Pram Bellamy is special — she can talk to ghosts She doesn't have too many friends amongst the living but that's all right She has her books she has her aunts and she has her best friend the ghostly FelixThen Pram meets Clarence a boy from school who has also lost a parent and is looking for answers Together they arrive at the door of the mysterious Lady Savant who promises to help But this spiritualist knows the true nature of Pram's power and what she has planned is terrifying than any ghost

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    I would like to lock Lauren DeStefano in an attic so she does nothing other than turn out charming middle grade novels for the rest of her life But I suppose that would be unreasonable You'll love this book if the sad tender pull between Liesl and Po tugged at your emotions if you delighted in the dark humor and dire dangers of the Lemony Snicket series or if you shivered ever so slightly at the delicious creepiness of The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls This book is so comfortably appropriate for children though perhaps best read reassuringly curled up against a loved one for both comfort and discussion of serious topics parents might also consider reading it first before giving it to younger children even as it doesn't shy away from intelligent use of language or touching on scary topics The real world can be a sad scary place after all The author's preface was also very moving the idea of this young cousin of hers clutching a beloved book for security after a death in the family brought a tear to my eye Review to come I loved this and am so looking forward to book two I hope the author writes many middle grade books in the future particularly ones that so deftly show her rather infamous sense of humor as well as a glimpse of her heart

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    35 stars Oh middle grade books They can be so lovely can’t they? They can enchant you entertain you make you smile or make you laugh All of the above perhapsI didn’t know what I was to expect with this one After all Lauren DeStefano doesn’t write the most common of stories which is something that I uite like about her She’s full of ideas that’s for sure A Curious Tale of the In Between is indeed a curious tale It also reads like oneThis novel reminded me of how I could never outgrow middle grade books Sure I don’t read them often and I don’t like every one of them but there’s something inside them that I don’t always get in young adult or adult books something pure charming and magic But this story it is also one readers can relate to and sympathize with its characters especially BramPram is looking for her father Her mother died giving birth to her and she’s convinced – likes to think – that her father does not even know she exists and that when she finds him he will help her discover herself a little and better When her aunts send her to school she befriends Clarence whom is looking for the ghost of her mother And so their paths are linked and together they will have to face dangers in order to find their lost love onesI forgot to mention Pram sees ghosts an ability only a rare amount if people possess Meaning she’s valuable and if her secret is discovered she might not be safe any I’ve always had this huge interest for ghosts No wonder my favourite television series when I was little used to be Ghost Whisperer I love the atmosphere ghostsspirits bring to a story slightly gloomy and oh so mysterious A Curious Tale of the In Between dared It was borderline creepy at moments Sometimes it didn’t even feel like a middle grade book yet it was never scary I think this has to do a lot with the maturity of the characters because they were extremely soThank goodness We need characters like Pram and Clarence and Felix – her ghost friends – in books directed to a young audience It is not true that every twelve eleven ten year old lacks maturity and jumps around all day When I was twelve like Bram I was and still am very calm a good listener and ponderer and you would often see me uietly reading a book in some uiet corner I connected to Pram I connected so much to her I’ve lost a family member too when I was a baby so I could understand her strugglesTrust me if you’re a reader of the middle grade genre or would like to try one if you can’t stay away from family or ghost stories or if you admire Lauren DeStefano peculiar yet enthralling stories this is a novel I wouldn’t recommend you disregardPS At times this is reminiscent of The Year of Shadows which is another middle grade ghost story strongly dealing with grief family and friendship as themes Only the main reason why I didn't enjoy it as much as this one is because of the fact that this is a fast paced story while The Year of Shadows is slow kill me now paced and stretches to no end

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    Not every adult is immature enough to enjoy a middle school book but this one sounded intriguing on Netgalley and had such high reviews here I had to try for it Plus I'm rather immatureThe 5 star rating reflects a children's book rating so bear that in mind For any age this is enjoyable though as the author has such a beautiful style of writing It's like being sent back in time to English Gothic fiction but with a surreal dreamy touch Seriously it's awesome Her writing style is beautiful in its simple complexity haunting in its themeNot a simple story for a child by any means there are layers of sadness touching upon different circumstances and stages of grief Someone who never knew her parents a person who just lost their mother to death a child who died and can't remember what it felt like to be alive Pram is a worthy heroine imaginative fun compassionate but not so to where it's simplified and cloying Clarence is absolutely loveable and I can believe the sparks without the author having to paint the picture Who couldn't love Felix? My anguish wondering about him was real when Pram herself worriedThe supernatural in the mix isn't normal for this kind of work but works perfectly to convey how death is an inevitable force that is simply seen here as the next stage Attempts are tried to reconnect with lost ones but I'll leave out the spoiler whether that works or notIf you have a child who wants to read get them this The imaginative world is craftily told in words that capture the mind as well as the story itself and the possibility it opens doesReceived from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    YES YES YES I feel really emotional right nowAs a 23 year old I have only delt with death once It is a new concept to me I feel like I have been taught a special message through this book I am really glad I read this

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    Why must ghosts be so forgetful?Why must the living worry about the past so?”“Because it all means something when you’re alive”This middle grade book tugged at heartstrings I didn't know existed I don't have much to say about this because it's such a short uick read for me to give the book a longer review but if I have anything to say at all the words will only be sung in high praisesFirst of all whoa Lauren DeStefano really knows how to write a ghost story fit for young audiences This story is in no way horrifying but yet it is still haunting and dark I loved the gloomy atmospheric writing It has a detached tone to it but still managed to touch the readers with its wistfulnessThe premise is definitely something new to me Our little heroine Pram short for 'Pragmatic' came to the world hovering between life and death She was cut out of her dead mother's belly and if that's not a gruesome way to be born I don't know what else could bePram grew up uniue She is brave intellectual inuisitive and she could see dead people and animals  I like how she doesn't come off as 'too special' Her otherworldly ability only felt anything but natural and I adore her charisma for others“The living think the worst of death But it isn’t a punishment It’s just what comes nextI must say that I respect DeStefano for not romanticising Death depression or suicide in any form of way I'm especially intrigued that the ghosts here have their own backstories they don't remember like how they met their Deaths and who they were in the life before It definitely added layers piued my curiosity and sympathy and made the book all the interesting A Curious Tale of The In Between is a fitting story for younger readers but anyone of any age can read this and easily enjoy it It certainly touches on touchy subjects like mental illness but it never went too far beyond the non comfort zone Read it

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    Death isn't a punishment It's just what comes next First of all I really liked the title of this book That alone made me curious heh; made me want to read this book And gladly I did It may be a uick read but this book definitely won my heartA Curious Tale of the In Between if you ask me is a ghostly semi adventure of friendship longing memories acceptance finding truths and moving on It is not scary or creepy but it's still dark and haunting to say the least It is a tale of Pram who has the ability to see and talk to ghosts and her life as it unfolds to something mysterious terrifying and remarkableThis book is also about friendship; of a living Pram and a living Clarence and a living and a ghost Felix The dynamics in their friendship sends a pure happiness in my heart There is a jealousy on the ghost side that made the friendship even sweeter I caught myself smiling Along with that the genuity of the characters heightens up this strong point of the novel The characters are distinct and their little voices speaks sense and maturityThe beautiful prose and compelling story telling of DeStefano also contributed a lot to make this book so amazing and awesome Her depiction of things were wonderfully done She treated sensitive topics like death and suicide fairly and echoes her thoughts through her characters that I found meaningful and good to be pondered onSome back stories of the ghosts Pram met are also good addition to the story I understand them better and made the story fascinatingIn the end A Curious Tale of the In Between is a great inclusion in the middle grade category that is perfect for children and adults as well

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    There are no words to describe how much I love this book Pram is delightful Lauren's writing is flawlessIt took me back to the first time I read A Little Princess or The Secret GardenBasically if you like Roald Dahl and Frances Hodgson Burnett meaning if you are human you will love thisJust read it

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    read in 6 hours so lyrical and beautiful and wow surprisingly haunting I always forget that Lauren DeStefano is such a great storyteller but then she comes back with yet another masterpiece congrats again dear you're a writing genius

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    A charming tale that doesn't shy away from its darker themesPram short for pragmatic is an orphaned girl being raised by her two maiden aunts in a home for the elderly The aunts hope that Pram will live up to her name unlike her late mother who killed herself before Pram was bornLittle do the aunts know that Pram's unusual circumstances have given her the ability to talk to ghosts Her best friend is a ghost named Felix who hangs out down by the pondBut when Pram belatedly starts school she makes friends with a living boy Clarence whose mother is also dead Clarence's desire to make contact with the ghost of his mother leads the two children to an unsavory world of spiritualists and into dangerI think that this story would appeal to fans of Neil Gaiman's 'Graveyard Book'Many thanks to Bloomsbury and NetGalley for the opportunity to read As always my opinions are solely my own

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    ”Death isn’t a punishment” “It’s just what comes next”Eleven year old well 11 years and 26 days old Pram Bellamy has always been able to see two worlds—the living and the dead In fact Felix her best friend is a ghost She’s comfortable and happy with the dead“In shop windows she would see the laughing reflections of the dead She heard whispers in automobile engines She could never see these memories clearly and they disappeared when she blinked but their existence comforted her She knew that death was not truly the end and that there was always something left”When a boy from school stirs up uestions and trouble with the other side Pram soon learns just how powerful the in between world can be Her new friend Clarence Blue lost his mother a year ago but the grief is still so fresh and unhealed Pram could see how much he was hurting He was hiding from the world—so numb and alone in his pain That is until Pram steals his sit at school The two become friends on the spot A sweet friendship filled with understanding fun and blushes For me a few too many blushes and hints of future romance But still very cute”To Pram most of the people in the living world were gray but Clarence was bright and vivid In fact he was the loveliest living thing she’d ever seen”One day Pram and Clarence visit a spiritualist in town named Lady Savant who can supposedly communicate with the dead Clarence wants answers and closure from is Mom but finds danger and darkness instead It’s so easy to get lost in this world and the next So easy to lose yourself in the dark Can Clarence and Pram find their way through Lady Savant’s darkness and tricks?Ms DeStefano has a wonderful way with the creeps and chills Shadows whispers wind and loss crawl over the pages and down my spine A very spooky mood But this story holds hope as well Friendships form Love is said and seen Comfort memories communication and bravery all come out to play and maybe save the day I do wish we got of Felix in the second half of the book though He felt a little left out or lost to me at the end Perhaps we’ll see of Felix in the next book I hope so I deliberately left a lot of detail out of this review because this story deserves to be experienced by the reader Every shock and detail needs to be discovered by—YOU Go meet Pram and her worldRecommended read