The cruise is going to be the trip of a lifetime for Evie Hines At least that's what her friends say when they drag her on board for a birthday celebration Evie expects to get seasick She doesn't expect to run into her high school football coach who looks better than ever and still makes her heart skip a beat Richard Diaz is keeping his newly divorced sister and her sons company on the cruise Running into Evie Hines is a surprise he didn't see coming The watergirl with the most adorable blush in school is all grown up and her bronzed skin tiny bathing suit and bold new demeanor become an irresistible temptation No matter how much he resolves to stay away her determination to forget the past and have fun in the present battles against his self control She is looking for a vacation fling with the man of her dreams He'd rather jump overboard than break her heart Is it possible to throw caution to the wind and give in to their lust or will they both walk away with regrets?

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    25 3 StarsA nice read Didn't love it as much I had hoped to but I enjoyed it nonetheless Let's get into our two leading characters Evie and RichardCoach DiazCharactersEvieI was fine with Evie for the most part I wasn't in love with her character nor did I hate her I definitely wouldn't describe my feelings for her as apathetic eitherjust maybe a little step above apathetic towards like She's sort of a Debby Downer in the beginning and rightfully so as she dreads the 2 week long cruise due to her seasickness That pessimism also bleeds into her social life as she's a little wary of celebrating her friend's 21st though I believe that was out of the desire to stay away from wretched hangovers than just being anti social She's kind of a fuddy duddy in terms of her level of fun in the beginning but becomes a interesting character once she meets and interacts with Richard throughout the novella In the beginning she does what you'd typically expect a shy girl to react when she runs into an old crush she was obsessed with nervous and fidgety I think any level of likeness I have for her is due to this as empathize with her assuming you reactwould react the way she does in these situations She does however gains some courage once she decides to actively pursue Richard which adds some interest to the story Overall I'd say Evie is just your average reserved girl who breaks out of her shell albeit for the wrong reason to pursue a crushRichardI like him a little than Evie He's a bit playful than Evie which is the appealing factor for me He kicks out his moral side when things get heated between him and Evie but with Evie's newfound spunk his moral resolve is put to the test He's a truly great guy though as as the synopsis points out he goes on the cruise with his sister and her two sons It's sweet how he fiercely wishes to protect his sister and fill in the fatherly role for his nephews Overall I'd say he's someone you'd like for most of the novellaRomanceDisappointed I was hoping for a sweet romance but it was only somewhat sweet The two do have some nice romantic moments together but there's not much of a basis for that romance The story aims to portray Evie's crush as than a lust crush but I don't really see it Any retellings of their history together don't scream the planting of a love seed and their time together on the ship would fit in the beginning of a developing relationship rather than the adding of one view spoilerI thought it was sweet that Richard came with flowers and actively pursued Evie when given the chance with Carrie's help but it was iffy when he threw out the L word I like the two together and would like them to be together but throwing the L word out when they haven't had sufficient time to get to know each other personality wise doesn't sit well with me hide spoiler

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    I enjoyed the cruise I have not been on one myself so it sounded fun and the perfect girly trip to celebrate your friends 21st Birthday I read this within one day so it flowed well and would be a lovely beach read The romance between Evie and Richard for me had it's up and downs Take away the fact they used to be teacher and student they were uite sweet and the fact they kept running in to each other and the feels between them grew made you want to see them You could tell they cared for each other it was not all just an attraction The fact they were student and teacher is were the romance seemed a bit creepy he knew at 16 she fancied him which did not sit well and because they knew each other all those years ago they would say comments from that time so it would make you feel like this was still a student teacher relationship I would like to have seen this as a novel rather than a novella as I think this would have allowed Mila Rossi to expand the story of their relationship which would take away the studentteacher elements It would also mean the ending would not have happened so simply