Reality was much satisfyingKatherine Inskip's ideal man didn't exist in this century Nevertheless her dreams and the books she wrote were dominated by a swashbuckling pirate She'd never imagined she'd encounter him in the flesh until she met Jared HawthorneOwner of the South Seas island where Kate was unwinding Jared could have stepped off the pages of a historical romance In almost every way he was her perfect fantasy — bold dashing domineering But then Kate began to suspect that Jared had something in common with his piratical ancestors—something that wasn't at all by the book

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    An old Krentz straight up romance no paranormal and not historical from 1990 It ages relatively well though it's a light story to begin with Yeah Jared can be dictatorial but the reader isn't being asked to think that's normal and Kate holds her own just fine including calling him on it outright Jared's son Dave is a fun addition though like all the other island folks a little too eager to embrace KateTwo instances of relationship fiat sat poorly with me one by each lead Jared's an idiot if he thinks he can just order Kate to ignore the mystery he's caught up in once she catches a whiff of it And Kate's final push for relationship resolution was both unreasonable and high handed Worse though only Jared's high handedness is called out as wrong and manipulative And still worse both felt out of character for the straightforward people they are and thus like authorial intrusion for dramaFor all of the shallow story and drama manipulations I still had a good time and laughed out loud than once Their banter was sometimes brilliant So I'm going to stick with three stars and am happy I spent a couple fun hours with the charactersA note about Steamy There are three explicit sex scenes though the last is almost perfunctory So it's the middle of my steam tolerance though barely

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    Overly fluffy and silly but a good way to spend a few hours before bed

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    Just another romance novelThe outline of the plot is easy Girl takes tropical vacation at resort owned by guy Girl finds out guy is involved in uestionable activity but falls in love with guy anyway Guy decides girl is lovely enough to go to submarine races with but not smart enough to trust Guy is too dumb to realize girl he loves doesn't respond well to blind orders Girl is too dumb to know the difference between being brave and being foolhardy Girl and guy rescue each other Bad guys get caught Good guys triumph Guy and girl get married All's well that ends wellI am generally a fan of the author but I found myself skimming over pages in order to finish the book faster If you are in the mood for a romance novel with the usual dumb girl and arrogant guy you might find this book of interest You are likely to find the supporting characters interesting than the protagonists

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    This one was just wishy washy Neither a good romance nor a good mystery The heroine was just mean and bitchy while the hero was an ashole most of the timeIn the book's defense i got stuck with an ABRIDGED version AGAIN So i will try to find a full length one soon Why do abridged books even exist? If you are too lazy to read a book then just don't read it don't have someone re tell you the short version of it

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    Such a great love story about an over worked over stressed romance writer and an amazing dashing resort owning man Who just happens to be the spitting image of the hero in all the novels Great love story ok adventure to keep you guessing

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    It's like hanging out with an old friend I love the interactions between Kate and Jared as well as between Kate and David Fun story with a prickly heroine and a stubborn hero on a gorgeous island resort I also love how the staff bets on everything

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    The main characters were both really unpleasant people and the dialogue was weird

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    Kate is a writer of historical romance Her two best friends have shanghaied her into going to a Pacific island for one month It is all a plan to help her destress The island is interesting to Kate because it was first settled by a pirate and it even has a crumbling castle She tells herself that is the only reason she finally surrenders to the inevitable But she also recognizes that she needs to do something other than workWhen she arrives she realizes she is in a tropical paradise She also meets Jared the owner of the resort and nearly the entire island He is what she has always dreamed of in a true pirate He is powerful stubborn handsome and bossy as heckAnd he is the man who has appeared in her dreamsJared is a widower with a young son David He has worked hard to develop his resort and his island He is a good employer a good friend and a very good father His late wife was a delicate angel She was everything Kate is notBut Jared is immediately attracted to Kate He is drawn to her strong personality her strength of character and her willingness to stand up for herself In fact when he first sees her she is assaulting a man who has been holding her at knife point attempting a robberyJared is immediately interestedI am a big fan of Ms Krentz and her writing I love her books no matter which name appears as the author I have been reading her books for many yearsI enjoyed this book It has many laugh out loud moments The dialog is perfect Jared is a terrific hero He says all the right things But he is unable to get the concept of a woman who is strong and able to make her own decisions He always felt if he found another wife she would be a shy and gentle woman Then he met KateKate was not always likable At times she behaves like a teenager unwilling to follow the rules But I did admire her intelligence her sense of humor and her immediate connection to David She has a great deal of kindness which helped me overcome her being so stuck in her waysI did not give the book five stars because I felt that this story fell into a formula It is a really enjoyable book for me But it held no surprisesAlthough I must admit even without surprises Ms Krentz writes a wonderful story

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    The Pirate by Jayne Ann KrentzI don't think Jayne Ann needs any reviews from me she is such a successful author with so many great books to her credit But I would be less than honest if I did not at least make a comment or two about this bookJayne is the mistress of feisty heroines and almost every book she has written has left me laughing at the antics of her prime female characters This book is no exception Romance writer Kate blasts into view on an island vacation she didn't really want to take by dealing with Sharp Arnie a would be purse snatcher in a way that left me laughing right to the end of the bookWhen Arnie demands her purse in her stress she empties it out on the alley floor and dares him to pick it all up When he foolishly bends to retrieve her wallet she gives him a karate kick that sends him flying then proceeds to stomp all over him till he flees all the while giving him a lecture on the perils of his profession That scene alone was worth the price of the book Buy it It's one of her lower priced novels and worth every nickel Mind you all her books are worth it but her publishers keep jacking her prices up so high I can only afford to buy her books when they go on sale Seems like PenguinRandom House is trying to pay its bills on Jayne Ann Krentz alone Such a shame I would buy every one of them if they were in a proper price range for Kindle

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    Well this book wasn't what I expected I was thinking pirates and booty and adventure and There was a bit of suspense just not what I was expecting Katherine Inskip is a romance novelist who writes historicals including pirate romances After she almost works herself to death her friends take it upon themselves to send her on a vacation of a small isolated island to get some rest The island is owned by Jared Hawthorne a descendant of a real pirate Jared is kind of like a pirate himself but alas there is not much pirating going on a little bit between the sheets and some other goings on Overall the book was okay but I got really annoyed during the middle when Kate kept insisting Jared had to tell her what was going on at a deserted castle on his island and he kept telling her it was none of her business which it wasn't