This is a breakfast bake cookbook Tons of breads, coffee cakes, muffins While I am trying not to copy too many recipes, I did make English muffins pretty good, if a little doughy I ll fix it by making them thinner next time and I plan on making brioche, maple bacon biscuits and possibly a coffee cake although admittedly I have a lot of coffee cake recipes this one did look particularly delicious.I recommend this for anyone who loves breakfast, baking and cookbooks. I admit, sometimes I skip the writing and go straight to the recipes I m really glad I didn t for this cookbook, because Nathan s story and voice are so lovely that you don t want to miss them When you bookmark the first three recipes all riffs on chocolate muffins , you kind of know how much you re going to love the book They aren t anything avant garde or genius, but they ALL SOUND SO GOOD that I ended up bookmarking a silly amount of pages Update 9 3 15 tried her chocolate chunk muffins and they were divine There was 1 T butter muffin, but wow And they got devoured on the first day.I like how there s Huckleberry recipes, but also home recipes, so there s a mix of easy hard, chill involved recipes I also like the absence of a croissant recipe I think it s totally unnecessary, because 9.9 10 people would never make a croissant at home I once had dreams of it, but have since come to my senses.I think the layout is clever it s organized based on what gets baked cooked first in the morning at Huckleberry I ve never see another cookbook like that. Everything In Generosity Is The Motto Of Zoe Nathan, The Big Hearted Baker Behind Santa Monica S Favorite Neighborhood Bakery And Breakfast Spot, Huckleberry Bakery Cafe This Irresistible Cookbook Collects ThanRecipes And ThanColor Photographs, Including How To Sequences For Mastering Basics Such As Flaky Dough And Lining A Cake Pan Huckleberry S Recipes Span From Sweet Rustic Cakes, Muffins, And Scones To Savory Hot Cereals, Biscuits, And Quiche True To The Healthful Spirit Of Los Angeles, These Recipes Feature Whole Grain Flours, Sesame And Flax Seeds, Fresh Fruits And Vegetables, Natural Sugars, And Gluten Free And Vegan Options And They Always Lead With Deliciousness For Bakers And All Day Brunchers, Huckleberry Will Become The Cookbook To Reach For Whenever The Craving For Big Flavor Strikes This recipes look delicious I want to make everyone of them.If you re looking for a little inspiration for breakfast or brunch, then this is a good place to start. Nathan s book redefines baked goodies for me I already made her pear and ginger muffins and have several other recipes dog eared to try in the coming weeks What makes this book stand out from the many other baking books that I ve read is that she incorporates ingredients that I usually wouldn t even think of when it comes to baking Bulgar Really Never tried it, but I m sure it s delicious the way I m reading the recipe What s even great is that you don t really have to go out of your way to find the ingredients like some other top end cook books In addition, the croque monsieur is legit They are JUST like the ones they make at Coquelicot on LA rue abbesses in Montmontre if you find a good quality Gruy re cheese Totally approachable and never pretentious That s how a cookbook should be. OMG, for anyone who has not ventured into Santa Monica, Ca to delight in Zoe s pastries and bread, is truly missing something fantastic It is not only a bakery, but a breakfast, lunch and dinner place as well Zoe s baked goods are irresistible, and now with her book, you can be Zoe in your own kitchen Her recipes are magnifIcent and pretty easy to make Her hints are fabulous and certainly make the baking easier You can feel Zoe s love of baking in every recipe and picture Along with her husband, Josh Loeb, they have opened tworestaurants Another breakfast, lunch bakery called Milo and Olive named after her son Milo , and an amazing ice ream parlor in Brentwood called Sweet Rose Creamery Not to be missed Some of the the most delicious and flavorful ice cream I ve ever had A must go to, and a must book to own. I received this as a Christmas present, along with about 5 other baking books This is hands down my favorite This is a book for any baker who loves breakfast Everything I have made has been easy and delicious I consider myself someone who has a well stocked pantry, but the book did challenge me to keep some new types of flours on hand for example almond meal flour I will be making a pilgrimage to the bakery next summer when I visit California. I promptly read the whole book once I got it, as I often read cookbooks It is an inspiring story of passion and dedication I wanted to cook almost everything in the book, have only gotten to a couple things but they were great Instructions are well written for home cooks and diverse offerings I would love to visit one of her restaurants after reading this book It is the whole package for great cookbook, both functional and beautiful. I have not yet made anything from this cookbook, but would have to agree with some reviewers that there are some errors in measurements volume to gram conversions mostly, though many of the muffins did seem to call for way too much fat liquid as I ve also seen mentions I suspect if you are experienced and know to go into the recipes with a questioning frame of mind you can do just fine It may also be worth checking the publisher s website for any corrections errata before embarking on new recipe.As for her narrative style, it seemed authentic to me and did not turn me off and I have never lived in her region so I don t think that is why Nothing in the narrative sections is essential to making the recipes so if her manner is upsetting to you just skip it I will agree that the apologies section was perhaps a bit over the top and not the most flattering to her, though I suspect it was pretty much a long series for inside jokes that really didn t need included in the book But again, just go ahead and skip it No one is sitting there forcing you to read every printed word in the book. The recipes look amazing the e book is gorgeous, but this is one of the few times I ve finished a book grateful that I don t know the author personally.