Fact I was a nerd growing up still am Theory Eoin Colfer was, too Evidence His books are a total celebration of nerd dom Honestly, between Artemis Fowl and now Airman, he s satisfying every daydreaming during trigonometry fantasy of every boy out there who s had to struggle with the fact that he hasbrains than biceps I ll admit that the main character in this book, Conor Broekhart, is tough and good looking But that s entirely secondary to the fact that he s a mechanical genius and a nice guy He wields weapons and wind tunnels with equal confidence, vanquishes his foes with superior courage and intelligence, and gets the girl to boot See Just like me, only after fencing lessons.My buddy Conor Living the dream. Airman , de Eoin Colfer, constituye todo un homenaje a los folletines decimon nicos de aventuras, sobre todo a un autor, Alejandro Dumas, y una novela, El conde de Montecristo , con alg n ligero toque de El hombre de la m scara de hierro.La historia trascurre a finales del siglo XIX, en las Islas Saltee que constituyen un reino en s mismas , frente a las costas de Irlanda, compuestas de dos islas, Great Saltee, donde residen los habitantes de este principado, y Little Saltee, donde est su sustento, las minas de diamantes al mismo tiempo, Little Saltee sirve de c rcel, y son los presidiarios quienes sacan los diamantes El protagonista es Conor Broekhart, cuyo destino viene marcado desde su mismo nacimiento, a bordo de un globo aerost tico La vida en Great Saltee transcurre tranquilamente, con Conor y la princesa Isabella creciendo juntos, y estudiando junto a Vigny, un enamorado de los aparatos a reos, y con el rey Nicholas llevando a cabo una serie de reformas en todo el reino, sobre todo en la prisi n Pero la vida de Conor dar un vuelco cuando Bonvilain, uno de los hombres del rey con grandes ansias de poder, lo implique en sus planes de hacerse con el reino Sus problemas no har n m s que empezar, y lo nico que le har seguir adelante ser n sus ansias de venganza Como se puede apreciar, muy del Edmundo Dant s de El conde de Montecristo.La novela se lee de un tir n, ya que las aventuras se suceden constantemente, siempre est n sucediendo cosas Colfer es un escritor correcto, que ha escrito una historia sin pretensiones, con alg n toque steampunk, cuya mayor ambici n es hacer pasar un buen rato al lector, algo que logra con creces. Know what I love these days Stand alone novels No sequels, prequels, trilogies, remakes, rewrites, re releases, etc etc etc A single book with a beginning, middle, and end I was pleasantly surprised by this book I really enjoyed it the plot, characters, and writing At first I thought it would be a bit too similar to the Count of Monte Cristo, it even had a dash of Man in the Iron Mask thrown in Despite that, it was still original and suspenseful and had me vested in the outcome I have never read any other works by Colfer namely the Artimis Foul series but if his other writings are similar to this story I will definitely read them. Airman is the thrilling story of a fourteen year old boy named Conor Broekhart who dreams of flight Unfortunately, his dreams are dashed when Conor is accused of murdering the king and is sent to the dreaded prison island of Little Saltee All throughout his stay, Conor draws up his plans of escape, but the only way to escape Little Saltee is to fly I loved Conor Broekhart so much He was this sweet, innocent, and nerdy kid who was obsessed with planes and gliders and such I loved getting to read about little Conor at the beginning and seeing how much he grows and changes throughout the book And I also loved seeing how he dealt with his crush on Isabella snickers I must warn you that this book gets a bit dark During his stay at Little Saltee, Conor changes There s this part where I almost put the book down Don t It gets so much better It almost broke my heart when he almost carried out his foul deed But he didn t spoilers There are also a few parts where I was a bit horrified by the violence, though nods Yeah The beginning, to me, was a bit boring At first, I didn t quite understand how this tied in to the rest of the story, but as the story went on, it got really good It takes a little while for the book to get started, but once it does, it goes quite fast It seemed like the story jumped around a bit I would have liked it if the author focused on a few partsthan others, but oh well I wasn t a huge fan of the last chapter It justI dunno I thought it was kind of unnecessary shrugs All in all, this book was great I loved the characters, the plot, and the fast paced ness I would totally recommend this book to anyone and everyone who loves a good, adventurous story. In The S Conor And His Family Live On The Sovereign Saltee Islands, Off The Irish Coast Conor Spends His Days Studying The Science Of Flight With His Tutor And Exploring The Castle With The King S Daughter, Princess Isabella But The Boy S Idyllic Life Changes Forever The Day He Discovers A Deadly Conspiracy Against The King When Conor Tries To Intervene, He Is Branded A Traitor And Thrown Into Jail On The Prison Island Of Little Saltee There, He Has To Fight For His Life, As He And The Other Prisoners Are Forced To Mine For Diamonds In Inhumane ConditionsThere Is Only One Way To Escape Little Saltee, And That Is To Fly So Conor Passes The Solitary Months By Scratching Drawings Of Flying Machines On The Prison Walls The Months Turn Into Years But Eventually The Day Comes When Conor Must Find The Courage To Trust His Revolutionary Designs And Take To The Air February 13 14, 2019Has it really been that long since I read this book Sad It s sooooo good I went to my 3rd grader s book fair, which was in their school library, and saw this on the shelf I was like, Yaaaasss I want to read it again So I did What a great book November 1 3, 2013Only 42 stars, Past Sara Really I know you were trying to be funny with the Hitchhiker s reference there, but you were seriously undervaluing this book It s AWESOME Conor is THE BEST EVAR It s kind of a teenage boy book, as it s about a teenage boy, but whatever Eoin Colfer s Artemis Fowl books are really great, but this is my favorite of all his books The audiobook is really great, too LOVE IT August 25 27, 2010Fabulous the second time around, too November 9, 2008If I could give it 42 stars, I would.Ahhhhh It was SOOO SOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD Seriously listening to it in the car probably wasn t safe, as periodically, I would slam the steering wheel in frustration or anticipation and yell, HOLY FREAKING CRAP It was SOOOOOOO EXCITING I loved it And of course I did it is recommended to listeners ages 12 to 17 durrrrr It ended so well giggly happy sigh Okay, so I suppose you want to know what it s about, eh Well, it s about this kid, Conor Broekhart Irish , who is 15 after the prologue, which tells about how he was born in a hot air balloon , who dreams of flying He lives on a little island called Great Saltee His father, mother, and he are close friends with the King and his daughter, Isabella Side note I m surprised to say, hearing her name NEVER reminded me of Bella Twilight Shocking He kinda becomes sidekick to the royal scientist.I don t want to get into too much detail, but I ll write what s on the back of the CD Conor spends his days studying the science of flight with his tutor and exploring the castle with the king s daughter, Princess Isabella who routinely threatens to have him hanged But the boy s idyllic life changes forever the day he discovers a deadly conspiracy against the king When Conor tries to intervene, he is branded a traitor and thrown into jail on the prison island of Little Saltee There, he has to fight for his life, as he and the other prisoners are forced to mind for diamonds in inhumane conditions There is only one way to escape Little Saltee, and that is to fly There s , but holy spoilers, Batman That was bad enough It was fascinating and I loved it. Wow That s all I can really say This book, and my feels, took a beating There were some points when I wanted to throw it across the room and go hurt something It s that good I advise, before you start this book, to invest in a good psychiatrist The plotting is sothickso complex that I could hardly put it down Unfortunately, I had to, as I had to see to my life and feed myself But, really, Eoin Colfer, I love you dearly The characters, the plot, the whole world is just fantastic And, Mr Colfer doesn t make you swim through pages of gelatinous prose Thank you, for that He s concise, descriptive, and legendary The villains are delightfullyvillainous The protagonists and there are many are complex, and at times, flawed I justI can t believe that I stumbled on this book and wasn t sure of it at first It changed My Life Okay, so, as far as adult ish situations go, I can t recall any, offhand Language, a few H words, andthe D word Violence well, Conor is kind of beaten up quite a few times Nothing severely graphic And, it s subtly steampunk, and that makes my day Basically, it s a great book if you want to be emotionally attached to a bunch of characters who get beat up on by the world Which, I m all for Thank you, Eoin Colfer, I bow to you, o great entity of spectacular words First of all, let me say that I am a total Eoin Colfer fan Really I bought this book without knowing anything about it except that Eoin Colfer wrote it and I usually don t do that He is such a skilled writer though He effortlessly juggles pacing, dialogue, action, internal thought, characterization, description all of it He makes it look easy And in omniscient point of view too.That said, I had a major problem with this book One part was totally unbelievable spoiler alert Oh, I was willing to believe that Connor, as a child, could make a hang glider out of a flag and toothpicks to save himself and the princess from a burning tower Okay, it wasn t toothpicks, but stillI was willing to believe that he could escape from prison hanging onto a basketless air balloon, and even that he was able to sit down with some local lads and put together an airplane before the Wright brothers.Here is the scene that had me ejecting the CD and moaning, Why Eoin Why would you write that Obvious villain, Hugo, has just killed a man who is not only king, but also a close friend of Connor s family He and the princess have been friends since birth and now have romantic feelings for each other.Fourteen year old Connor hears the murder happen, bursts into the room and tries to stop Hugo Hugo beats him senseless, puts him in chains and tells Connor s father that Connor has killed the king.Connor s father, who happens to be captain of guards, goes to see his son in prison and get this never even asks Connor if he did it He doesn t listen to his obviously beaten son, say anything Instead he yells at Connor for being a traitor and disowns him.What Come on, the kid is fourteen There s absolutely no evidence that Connor has done this crime and he has no motivation for doing it.Any half way decent parent would at least ask if the allegation were actually true Even a bad parent would try to defend their child if for no other reason then they wouldn t want to be tainted with the crime themselves But not Connor s dad He sends him off to a prison camp where he will be beaten some .And if that isn t hard enough to believe, once Conner escapes, he harbors no ill feelings toward his father Excuse me, my children harbor ill feelings toward me when I tell them they ll be excused from the dinner table if they don t use good table manners Really, I have one son who is still going on about a certain toast incident I never could really get over that aspect of the story.Still, it s always nice to listen to a guy with an Irish accent narrate the story And the last Artemis Fowl book was totally awesome so I still love you, Eoin. Conor Broekhart lives on a small island governed by King Nicholas Trudeau Conor s days are spent with his tudor and playing with princess Isabella But Conor s real passion is flying All Conor s life he s dreamed of flying He spends massive amounts of time and energy pursuing his obsession That changes when he discovers a plot to overthrow the king and becomes tangled in the mess and branded as a traitor, being sent off to work in the diamond mines on little Saltee.I decided to read this book because I saw that my friend had read it and given it 5 stars.so I was curious I ve read some of the artemis fowl books, but I wasn t impressed, and I thought that they were awfully violent I really could have cared less about any new books Eoin Colfer had published, but I had read his Supernaturalist book and it wasn t too bad, so I decided to give this book a try In the beginning I found the storyline to be pretty interesting, I kept reading because I wanted to know what would happen at the end, but when I finally got there, I was disappointed I really thought it was annoying how the main character, Conor kept getting stuff thrown at him all the time It seemed like he could never really rest because something was about to happen, which was a little tiring for me Even though I do approve of exciting and thrilling books, I do think that there are such things as too much excitement and this book crossed the line I do know not what it is about Eoin Colfer but he always seems to include a decent amount of violence, and it really is rather unnerving Everybody is constantly being brutally beaten up Also, the bad guys are always BAD TO THE CORE, and Conor can usually tell what they are thinking by the look in their eyes something I thought was unrealistic and slightly aggravating Conor, that s another interesting aspect I really thought that he was just a little too perfect He was handsome, brilliant, athletic and loved by a princess whatcould he want To me, the author describing him as such only made me like him less, I wanted someone that I could relate to The reason this gets such a low rating is because I just could not bring myself to group it with the three star books, it just didn t seem quite up to par, while I thought it was an okay book without any language or adult content, I didn t enjoy it enough to recommend it to friends I just don t really care for Eoin Colfer s writing style, his characters and the way they are portrayed just bugs me, but if you are a fan, you d probably like this book Taken from my book reviews blog Airman is a very special book to me I read it a few times when I was younger and I thought it was high time for a re read I m so glad to find it even better than I remembered As much as I love Eoin Colfer s Artemis Fowl series, I have to say that I think Airman is his best work so far of the books I have read by him It s simply a beautiful story I d forgotten how beautiful it really was It also has a lot of adventure, a budding romance that I adored and some the most unique characters I have ever read about I am not kidding, this book has the best set of characters ever How could someone forget about characters like the Victor La Brosse Vigny, King Nicholas, Linus Wynter, Princess Queen Isabella or Conor Broekhart himself and his parents, Declan and Catherine Even little Sean Broekhart They were all amazing And as per usual with Eoin Colfer, we get a despicable villain who is just loathsome Together with the story devided in three parts Broekhart Finn Airman, it s just all part of Eoin Colfer s genius I loved this book before but I love it evennow after re reading it.I also have to say that I had a lot of emotional moments with this book Conor goes through a whole lot of crap, going to prison because of that bastard Bonvilain and some parts really did bring tears to my eyes So this book has been a rollercoaster of emotions but it was totally worth it I was also rather giddy when Otto Malarkey came into the picture because he s also in The Reluctant Assassin I just love Eoin Colfer for that That and his totally amazing and awesome writing So what else can I say but that I love Airman I ve always thought Artemis Fowl was by favorite book by him but I think I ll have to put Airman in that place now because simply wow Mr Colfer has once again left me awe struck with his amazing book, Airman