Nineteen year old Erin is hoping that her visit to Japan with her best friend Adam will be life changing When Erin was just four years old her mother mysteriously vanished Erin's only clue to her mother's possible whereabouts is a hand written itinerary for a dream trip to Japan a trip that Erin doesn't know if her mother ever had the chance to take Erin has decided to carry out this itinerary believing that it might help her find her motherBut Erin's trip won't be going according to planHours after they arrive in Tokyo in a jet lagged fog Erin and Adam end up in bed together While struggling with the tension that now dominates their once innocent friendship and the trauma stirred up from Erin's painful past Erin and Adam visit the places on her mother's list As they explore the wonders of Japan Erin finds herself haunted by strange memories that seem to belong to her mother Could these memories be real? If so perhaps her mother can be foundPraise for LOST IN TOKYOFull of heartbreak loss and finding yourself while falling in love with your best friend I would absolutely recommend this book and I have to several people already Amy GoodreadsBeautifully written emotional adventure uite a few scenes brought out the goosebumps Denise GoodreadsThere were so many surprises I was on the edge of my seat Kathryn GoodreadsJapan as a backdrop was such a uniue story setting It was both peaceful and exciting at the same time Amanda GoodreadsTraveling throughout Japan is a dream of mine and this book created a sense of familiarity with places I've only witnessed through manymanymany videos Em GoodreadsI absolutely loved this book I couldn't put it down The way the plot kept unfolding I never knew what was going to happen next Amanda GoodreadsIf you love inspiring young adult or new adult romantic contemporary novels don't miss this powerful readLOST IN TOKYO will appeal to readers of IF I STAY and JUST ONE DAY by Gayle Forman 180 SECONDS by Jessica Park TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN by John Green ALLIE AND BEA by Catherine Ryan Hyde THIRTEEN REASONS WHY by Jay Asher and REASON TO BREATHE by Rebecca Donovan The book provides a travel guide of wonderful things to see and do while on vacation in Japan featuring attractions in Tokyo Kyoto Nara Nikko and Kamakura wrapped in a coming of age story of healing and hope with an unexpected ending that you'll never see coming

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    Wow wow wow I thought author Jenny Lynne blew my mind with Lost in Los Angeles but LOST IN TOKYO was even better Erin captured my heart in the first book but in this one she won me over from the very first pages She goes to Tokyo with her bud Adam to live out her mother's bucket list As she follows the list she feels closer than ever to her mom who left her when she was a small child Adam is such an awesome friend to Erin and I couldn't love him My heart was beating like crazy reading LOST IN TOKYO I was swooning like mad for Adam I was happy and giggling with Erin Jenny Lynne had me right in Tokyo with the two of them I will tell you that the ending is without a doubt perfect What an awesome discover Erin makes Well done Jenny Lynne I can not wait to read by this awesome and heart tugging author

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    Nineteen year old Erin leaves the cocoon of her world in order to follow a forgotten bucket list her long lost mother had created was it to bring closure or to feel a connection to the mother she barely remembers? Whatever it was that Erin sought what she took home with her was priceless than goldErin and her best friend the always “up for anything” Adam travel halfway around the world to re trace her mother’s bucket list by visiting all of the sights she had catalogued to see in Japan What she finds is a connection to her mother that felt real as if she were seeing things through her mother’s eyes When her relationship with Adam changes it brings conflict while also giving her a feeling of peace but the greatest gift of all came by accident or was it fate that brought her to the end of her journey and the end of the mystery that her mother left behind?Lost in Tokyo by Jenny Lynn is a dark and almost mystical journey of a young adult in need of answers a place to feel she belonged in a the need to touch what had meant something to the mother who walked out on her fifteen years before Rather somber driven by the thoughts actions and reactions of two people isolated by language and the customs of an ancient and foreign country Highly emotionally charged riddled with the pain of feeling abandoned Do not expect a joyous ride of discovery expect a tumultuous mental journey to cleanse one’s soulI received this copy from Jenny Lynne in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date April 6 2014Publisher Jenny LynneGenre NAYA Family IssuesPrint Length 207 pagesAvailable from |  Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    I was given a copy of this book in exchange of an honest reviewOh God where you I start? First off let me tell you that I was sort of excited when I was asked to read this book for free The premise seemed promising and I liked the fact that the setting was in Japan a place that we not that many books are set in But it ended up not delivering From the first lines I already disliked the book And while the writing was perfectly fine it's the characters and the story line that made me not enjoy it I felt like I was reading a draft of what could have been a good story As I just mentioned the writing was okay but for some reasons it got on my nerves Maybe it's because it was told from Erin's point of view but I just didn't enjoy reading it I can't uite put my finger on what was bothering meNow let's talk about Erin I never disliked a narrator as much as I disliked Erin I hated reaading from her point of view She is simply annoying She keeps whining is completely delusional and just is indecisive She can't make up her mind about anything One minute she wants to be with Adam the next she just doesn't want to let anyone come near her and that goes on and on for over 200 pages And what was with this I can feel my mother and experience her memories thing? That made no sense at all I just felt like slapping Erin across the face and yell WAKE UP at her The author just tried to hard to make Erin's back story sad Her mother left her when she was a child her not present father commited suicide last year she was raped by her childhood's friend and the list goes on This was way too overdramatic for my own taste The actual story in Japan wasn't so bad but I felt like it had no purpose We didn't even know what was on Beatrice's buckt list so it just felt like they were aimlessly wandering 99% of the time And what about the supposed plot twists? It felt too obvious Of course the one man who gave her a drawing knew his mother and had put her in it Of course the one time a month her biological father because it turns out her father was not her real one goes to the tourist center is the time Erin goes there to look for her mom and meets him Everything was pushed too far like it was forced down my throatHowever I did like the character development If there is one thing this book did well was make Erin grow This trip definitely changed her and I think the author handled her evolution pretty well

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    I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review'Lost in Tokyo' is an great continuation of Erin's story from 'Lost in Los Angeles' The storyline was such an emotional adventure that was also beautifully written Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down I was drawn into Erin's journey as she sought out her mother But what she left with was so much uite a few scenes brought out the goosebumps Adam was a great friend whom also had uite an emotional time This book for me was so much than just a story It was full of pain happiness anger love hope and friendship From Erin 'When I came to Japan I was lost I'm not lost any' A great add to your tbr list Recommended read

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    I absolutely loved this book I couldn't put it down The relationship between Erin and Adam was amazingly sensual and slow building It kept the pages turning like crazy And the way the plot kept unfolding I never knew what was going to happen next Japan as a backdrop was such a uniue story setting It was both peaceful and exciting at the same time Jenny Lynne's use of imagery was fantastic the characters were always the main focus you felt like you were right there with them I will definitely be reading books from this author

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    Another amazing read by Jenny I was completely enthralled with the vivid descriptions in of Japan in this story I loved the interaction between Erin and Adam and how their relationship progresses With everything that Erin has gone through in her life she deserves her moment in the sun and her time in Japan is just that After reading this book I would love to plan a visit

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    What an experience The writing is absolutely beautiful It makes the entire story come to life You feel like you are right there with them exploring Japan I love the rich culture and how they took the time to learn some of the customs and phrases before their trip Erin and Adam's story was so pure and heartwarming I'm so glad that I picked up this book

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    This is a very tender love story and a great story about one setting out to find herself through her moms wishes and finds oh so much I loved this storyI was given this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Love love love The writing was clear the narrative was compelling the descriptions were vivid I did one of those start from the beginning when I finished it I wasn't ready to leave the world that Lynne had created

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    This is the second book in the series and I loved it as much as the first There were so many surprises I was on the edge of my seat I love this author