When Juneau S Clan Disappeared, She Lost So Much Than Her Friends And Family She Soon Discovered Everything She Thought She Knew About Her Life Was A Lie Her People S Gifts Were Actually Secret Abilities That Others Wanted, Desperately Enough To Kidnap An Entire VillageJuneau And Her New Companion Miles S Cross Country Journey To Find Her Clan Has Led Them To A Game Preserve In New Mexico Now Juneau S People Are Finally Within Reach, And She Will Stop At Nothing To Save Them But She Has A Target On Her Back Too, Because Unbeknownst To Her She Is The Key To Unlocking Everything To Rescue Her People And Herself Juneau Must Discover What She, And Her Abilities, Are Truly Capable Of Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick Dirty An exciting second installment about Juneau s adventure that I enjoyed.Opening Sentence Miles has been dead for one hour.The Review Juneau is back on the run, and this time she s starting the journey all alone Miles died, and although she s fighting to bring and keep him alive with the Rite, she doesn t know the side effects of one who is not from her clan undergoing the ceremony She is still following leads to track down her clans, this time with a renewed belief in the Yara and her connection to it, but she will soon realize that the forces they are up against are powerful than imagined They have resources and motivations that could make them deadly, so Juneau must tread carefully, for she has everything to lose.I really enjoyed Juneau s character in this second installment She had a determination and a confidence that she carried herself that made her fun to read about this is not to say, however, that she was immune from the doubts and worries of having a whole clan s future resting on her shoulders I appreciated watching her development and adaptation to the new modern world she had been dragged into unexpectedly As well as this, her relationship with Miles changed her in ways that I liked watching, and by the end of the novel she had found renewed courage and strength As a reader, she was an interesting point of view, and I found her spin on everything refreshing after all, it was through the eyes of one who had never known modern comforts.Miles was the love interest and second point of view that I was following In the last book, I believe I found him somewhat lazy and a deadweight, and in this novel you really see him transition both mentally and physically to a helpful force to Juneau s cause He also grew into himself, and developed into a character with much confidence who was a match to Juneau I really liked this change and how Juneau inspired it, and it gave a nice nod to how their relationship inspired each other to become better Speaking of the relationship, I still was a fan of the love story, and I found it moved at a good pace and not the insta love often found in young adult novels that I ve grown to dislike.There were new plot developments in this second installment, as well as continuations of the first book For example, Juneau s connection with the earth although she seemed to redeem it by the end of the first book, new ideas brought to light in the second lead to her questioning it all over again Juneau leading the clan was also a constant, as she felt the duty to save her people and that carried her decisions throughout the series It seemed like an awful amount of pressure for a teenage girl, but Juneau being Juneau, she handled it admirably New characters were revealed, and motivations of already known ones were revealed I appreciate knowing backstories of the antagonists in novels because it gives their actions an explanation, so knowing about Whit was a welcome addition to this second book.Altogether, I really did enjoy this novel and this series I think the first book had a lot worldbuilding and was an entry to the plotline and introduction to the characters As such, I liked the second book better than the first, as it had action and twists The characters were all strong and had lots of depth It was a really easy book to follow, and very readable both point of views were interesting, and I never felt bored or like the plot had lagged, as I remember doing in the first There were quite a few reveals as the novel went on, and those twists were fun to read I would definitely recommend this to fans of the first I think you will be impressed Notable Scene My body melts away until there is nothing left but a small white ball, feathers, beak, and a flash of light And like that, I am sprung into the air The words of the song grow clearer, and I sense another bird keeping pace with me, just outside my vision I flap my wings, banking steeply as we climb together, high over the endless ocean We catch the wind and soar.FTC Advisory HarperTeen provided me with a copy of Until the Beginning No goody bags, sponsorships, material connections, or bribes were exchanged for my review. Book 1 After the End Edit I just learnt that it s a duology, actually It was the end, then take a breath Okaaaay Take away the banter Where is the chemistry between Miles and Juneau Their hilarious dialogues The slow growth of their affection If I m being fair, I could have seen it coming at the end of book 1 Because what did I love so much in Miles and Juneau s relationship at firstTheir differences Their banter The hilarious complete inability for Miles to stand wildlife Now, I m not saying that he morphed into some super country man, but he evolved for sure and oh god, I can t believe what I m going to say but he was funnier when he was clueless I know, I suck Sue me But take away the banter, and there s not quite enough sparks between them to make me interested in their relationship Contrary to After the End where I was delighted by their interactions, I couldn t help but notice the fact that they felt forced here In my opinion, anyway.Moreover, as I said, it can sound weird that I complain about Miles s changes, because usually I m all for character development but in my opinion he lost too much of his own identity, too much of what made me love him in the first place Although some of his thoughts made me smile still, it occurred way rarely than before So, yes Okay He grew up I m not saying he s bad, because he s not Yet I lost any connection I could have in After the End I don t care any, and I m the first to be sad about it, trust me Finally, talk about one of the most anticlimactic sex scene I ever read for a couple I ship, let s say I just didn t care, like, at all, as it appeared from nowhere Of course it s YA so everything fades into black and I m completely okay with that but still, I m usually invested, while here, it didn t even make me smile If anything, it annoyed me, because of course no protection for Juneau Okay, they re one with the Yara and so can t get any disease, there s that Anyway, what about kids That s not like the girl could have been on the pill, living recluse the way she did and all But OF COURSE THAT S FANTASTIC, because everybody knows that it s always the case on the first time Oh, wait that s because of the Yara Silly me Please don t change anything, you might interest me If the story is still fast paced, almost nothing happens until the end, and even then I wasn t enthralled nor captivated by the story Basically, Juneau wants to save her clan Miles is trailing along with her Whit is not to be trusted Powerful dudes try to kidnap her, because she s SO important Ring a bellOh, YES It was the plot of After the End Well, now, you ve got the same here, without the shocking beginning and the hilarious conversations Yikes.To be clear, I felt like we ran round in circles, and the last development about the abilities of Juneau and her clan didn t satisfy me as I wasn t a big fan of the so special status of Juneau it implies In a word, if the Yara didn t convince me in the first book, my interest didn t increase here, but I sure rolled my eyes pretty often, I have to admit Add some cartoonish villains Indeed the villain s s lack of characterization makes him them so superficial that if his their behavior is are truly awful and disrespectful and fucking crazy , I didn t feel anything toward him them while my brain was able to see how bad he is they are , yet I never felt anything No fear, let alone fury My heartbeat never grew wild Not for a second Truth be told, their portrayal are cartoonish, as they offer no nuances Not nearly enough anyway.I like nuances I m in love with nuances Please give me nuances To sum up, Until the Beginning wasn t terrible, and Amy Plum knows how to write for sure, but it lost me along the way so much that I m not even sure that I ll read the last book, because sadly, I m not sure I ll feel the need to There will be no book 3, apparently. For of my reviews, please visit 4 stars I wish I could talk to my mother The same blood flowed through her veins And she took that blood and made it into something she thought could save the worlduntil she realized that it had the potential to destroy it Spoilers ahead This is the sequel to After The End In the first book we were introduced to Juneau and Miles We were let in on the secret of Juneau s clan and why they are immune to disease, why they don t seem to age It all came down to a drug called Amrit that the elders of the clan created, originally as a way to help endangered species of animals But once they realized the side effects, having tested it on themselves, they went into hiding deep in the Alaskan wilderness Most thought it best to keep knowledge of the drug hidden, thinking that it would ultimately be bad for the humanity of the world So they created the lie of World War 3 and the world being a wasteland to satisfy the next generations curiosity.Now the thing about this drug that makes it so unique One of it s ingredients was originally a small bit of Juneau s mothers bloodand something about her mothers blood and Juneau s makes the Amrit possible So when one of the clan elders breaks away to try to sell the Amrit and get his fame and fortune for it, we now understand why Juneau is so important They need her blood, both to produce Amrit and to look for possible synthetic replacements.The end of the first book left us with Miles being shot and Juneau administering Amrit to him in an attempt to save him Now we re left wondering if he ll live or die If Miles awakes, he will be a changed person He will have the gift of life free of disease and aging If he doesn t, then the one person who matters most to me outside of my clan, of course will be gone Abruptly And forever So we wait to see what Miles fate will be, while at the same time Juneau continues on her quest to locate and rescue her clan.This was a lot better than the first one, for me It had a faster pace and action in it Not to mention it was nice to have an explanation for everything I ended up liking the ending My only issue still was the romance This 2 book series takes place within a few weeks, so the relationship between Juneau and Miles just seemed to go from one extreme to the next Also, I didn t like how nonchalant Juneau was about the sex thing, like losing her virginity to a guy she basically just met and disliked and didn t trust last week was the most normal thing I mean, I probably sound so old fashioned, but seriously Overall though, not a bad read 4.5 StarsExcellent conclusion to an exciting duology This is YA at its best I definitely recommend the audio version Emily Rankin and Graham Hamilton s performance made the story come to life.I was amazed with Juneau and Miles ability to strategize and use whatever they had available in pursuit of the ultimate goal of saving Juneau s clan Juneau had to sort through her beliefs to and find her own truths, but she didn t let the questions hold her or her powers back I have to say her father and clan trained Juneau well, in spite of the lies they told I loved the positive character growth Miles had through this journey, and I was pleased he caught on so quickly and became a real asset The romance was lovely Not so much that it took over the plot, but enough swoony moments to satisfy this romance junky.