The harder she resists him the faster her clothes will vanish Outspoken Sarah Santorelli hides her sensitive side behind a gruff personality Fear of abandonment causes her to manipulate romantic relationships to avoid involving her heart But when her prying aunt casts a spell on her Sarah ends up on a voyage of discovery on the open seas The problem? Every time Sarah lets her guard down instead of casting off her emotional barriers —the spell makes an item of clothing disappear Anthony Mancini has clawed his way to the top Along the way he’s become a workaholic putting the demands of his company above those he loves That’s how he lost Sarah and he wants a second chance to prove he’s changed Thanks to Aunt Lilly’s spell and a week long European cruise stripping Sarah of her defenses just got easier Now You See It was originally published in 2006 with Ellora's Cave Scenes have been added and the novel has been professionally edited

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    Laugh and cry while escaping the every dayWhat an absolutely wonderful book This is the second book in a series by Teresa Roblin and although I read this before Hocus Pocus I completely fell in love with this novel Sarah’s Aunt Lilly meddles in her love life with just a hint of magic; the conseuences are hilarious with a heart pulling romance as its foundation Anthony knows what he wants but definitely needs a slap upside the head before he gets his desire Sarah should have learned from her sister and run away as fast as possible The interactions that form the relationship between the two lead characters were completely believable written in such a manner as to be convincingly real and emotionally gripping Magically emotionally addictive with twists and turns that would rival a Minotaur guarded maze

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    I fell in love with this magical story It was sweet well intentioned and had the most amazing characters I loved Aunt Lily so much Her schemeing was well intentioned but her magic spells always back fire on her Sarah and Anthony had a history Anthony lost Sarah when she was sick of being put on the back burner She wanted a man who would put her first not last Can't really blame her Even though it was hard for her she walked away But when she meets her Aunt Lily's new best friend and tries to convince her grandson to let the two women go on a cruise together lo and behold it's Anthony who walks through her door Anthony knows just how to manipulate the situation because he talks Sarah into going with them Without telling her he plans to go as wellSarah's character was beautifully written Her insecurities show through completely and her need to be loved is just below the surface of her personality Sarah is just a woman who has already been severely hurt by the man she loved Leaving Anthony was hard on her but she understood why it had to be done I think what drew me to her the most was the fact that Teresa Roblin included her insecurities pain and reservations in her character She wasn't the typical happy go lucky female lead in romance novelsAnthony was well written as well He is cast as the typical workaholic but with a twist He knows he needs to win Sarah back He can even understand why she left but wants nothing than to prove he could be the type of man she needs He is bound and determined to get her back like last week Attractive intelligent ruthless and determined makes one heck of a male lead Anthony struck me as someone who would knock down skyscrapers to get what he wanted What I loved most about the characters in this book was that they were normal They weren't higher than thou lead characters they had faults fears laughter and love Even important they had a desire to be be betterOk now I normally don't write up the supporting characters in a book however Aunt Lily really needs to be mentioned in this review She made the story for me I loved the two main characters but Aunt Lily added a whole new level to this book Is it wrong to want to adopt a character of a book? Because I really want to adopt Aunt Lily She needs to come live with me She was a hoot in this book Her meddling was well intentioned even when she pretended to get lost in a port of call and miss the cruise And that spell? Total backfire I don't think that was what she was going for but with Aunt Lily who really knows? “You’re doing this because you’re an incorrigible busybody who doesn’t know when to mind her own damn business” She needed to get her aunt’s mind off this ridiculous nonsense of playing with magic “Instead of blowing up the house help me unpack these bags” Sarah pushed a grocery bag toward her and unpacked the otherThe plot was humorous and well written Honestly I laughed constantly though out this book It moved along at a nice pace and engaged me completely The story was sweet funny uirky and magical Everything the synopsis claimed it would be There wasn't many lulls and everything came together very nicely in the end I would recommend this book to anyone I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    This was absolutely hilarious What happens when you get a scheming old aunt who believes she can cast spells? Chaos and hilarity Aunt Lilly is a riot and casts a spell on Sarah that makes her clothes disappear one article at a time whenever she begins to have feelings for Antonio her Ex When Antonio decides that his grandmother Emily and Lilly are too old to go on a cruise by themselves he manipulates Sarah into going as well What she doesn't realize is that he's going along as well in attempts to try and win her back Sarah is furious when she realizes She left Antonio two years ago after realizing that she would always take a back seat to his job and business After leaving her again waiting for him to show up to dinner she hardens her heart to all mean and can't believe that she would have to spend the entire cruise with him What ensues is the manipulation and cunning of two old ladies who want them happy together This was a great read I kept cracking up Aunt Lilly even had an entire carry on filled with condoms ready I finished this location n one sitting I really wanted to know the lengths these two would go to get Sarah and Antonio together and it did not disappoint

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    I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest reviewThis wasn't uite my cup of tea but I can see how it would be someone's ultimate escape read it was light fluffy funny and entertaining The magic spell at the heart of the novel is a bit of well intentioned meddling by a beloved interfering aunt depending on your tolerance for pushy relatives who carry condoms on a cruise vacation in case their niece hooks up with her ex again you'll either find the aunt hilarious or infuriatingThe conflict between the hero and heroine stemming from his workaholic habits was resolved at the end but in a way that troubled me Again I can see how for someone else it might have read as the ultimate grand gesture proving he'd sacrifice anything for the heroine but for me it read like he was giving up too much of himself for a relationship that honestly I wasn't entirely convinced by A little honest conversation along the way and a shared plan for moving forward would have been a lot closer to my idea of a happy ending

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    What a fun read Teresa Roblin has created a world a populated it with fascinating magical characters and situations This is book 2 in the series but I didn't suffer too much from reading them out of order And yes I liked it well enough to seek out book one The primary couple was fun and engaging and I had no trouble rooting for their happily ever after The secondary characters were just as strong and I can't wait for stories from Ms Roblin her writing skills are strong especially the way she was able to keep the story twisting and turning This book kept me guessing and reading til way too lateI received my copy from NetGalleycom in exchange fro an honest review

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    Now You See It is one of those feel good reads without a whole lot of angst Sarah the heroine's aunt casts a spell on her and so the fun beginsI would've loved this if the heroine didn't keep on her walls up almost until the end Although understandable because the hero once hurt her it was frustrating because he was almost inhumanly patient and determined to change for herA fun read if you're not looking for a lot of depth What it's got though a crazy aunt tough on the exterior heroine and a sexy hero received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a honest reviewLoved it Freaking hilarious First book for me by Teresa Roblin Storyline is a romantic comedy that was well written and entertaining leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling inside Loved the characters magic in this book OMG There is nothing like meddling relatives Everybody needs an aunt Lilly Loved the chemistry between Anthony Sarah I would definitely recommend plan on reading Hocus Pocus by this author

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    I love the grandmothers This book was surprising Just when I was prepared to hate one character and wish the other gave up and found someone better the reasoning behind their actions is explained See what I did there? No spoilers babyI received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    ARC from NetGalley in Exchange for an honest reviewI could not for the life of me relate to Sarah which made this read cumbersome and heavy for me It took several start and stops before I could finally finish it She just seemed to be the perpetual lady that doth protest too much hence the rapidly disappearing clothes Both Sarah and Anthony seemed to one dimensional and not at all complex beyond Sarahs desire to be rid of Anthony because he will break her heart and Anthonys desire to rekindle their relationship I wanted to walk in a half a dozen times to smack Sarah andor Anthony upside the head Love takes work from both sides and neither of them ever really realized that in this tale