitions.The novel s short length belies its cleverness The Murder Farm is not precisely a mystery it s an introspective look at a small town and the dark secrets that it hides Comparisons to Truman Capote s In Cold Blood are obvious, and this compelling novel will likely appeal to fans of literary fiction and true crime as well as lovers of typical mysteries.Opening He enters the place early in the morning, before day break He heats the big stove in the kitchen with the wood he has brought in from outside, fills the steamer with potatoes and water, puts the steamer full of potatoes on the stove plate.

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    The Murder Farm is a different approach to a murder mystery Set in Germany 10 years after World War II, it is comprised of interviews of town residents, prayers, the thoughts of victims in their last days, possible thoughts of a murderer There is a bleakness that takes over immediately, a sense of place and setting and portent that lasts and lasts even when the snow and rain stop I found myself reading and reading, compelled to finish This will be too spare for some readers but not for those who read Nordic crime But it is like a diary than a novel, a diary of everyone who lived in Tann d.Recommended as a quick crime read.This book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley for the purpose of review.