Mike Forester is a writer traveler and free spirit from New York Packing his bags and moving across the ocean for the summer sounds like just the thing to get his creative juices flowing Ana Rhode is an Austrian tour guide and waitress unsure of where she is heading Her only certainty is her dislike for American men He signs up for her tour and is convinced that the blonde fur ball is just what he needs to make him feel at home She shows him the ropes of her city and is certain that the infuriating man from overseas has a screw loose When his research gives way to chasing her sinfully pink lips Mike knows he's in trouble Ana just knows that he is trouble She is lost in time while he gets lost in place Can she learn to trust the handsome American? Is it worth his efforts or will their culture shock turn into a culture clash?

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    I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review Lost Found is the story of Mike Forester an American writer who moves to the beautiful city of Vienna for the summer in the hopes of finding inspiration for his upcoming book He is immediately smitten with his gorgeous tour guide Ana Rhode Ana on the other hand is not impressed by him in the slightest Even so – she loathes all American men and she’ll be damned if she falls for Mike’s charms What she didn’t expect is that Mike is not an American jerk at all but rather a nice guy who’s genuinely interested in getting to know her That makes resisting him all the difficult especially since he’s so bloody good lookingEverything worked for me in this story Vienna was a great place to set it in I’ve never been to Vienna but the author took the time to describe the city through the eyes of Ana the tour guide and I got a really good feel of it As a language student I am interested in different cultures and travelling so I really liked that aspect of the story The main characters were also uite likeable and the story was better even though it still had one of those typical romantic comedy endings but we’ll forgive the author for that Happy endings are sort of necessary with a story like this It also made me smile often and had a lot humour in it which is always appreciatedTo me Ana was the perfect representation of the average German woman She was a strong independent and stubborn woman who will not allow people to walk over her In short she does not have the patience to deal with your shit But it goes deeper than that – she may be tough on the outside but on the inside she’s a vulnerable girl afraid to get hurt because of something that happened in the past Mike on the other hand is the embodiment a typical American man – carefree adventurous and a joker he is everything Ana is not But for some reason the combination of the two worked Opposites attract right?I liked that Mike had to work hard for Ana’s love hell even for Ana’s like Mike’s constant battle to get on Ana’s good side despite his American ness made for some very interesting scenes I think my favourite scene was when they played Twenty uestions during a private city tour and their answers became and challenging towards one another as Ana gradually became riled up For instance Mike pointed out that he liked open mindedness and said that he would never change for anybody two stabs at Ana’s view of life That’s when the tension really became palpable There were also some misunderstandings because of cultural differences which I likedIf a nice fluffy read is what you’re looking for I would definitely recommend Lost Found It’s good for a uickie It’s one of those typical summer reads that will make you long for a city trip to Vienna or even an American man Whatever floats your boat

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    Vienna was a perfect setting for this story the city combined the modern world with pure history and this large contrast was the also seen through Mike and AnaMike is the definition of everything Ana did not want and Ana is a package Mike did not know he would need so much Ana's past haunts her future and Mike has to work hard to gain her trust in doing this you read about them touring Vienna and learning about themselves and the culture As Ana opens up you see them becoming closer until a large misunderstanding leaves them where they startedWas Mike exactly what she thought he'd be?

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    Too short for me and will there be a continuity like another book to be a series? Or maybe it connect to another book written by the same author? Because I think after being in the US their real story should be begun Like how they survive the relationship the job and the most important thing will Ana ever meet his biologicfather since she's in the area? Her story kinda reminds me of my self I haven't met my dad for years feel a bit insecure when it comes to men because of what he did to my mom And I was like Ana had no passion no ambition kinda lost at a time I really like that line I even highlighted it on my ereader Lol XD