In The Exciting Final Season Of The Flesh CartelWith The Help Of The FBI, Mat Carmichael Has Let Himself Be Re Taken By The Flesh Cartel Objective Rescue His Brother, Exact Revenge, And Destroy The Entire Organization From The InsideFBI Special Agent Nate Johnson Will Be Playing Backup, Of Course, But To Get Dougie Out Alive, Mat Will Need To Make Sure His Brother Is Out Of Allen S Clutches Before Calling In The Troops Now That Mat S Back In Bondage, Though, There S No Way He Can Do It Alone He Ll Have To Ask For Help From The Only Man Within The Cartel Who Cares About Dougie S Welfare Nikolai And Even Knowing It Will Destroy Him, Nikolai DeliversBringing Down The Cartel Should Have Been The Hardest Part, But It Doesn T Take Long To Realize That The Real Challenge Has Only Just Begun Dougie Doesn T Know How To Be Free Any, And Mat Is Forced To Admit That He May No Longer Be Strong Enough To Help Himself, Let Alone His Brother But With Loved Ones In Their Corner And Their Love For Each Other Banked But Not Extinguished, Mat And Dougie Learn That You Can Come Home Again, No Matter How Desperate The Circumstances You Ve Left Behind

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    5 for book 19All the Stars for this seriesMAY CONTAIN SPOILERS OR NOTWE DIIIIID IT 19 Books later and here we are First i would like to thank the Academy and all my Friends who have been with me, during this roller coaster read.This is the best series I have ever read, for now it will be number 1.The WritingIt was flawless, the dialogue flowed from page to page, at no point when I was reading this book where I was like, the writing is so so, nope it was perfection at it s best.The charactersOh dear Lord We have some questionable, depraved characters in this book and then we have the heroes who come in form of our main MC Mat.Mat bless his heart This guy is my favourite character he now shares number 1 with Logan I can t bring myself to demote Logan He is everything and Mat is too The guy went through hell for the first 16 books but not once did he show the bad guys he was defeated He did everything in his own terms while suffering through the beatings, rape, torture and everything else in between and at the same time staying strong and loving his brother Dougie unconditionally He is my hero They weren t ruined yet No, they weren t ruined at all They d beaten it Gotten so much better Here they were, out to dinner with their family, sharing a nice evening, dreaming of the future Dougie Well let s just say he is proof that with the right torture, a human brain can be reduced to dust Dougie suffered and developed some weird sick love for his captor, Stockholm syndrome at his best I want to believe that he did it to survive but then again, I wanted him to be strong for Mat too Dougie s personality change made me loathe him at times, even with all his suffering, then at the same time i felt sorry for him, wanted to hug him and protect him, just like Mat His road to recovery was a difficult one to read, and realistic There were no magic dicks here, just plain old family and friends support and therapy Responding to men, liking men, it was a thing I had to convince myself was true to survive, you know I couldn t I couldn t fake it, not with Nikolai, and not to myself and still get up every day So that programming went deep Who knows, maybe it ll never go away But at least now I know it for what it is And you know, if a man asked me out right now Like, wanted to date and he was nice and even wanted to take it slow, I don t think I d say yes any It wouldn t be fair to either of us, because even if I can t know Allen Let s not talk about this piece of fucking trash, I might end up breaking things I can t afford to replaceRoger Another example of Stockholm syndrome, this beautiful soul was reduced to a shell by Nikolai for his own pleasure.Nate Fresh breath of air that this series needed, the one person who never gave up on the brothers when everyone else did And Mat s love interest We all need Nate to be on our side.Mike and Coach Darryl just the parents Mat and Doug needed, their unconditional love for the boys had me all mushy Madam and the Guards And the character we would all love to hate NIKOLAI Fucking NIKOLAI His character was villain perfection The authors created a character that no matter how much I hated him, I was intrigued with him at the same time Nikolai the slave trainer, did his job using the most deplorable torture and mind games We get a glimpse of his past and it was a horrible one, but does that justify his carrier choice I would like to think no Nikolai is the best Villain By the end of this series, I have decided I love him and hate him at the same time.and I would love to read his book where he is the main MC. Ummm Yap It is a weird case of Sympathy for the Devil You really do love me he asked, barely above a whisper Forever and always, above all others, Nikolai promised Just say yes.For a moment a perfect, fleeting moment, so beautiful it couldn t survive Douglas s expression softened to Nikolai, softened like the face of a man about to be kissed.He stood You don t even know what love is, Nikolai And you never, ever will You re going to die alone, just like Roger, and it serves you fucking right For the very first and, gods willing, last time, Nikolai Petrovic found himself at a loss for words The StoryWell This series is about two brothers, Mat and Dougie, who are kidnapped by human trafficking cartel and auctioned to a slave Trainer by the name Nikolai you don t want to meet this guy anywhere, he will make you love him, hate him, want to kill him, then love him again and the brothers go through hell while in captivity They are view spoiler Raped repeatedly, beaten, forced to rape each other, injected with drugs as a form of torture, hide spoiler

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    HOLY SH T I think I just read some of the best fiction in my life The Flesh Cartel is the most intense, the most complex m m series I have ever read What genre is this, actually Thriller Erotica I can t even tell It seems to be everything and nothing of any genre at the same time So what happened here in detail Spoiler orgy ahead, so beware spoiler tags in place Mathias and Douglas Carmichael are brothers Mat is 29 years old and gay He s been a UFC fighter for many years, fighting in the cage to earn money to support his brother after the death of their parents 10 years earlier.Dougie is 23 years old and straight After being handed from foster family to foster family following the death of their parents, Dougie finally moved in with his big brother at age 18 and is currently studying psychology and social studies, appreciating but also worrying that his brother is earning their money fighting and thus risking his own body for him He knows that once Mat is too old or too injured to fight, it will be up to him to earn their money after finishing his degree to support his older brother.Whether this whole arrangement is the sanest agreement for these guys is a question that this series largely draws from.Anyway, one absolutely ordinary day, view spoiler Dougie gets attacked in their home by strangers Mat walks in on the scene and immediately starts fighting them off, but the attackers are too numerous Both Dougie and Mat have to surrender and the strangers carry them off in a van.What starts off as a classic kidnapping scenario quickly turns into a terrible nightmare, when the men start raping Dougie, while Mat is unable to do anything but watch.By the time the van arrives at some unknown location, the ordeal only pauses as Mat and Dougie are taken to a woman called Madame who welcomes them to an auction house where they are kept in small cages, cruelly tormented and broken and prepared for their own auction To be sold as pleasure slaves to the highest bidder Nikolai Petrovic at the beginning simply a masked face among a sea of masked strangers notices Mat, the stubborn fighter who even as he is debased and dehumanized still has power left in him A power that as Nikolai immediately realizes can only be controlled by the younger brother by his side Seeing the potential of Mat s beautiful body and fighting spirit, Nikolai purchases both brothers to start their slave training on his remote mountain estate.Weeks of endless pain and torture turn into months Mat and Douglas, always kept separate from each other, have to face different kinds of torture and sexual abuse well calculated by Nikolai intended to break their spirits and transform them into obedient slaves.What works well with Douglas his need to please comes naturally after years spent in foster care and his dependence on his brother is a convenient way for Nikolai to enter his mind, slowly shifting Dougie s priorities and loyalties away from Mat and over to himself , doesn t work at all with his brother.Mat only gets to suffer and He is not easily influenceable However, he cannot help his physical reaction to torture He cowers before Nikolai and allows him to do things to him that are unspeakable, but never NEVER does Mat become Nikolai s creature Unlike Dougie Dougie who starts seeing both a lover and a father figure in Nikolai A shoulder to lean on and a master to please And Dougie craves Nikolai s punishments too he gladly takes a beating if it rights a wrong and makes Nikolai pleased with him again.Nikolai perfectly plays both brothers in a series of incredibly sophisticated mind games Allowing Mat a chance to escape Giving Mat the opportunity to take a partly brainwashed Dougie with him Letting Dougie develop a glimmer of trust for his brother again, before shattering their world once and for all, punishing both men for their failed escape and disloyalty cementing his claim on Dougie s mind, who now associates his brother with failure, weakness, pain and never ending punishments Things get even worse when Nikolai brings in a second trainer who rapes and torments Dougie cruelly while Mat is present and helpless and then acting as Dougie s rescuer, thus becoming a living god in Douglas eyes So it isn t a huge leap for Nikolai to turn Dougie against Mat culminating in Dougie considering his brother a savage beast that he will gladly rape, if it makes his master happy and does, on than one occasion Mat is nothing but a disappointment to Dougie He promised him protection and safety, but all he caused to Dougie is pain and even pain from the hands of Nikolai, the man he considers his world, his universe, his everything He will never fail Nikolai again Never Dougie understands that Nikolai never lied to him about anything For loyalty and love, Nikolai promises guidance and affection in return For disobedience, he promises pain And he always keeps his promises However, Nikolai is a professional trainer of slaves He doesn t train Dougie to be his personal pet Originally, Dougie s only purpose was to accompany and control his savage brother when Nikolai sells them both off to a sadistic client of his, who will have much fun with a fighting and resisting slave like Mat than with a pliant, obedient slave, like Dougie.The feelings between Nikolai and Dougie are somewhat unexpected for the seasoned trainer and it is a rare promise that Nikolai gives Dougie as a farewell present Should Mat die at their new master s hands, Nikolai will take Dougie back and keep him for himself, because his new owner wouldn t have need for a pet slave anyway.So Dougie only lives to keep his disgusting brother in check, hoping the beast will die quickly under the cruel care of their new master Allen so Dougie can quickly return to Nikolai s side.Being the perfect slave he is, Dougie tries his best to please Allen the same way he pleased Nikolai, but where Nikolai was calculating, but affectionate, Allen is unpredictable, violent and inherently homophobic despite his tendencies Weeks of torment only ease for Douglas when Allen s wife Penny takes a liking to him, acting as his mistress and treating him with dignity and affection Life for Mat, however, has just turned to hell.Constant pain and humiliation aren t new to him and the only reason not to end his pain by committing suicide is his unshakable hope that one day he will be able to escape and save Dougie in the process.But Allen is not only a mad pervert, he s also a businessman He realizes that Mat is not just a pretty face, but a skilled fighter He uses Mat for cage fighting matches against men who crossed him forcing Mat to fight to the death each fight earning Allen a fortune in bets So Mat ends up killing several men, their deaths a constant weight on his soul.One day, it is actually Dougie who realizes an opportunity to escape Celebrating a 4th of July party on a luxury yacht at sea, Mat and Dougie are once again thrown together in a weird sex game with one of Allen s patrons who wants to live out some daddy son fantasy with the brothers Allen who isn t ANYTHING like Nikolai is careless enough to leave the key to Mat s shackles with Dougie Dougie proposes to Mat to escape, but when the time comes, he refuses to go with Mat and decides to stay behind After all, once Mat is out of the picture, Allen would surely return Dougie to Nikolai Right Well, WRONG Mat promises to return to Douglas, whether he wants it or not, and leaves his brother behind.Allen is furious that his priced fighter is gone He contacts Nikolai, requesting to get Mat back or else he ll let Douglas suffer.And that s just what he does Mat is gone for 25 days which leads to 25 days of horrible torture for Dougie.Mat in the meantime is finally in contact with the FBI and works on a scheme to not only get Dougie back, but also to blow up the entire slavery ring once and for all An elaborate undercover operation throws Mat back into Nikolai s hands However, this time, FBI Agent Nate Johnson who harbors romantic feelings for Mat is by his side as well as some other pretty unexpected guest stars cough Ty and Zane cough and together they bring down the entire illegal operation that cost Mat and Dougie one year of their lives and left them shattered and unable to even cope with the simplest things of ordinary life, such as not shying away from a consoling touch.Doug has an especially hard time adapting to a life outside of slavery, desperately searching for direction and a hard hand to make decisions for him After ending up raped in a leather bar, Mat is furious and demands that Dougie stops his destructive behavior, which results in Dougie trying to see a master in Mat A master that he can seduce sexually, which is the last straw in tearing down the walls of their new found freedom.It is actually the death of a mutual lover of Mat and Dougie s from their days in slavery that makes Dougie see the light and leads to his decision to live He finally reaches out to Mat and opens up to therapy and to getting his own life back.The series closes with the trials of all people involved in the Cartel and Dougie finally making peace with both Nikolai and his foster dad, Mike, who played a key role in keeping the investigation in the case of the missing brothers alive It turned out that the Cartel repeatedly kidnapped foster children who dropped out of the social system and who didn t have family to miss them A terrible criminal society has come to an endAnd our boys are finally free hide spoiler

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    shuddering breath It s over The intensity of this series literally took my breath away, an Epic series that left me a bittersweet taste, and it s simply hard to say goodbye and after some episodes I felt like I was finally getting air again after holding my breath btw episodes On this series truly unforgivable things are done to Mat and Doug the reader have to be brave but was so so worth every single tear and every single anger attack I had, because now I m freaking happy, very happy for Mat and Nate Heidi and Rachel did a wonderful job in wrapping up my outstanding issues, AMAZING Incredibly challenging but highly recommended

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    I can t believe I finished this series I could of done without the couple of pages of extra content at the very end ButI feel like I accomplished something I don t know why LOL I wish there was a place to review the series as a whole since that would make sense I thought I d do it here, but nowit doesn t seem right I ll just say that, if you enjoy dark reads, The Flesh Cartel needs to be on your read list.

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    Wow I did it I actually DID IT I finished the series, and loved every moment of it OK, no I didn t, I suffered through some of it, I cried , I hated, I needed breakersBut let me tell you this was an experience I am so happy I took I can t review the whole series here, and I can t review this book without spoiling it, so I ll only say Thank you so much Rachell and Heidi

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    5 stars No matter what This is it the end of a series I have been reading in little pieces for the last year First of all it s difficult to let Mat, Doug and Nate go Considering all the terrible things they had to go through, I found myself caring for them a lot and I would like to know about their future But I have to say that the authors did well they make it possible to leave them behind with the feeling that one day they will reach the point where all the terrors can be left in the past and were they will be able to reclaim their lives They are definitly already on the way to that point Reading The Flesh Cartel was a real challenge I m not afraid of dark and painful reads, but this one was an extreme in many aspects But I m happy that I gave it a try It was an interesting experience in a lot of different ways However, a light and funny read is in order

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    Where do I start Sorry for the spelling mistakes it was a long review I m gonna make just one review because I don t feel like i m capable of summarize each of the 19 hard books.It took me than a year to end this because WTH Even in my worst nightmares I really can t imagine THIS Can t Just Can t WTF How humans can be so f bad Two very young men, whose lives have been shattered in a frightening evening.Douglas Carmichael is a young guy like many A simple psych student One night at home, his life just took a turn.euh tragic unbelievable incredible I don t have words but wow Many men entered his house and kind of kidnapped him In the same time his big brother Mathias Carmichael came home and just fell on it.We don t have to wait to see the horror in this It started the moment this men entered this house They started to rape Doug right away All the way in the truck, to the bastard who ordered this, IN FRONT OF his big brother Douglas wasn t even gay His first time was with so many rough men in the back of a truck I ve read it last year and I remembered that was so schoking I ve just stopped the book I mean 19 like that not for me.And a day, I was reading some reviews in Goodreads when I fell on a review about the end of this, the girl told about Mat and his boyfriend who worked together to take the bad people down So it made curious So I restarted it till the plug punishment It wasn t just the plug, it was all These two were raped everyf day, multiple times by multiple men women Sometimes they used their bodies, sometimes they used things a bottle sometimes full of wine just to make them scream, bleed, beg, cry After a little time with their first kidnapper named Madame , they ve been bought by a pet trainer named Nikolai Petrovic This man IS a nightmare He bought slaves , broke them and rebuilt a new personality, a slave one , born to obey.He broke Douglas and created some kind of Stockholm Syndrom where Douglas kind of fell in love with him I mean I never hate someone like I hate Douglas the day he turned again his brother I know it s unfair I know that I just can t understand a small thing about what he was going through but still Mat was always alone in this Always The ONLY reason he fought everyday was HIS little brother He was surviving just to protect him, he fought And after all this brother still betrayed him I was so angry So so angry It wasn t like Mat didn t received the same treatment Mat is a UFC fighter Not the best but his force is not in his fist but in his headHe has such a mental strength He impressed me He never ever gave up He fought even where he wasn t supposed to be In addition to constant rapes, he was tortured, humiliated, abused by all ways I couldn t imagined before reading about it And that s the reason I m having hard time with Doug because it wasn t like Mat wasn t receiving an horrible treatment too.After an awful time in Nikolai s hands, I just can t share details about it rape everyday, torture plug or a serum that makes you scream in pain for 7 full hours , manipulation, big lies suicide thoughts The two boys are send to a new buyer named Allen He was stupid Not smart like Nikolai Just a brutal rich guy who thinks he can own people and make them do whatever he wants when he wants He s so self centered He was disgusting Treating people like shit, hurting them, even going as far as killing them.He didn t care about Douglas at all so he was relegated to the background with other slaves who where there for some time Their time is kind of limited until the boss get bored Doug had a hard time being friends with them because it isn t really a best environment to link best friendship It s all about surviving And Douggie didn t really care because his only focus was to get back to his lover Nikolai.Mat was Allen s favorite one He made him do some nasty and unbearable things Horrible things I was so afraid Mat would just let go at some time because everyone has his limits By using the last thing he was enjoying He buried the last pleasure of this miserable existence for Doug in addition to the constant abuse rape, whipping, torture.You know when I saw them land of in a private island I lost hope How to escape Just impossible But there is Mat Mat this amazing survivor He fought to take advantage of the only opportunity that has been given to him to make the difference I was crying when I saw him in the hospital Literally crying Happy tears because wow After months, after we ve been embarked in this scary adventure , at no time, really no time we saw an ounce of light at the end of the tunnel Over time, the only way out I saw was suicide because in my eyes death is better than living no surviving like that How Roger another slave survived twenty four years in this God How Not only Mat was able to escape but he CAME BACK for Doug, returned to bring down all those disgusting humans with my babies Ty ad Zane and he was successful I read, re read, re re read the scene where Nate made Nikolat taste his little serum I was so happy A small thing brought me so much pleasure haha Fortunately the two authors made us 3 books to watch Mat and Doug rebuilt their lives Mat has an incredible relationship with Nate the cop who handled his case They were so cute once the BIG discussion was done I love them But , I just love the fact that, after all of this Mat found the one The person who s gonna help him to re loved his body, to re loved the sex with another man, and finally to re loved himself because that s the purpose of all of it Mat has trouble to see himself like a hero while he deserves this title everyf day The best big brother in the world The best man.Doug on the other hand was always fighting with his love for Nikolai or his love hate for Mat He made so many mistakes Too much And I probably wouldn t bee that angry if he hadn t hurt Mat in the process Instead of focusing on him, as usual Mat focuses on his brother and as usual this ungrateful child only focuses on himself Until he did again the irreparable and Mat reacts badly totally deserved After having learned about view spoiler Rogers suicide hide spoiler

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    5 million stars OH MY GOD It was a brilliant, emotional journey This review is of the entire Flesh Cartel serial Or rather, it s a host of my thoughts and feelings provoked by those books So, I m sorry for my babbling I actually have no words to describe this incredible, heartwrenching story But know this the writing style was outstanding I ve read quite a lot of Rachel Haimowitz books, but it was my first by Heidi Belleau and boy, do those ladies know how to create a complex, dramatic plot with many twists and changes of circumstances.Although the main events happen almost entirely in only 2 places, 2 sets of our play, it s never boring or repetitive.Warning it s a SERIAL , not a series of standalones, the instalments must be read in order You can read it as either 19 separate parts or 5 seasons, combining a few parts in each season book.The story concentrates on 2 orphaned men Mat a 29 year old MMA UFC fighter and his younger brother, Dougie, who s 23, and on his way to a PhD in clinic psychology.I don t want to give away too many details because each and every book of those 19 brilliant instalments depicts a or less complete chunk of Mat and Doug s ordeal in the clutches of the Cartel And they re all short, about 75 pgs each.Generally, the whole story evolves around human trafficking and a complete cycle of procuring a nice euphemism, isn t it , training to a particular order, and finally selling to a specific buyer of sex slaves.Our 2 brothers find themselves in the situation where they have to endure this whole process, fighting tooth and nail to escape and to maintain their humanity and mutual love Mat and Dougie are purchased by Nikolai , a top shelf slave trainer of Russian descent Nikolai, and his loyal slave, lover and right hand man, Roger, begin to transform the brothers into the pliant, sweet and obedient pleasure slave Dougie and the half feral, not entirely broken fighting dog fucktoy Mat.Nikolai and his cronies use a lot of mind games and brainwashing which was brilliantly well thought out and an entire array of BDSM implements, including view spoiler whippings, beltings, fistings, gags, enemas, nasty butt plugs, cock cages, nipple clamps, sensory deprivation, sissifying and branding hide spoiler

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    I can t believe I m saying Goodbye to them, they have grown so much on me, it s a bittersweet separation, it s like saying goodbye to an old friend and it s just sad even though I m happy for them to finally being able to move on and try to start a new life This episode was everything I wanted and wished for them It was like the icing on the cake it wasn t practically a cake thou wincing but well, you get what I mean Doug has grown out of his shell and his brainwashed foggy state of mind, I never expected to say that about him, but I was so damn proud of him in the scene between him and Nickolai the anticipation and tension was so freaking palpable, I was holding my breath and for a moment there, I thought Doug might go crazy and be convinced by his bullshit view spoiler but he proved me wrong , thank God hide spoiler

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    A review by The Blogger Girls.This has been a long, exciting road, especially if you ve read this series in pieces, as I have Every installment leading up to the sting operation that freed Doug and took down a chunk of the Cartel has been extremely intense Then there was the recovery period where the boys had to try to acclimate back into normal lives, followed by the closure of the trial and what appear to be a new direction and beginnings for the guys.One of the things I loved in this segment was seeing that Doug is not miraculously healed He understands his issues better now and sees them for what they are He comes to the understanding that he may not be gay even after his experiences but leaves that door of possibility open He also addresses his need desires for being dominated resulting from his experiences This was my favorite therapy session by far.As for Mat, he seems to have grown by leaps and bounds, especially where Doug is concerned He and Nate are in a better place and seem perfect for each other Being with someone who has first hand knowledge understanding of what he went through is monumental in helping him overcome his issues, and Nate has the patience and desire to see him through.So, I m sad to see the end of these guys but am really happy they made it to this point as well as they have It was nice to see the possibility for happiness in each of the characters.I must mention Nikolai, the man I love to hate and hate that I love Right to the end, I wanted to kill him yet wanted to see Sounds like he may be back in action some day so perhaps we will get to see him doing what he believes he does best.It has been difficult to rate this series in segments, as some just had that extra umph that wasn t present in others, but that is to be expected given the content However, overall, I m giving this series 5 stars for taking us full circle Is everything all sweet and rosy at the end No After what they went through, especially Doug, that is not only understandable but expected They do seem to be on the right path now that they ve moved beyond the trial and are actually able to move forward with their lives Kudos for a fabulous wrap up on this I m glad I was along for the ride.