It is unusual to find a dictionary of any sort written by a single individual; nevertheless, Alan Cairns has done the prodigious amount of work to publish this dictionary of theological terms. The content is from a conservative and Reformed perspective. As such, it is a very useful tool.

However, I would change one thing about the bookits title. It should more properly be called a commentary on theological terms rather than a dictionary. This is so because Cairns regularly argues for his positions and against other theological positions. Obviously, he is free to do so, but this is typically outside of the scope of a dictionary. A dictionary typically seeks to give only a description or definition of a term, leaving evaluation to the reader. Good little resource for all kinds of Bible study This is always the first theological dictionary I grab.

Broadly Reformed perspective. Not popular, but not as academic as The Westminster Dictionary of Christian Theology. Theological Definition Of Theological At Theological Definition, Of, Relating To, Or Involved With Theology A Theological Student SeeTheological Definition Of Theological By The Free Define Theological Theological Synonyms, Theological Pronunciation, Theological Translation, English Dictionary Definition Of Theological Also Theologic Adj Of Or Relating To Theology Or To Specialized Religious Study The Olog Ically Adv Adjof, Relating To, Or Based On TheologyTHEOLOGICAL Meaning In The Cambridge English Theological Definitionrelating To The Study Of Religion And Religious Beliefrelating To The Study Of Religion LearnDictionary Of Theology CARM CARM, Dictionary Of Theology A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Introduction This Dictionary Is Provided For Quick And Easy Reference CARM Istheological English French Dictionary WordReference Theological Seminary N Noun Refers To Person, Place, Thing, Quality, Etc School Of Divinity Studies Sminaire Nm Nom Masculin S Utilise Avec Les Articles Le, L Devant Une Voyelle Ou Un H Muet , Un Ex Garon Nm On Dira Le Garon Ou Un Garon Robert Was Studying To Be A Priest At The Theological Theological Definition Of Theological By Merriam Theological Definition Is Of Or Relating To Theology How To Use Theological In A Sentence A Dictionary Of Theology CARM A Dictionary Of Theology The Importance Of Understanding Terms When Discussing Theology And Doing Apologetics Cannot Be Overestimated This Is Why A Theological Dictionary Is So Important Theology Definition Of Theology At Dictionary Small And Relatively Inexpensive Articles Given, Kept, Or Purchased As A Reminder Of A Place Visited, An Occasion, Etc Mementos Reflecting Surfaces, As The Surface Of Calm Water Under Certain Lighting Conditions TAKE THE QUIZ TO FIND OUT Download Theological Dictionary Of The New TestamentTheological Dictionary Of The New Testament This Multi Volume Series Is The Ultimate Reference Work For Serious Work In Theology Called The Theological Dictionary Of The New Testament, Abridged In One Volume, By G Bromley