Every Christmas, Christians All Over The World Celebrate The Advent Season, Recognizing The Love, Hope, Joy, And Peace That Is Found Only In Jesus Christ Through This Devotional, Scott James Brings To Light The Many Promises Of Christ From Birth To Ascension That Demonstrate His Love For Us During This Christmas Season These Daily Devotions, Which Are Designed For Both Family And Individual Use, Are Timeless And Moving Reminders Of The True Gift Of Christmas

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    This little book supplies a good basis for devotions over the Advent period and is especially aimed at families with younger children I added it to my devotional reading over the Advent period and quite enjoyed it Ideal if you ve never looked at an Advent specific devotional.

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    A thoughtful and thought inspiring advent journey.

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    Great little Advent guide I really liked the Review Reflect questions after each devotional.

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    This past Christmas season, my family decided to get deeper into the Christmas celebration by celebrating the Advent I did quite a bit of research about the candle lighting but I already knew about the Advent and what is was For those who may not be familiar, the Advent is the four weeks prior to Christmas that commemorates the coming of the King of kings into the world, Jesus the Christ It is tied to the Epiphany which is a commemoration of the three kings coming to give gifts to this King being the first Gentiles to which the King had revealed Himself which happens on January 6th There is a lot of rich heritage for Christians around that time of year but Protestants are by and large unaware of significance let alone actually celebrate it Our household wanted to break that cycle this year.In preparation for this, I bout a book by Scott James called The Expected One Anticipating All of Jesus in the Advent It was a small book and I thought it would be perfect for focusing on the coming of the Savior of the world To an extent, it is But there were a couple of things that I was not made aware of until after I started in on the book.The first is that the book is mainly for families with little children The format is that there is a Scripture for the day, a small summary on that Scripture, and then questions to answer related to the Scripture These questions are quite rudimentary and they have answers embedded at the end of each so that you can guide your children with a proper perspective It is a family devotional at Christmas.The second was that many of the verses really didn t relate to the Advent at all An example of that was Isaiah 53 5 9 That has nothing to do with the Advent It s related to Easter than the Advent The connection is nebulous All the Scriptures had something to do with Jesus which is fine but the idea from the title was that there was supposed to be an anticipation of immersing yourself or your family into this celebration That was the let down of the book Instead of really focusing on the Advent and expanding on verses that related to that, there was a sweeping summary of Jesus birth, life, sacrifice, and resurrection Like I mentioned, there is certainly nothing wrong with that but that s not the impression was that it would lean heavily on the Advent.Along with this were a few things that was questionable In the questions for discussion for that passage of Isaiah 53 5 9, it s asked can you think of something about His death that was even worse than that The Answer is that Jesus had to take the wrath of God And then an assumption that has no biblical basis He says for an answer Accepting the punishment of God s wrath for our sin was worse than any pain imaginable.Well, that s speculative at best We don t know that and if I were to extrapolate anything from Scripture it would be that the connection between the Lord Jesus and His Father was the worse pain that was imaginable to Him To have to be separated and rejected from His Father who He had been one with from the beginning But again, that s speculative at best though it may be inferred.Another place where an answer is given is in the answer on Psalm 16 10 where the question of whether Jesus disciples would have been surprised if they had remembered the verse about the empty tomb The answer No, they would have realized that an empty tomb is exactly what God had promised.Again, that is speculation and can t be supported by Scripture since there were things that they did remember but still didn t believe These kinds of conclusions really don t help to teach people about the Advent as well as the truth about Scripture, children or not It actually skews it a bit.Overall, the book is not bad It s a book you can give to someone who doesn t know much about Jesus or a young Christian But as a family devotional, it s rather lacking in focus on the subject expected which is the Advent You may also want to edit some of the answers as they are than a few that present speculative conclusions Or, just find another book about Advent.

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    This is a very short and simple Advent book It s the size of a gift book with a scripture and a few questions for each day s reading Keeps adults engaged but is short enough to not bore the kiddos.

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    Scott James in his new book, The Expected One published by BH Books gives us Anticipating All of Jesus in the AdventFrom the back cover Experience the redemptive story while preparing your heart for AdventEvery Christmas, Christians all over the world celebrate the Advent season, recognizing the love, hope, joy, and peace that is found only in Jesus Christ Through this devotional, Scott James brings to light the many promises of Christ from birth to ascension that demonstrate His love for us during this Christmas season These daily devotions, which are designed for both family and individual use, are timeless and moving reminders of the true gift of Christmas.Focusing on the whole story of redemption while celebrating the nativity story, The Expected One is a powerful resource for readers to prepare their hearts for Christmas throughout the Advent season During the weeks leading up to December 25th readers will enjoy devotionals that help them focus their minds and hearts around the gift of Christ s birth.Advent literally means Arrival Scott James doesn t just look at the birth of Jesus No, he also focuses our attention to His death and resurrection as well The book is divided into six parts The Promise Of His Coming, The Promise Of His Birth, The Promise Of His Life, The Promise Of His Death, The Promise Of His Resurrection, The Promise Of His Eternal Reign The Expected One gives us a devotional, by day, from December 1st through December 25th Each day has a verse, the devotional and then a Review Reflect section They are easy reads that do not take much time but the results are lasting This is one book you will be returning to year after year It is also a great gift to give to friends and family to help them with their days I recommend this book highly.Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from BH Books for this review I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    Scott James makes a wonderful Gospel presentation in The Expected One A twenty five day devotional leading up to Christmas Day Every day he uses a uniquely poignant scripture directing our attention to the future coming King There is a brief message about the scripture and then a Review Reflect segment This segment is well laid out with four points with opportunity for family or small group discussion The first of the four points start of simple for an adolescent audience but then progress for interaction of all ages This is a good thought provoking Advent Devotional.

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    A wonderful work that encourages our family to share a daily study together during advent Good questions for younger and older kids and adults.

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    This is a quick little devotional that would be good with little kids and each day had one question for adults to ponder Each day could be done in less than 5 minutes.

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    It is a short easy reading book for Advent and pack with scripture and reminding us about Christ Thankful