Warm Hawaiian sun Lazy beach days Flirty texts with her boyfriend back in SeattleThese are the things seventeen year old Sloane McIntyre pictured when she imagined the summer she’d be spending at her mom’s home in Hawaii with her twin brother Penn Instead after learning an unthinkable secret about her boyfriend Tyler and best friend Mick all she has is a fractured hand and a completely shattered heart Once she arrives in Honolulu though Sloane hopes that Hawaii might just be the escape she needs With beach bonfires old friends exotic food and the wonders of a waterproof cast there’s no reason Sloane shouldn’t enjoy her summer And when she meets Finn McAllister the handsome son of a hotel magnate who doesn’t always play by the rules she knows he’s the perfect distraction from everything that’s so wrong back home But it turns out a measly ocean isn’t nearly enough to stop all the emails texts and voicemails from her ex boyfriend and ex best friend desperate to explain away their betrayal And as her casual connection with Finn grows deeper Sloane’s carefree summer might not be as easy to find as she’d hoped Weighing years of history with Mick and Tyler against their deception and the delicate possibility of new love Sloane must decide when to forgive and when to live for herself

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    I couldn’t resist this book Have you seen that cover? Read that synopsis? At the mention of Hawaii how can one just turn their head away?That’s right Hawaii is the main setting of SUMMER OF SLOANE Sloane is part Hawaiian Since her parents divorced and her mother left for her native state she and her mom have drifted apart despite her mom trying hard to stay connected But this summer everything is about to change Little did she know Sloane would lose both her best friend and boyfriend the day before her departureIndeed indeed the drama Llama definitely makes its apparition in SUMMER OF SLOANE It’s one of the main casts actually appearing everywhere and all the timeHowever drama is to be expected when one is dealing with such a heavy hearted serious and important subject Cheating is never easy on anyone And Miss Schneider looks at it in many ways Sloane doesn’t magically know what to do when she learns Mick slept with her boyfriend Tyler She’s angry hurt confused and very very lost It takes time for her to deal with everything which is why Hawaii is the right place for her to be right now I’ll admit it some parts don’t seem to come naturally It was especially unrealistic for so many other people in Sloane’s life to share their ‘‘cheating story’’ It felt like they only had one for the sake of teaching Sloane a lessonSUMMER OF SLOANE though is an enjoyable beach read or summer read Hell read this during winter if you wish; it will make you feel warmer And did I mention Hawaii? Alooooha Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    Seventeen year old Sloane McIntyre and her twin brother Penn’s parents are divorced and the two live with their father in Seattle Every summer they spend with their mother and step father in Honolulu Hawaii The day before they are to leave for Hawaii Sloane’s best friend Mick tells Sloane that she slept with Sloane’s boyfriend Tyler and is now pregnant Sloane is devastated and feels betrayed by two people she always thought she could trust Finding it hard to cope with this news Sloane determines that she will make this summer in Hawaii a good one and leave all thoughts of Mick and Tyler behind despite what they have done It’s easier said than done since once in Hawaii Sloane is getting constant texts and emails from the two trying to explain and say how sorry they areThis story was a real page turner There was fun summertime romance in this one but also some serious drama along the way I really liked Sloane and sympathized with her I liked how she tried to stay strong and decided that she was going to have the fun summer she deserved and not let the hurt stand in her way I enjoyed the secondary cast of characters in Hawaii; the friends she had known from previous visits and the new ones she was making including a new romantic interest with handsome Finn the son of a hotel magnateI disliked Tyler and Mick but at least Tyler did seem genuinely sorry and repentant for what he had done I thought Mick was absolutely horrible and couldn’t believe the way she blamed Sloane for things and tried to make Sloane feel guilty I’m surprised that Sloane’s friendship with Mick lasted as long as it did I liked Sloane’s new romantic interest Finn and her twin brother Penn And as always Hawaii provided a great setting with its sun and beaches and waterfalls

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    I started reading this on a frigid winter night here in Canada and it was exactly the book I needed to transport me somewhere else Precisely to the beaches of Hawaii—and thanks to Erin Schneider’s gorgeous writing I almost felt like I was reading on the beach with a fruity drink in my hand instead of in my pajamas bundled up with the wind howling outside Yes SUMMER OF SLOANE is the kind of book with the power to take your mind somewhere warmer and exotic But don’t mistake this for an airy beach read It’s a story that tackles so many things with grace humor and truth Sloane has just finished her junior year of high school and she and her twin brother Penn are off to visit their mom in Hawaii for the summer like they do every year Only this year is different Because before she gets on the plane Sloane suffers a devastating blow—she finds out that her lifelong best friend and her boyfriend the two people she loves and trusts the most hooked up behind her back After expressing her anger through a well thrown right hook not going to lie I loved that part Sloane boards the plane with a broken hand and a shattered heart But Hawaii might just be the change in setting Sloane needs After vowing to make it her summer and leave the drama back in Seattle Sloane meets handsome and charismatic Finn who makes her believe she can move on from what has happened and learn to trust someone again But Finn has demons of his own and Sloane is torn between the undertow of her past and the new life she could have on the horizonRight away I was pulled in to Erin Schneider’s writing style It’s the perfect blend of heavy and light serious and funny Sloane was strong but vulnerable sad yet hopeful—and the moments where she learned to put herself first made me want to cheer out loud Her struggles were extremely realistic Even though she’s thousands of miles from home and the people who betrayed her the ties with her past aren’t easy to sever and the good memories don’t just get blotted out because of the betrayal itself The way Sloane grapples with her dueling feelings made my heart hurt On another note all of the supporting characters here are so wonderfully fleshed out with uirks and heartaches and hopes of their own I found myself invested in what happened to all of themThis is a book with a lot of depth And if you’re reading it before bedtime know that there’s a great chance you’ll stay up a lot later than you intended because you’ll need to know what happens next SUMMER OF SLOANE is virtually unputdownable

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    I was hooked from the very first line of SUMMER OF SLOANE and Schneider kept me entranced with Sloane’s flirty summer romance and the lovely lush Hawaiian backdrop Sloane is a fierce main character who literally fights for her respect This debut novel follows Sloane as she rebuilds her life after her boyfriend and best friend hook up not a spoiler Sloane has to figure out where to place her loyalties and how to make room in her heart for both heartbreak and new beginnings I have no doubt that this book will be in every book bag in the summer of 2016 making next year the summer of Schneider I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    35 stars This was a fun addictive read and was exactly what I needed I loved pretending I was in Hawaii I loved that this book was about a girl learning to make decisions for herself If you like summery romantic reads I'd definitely recommend trying it We're also doing a giveaway on OwlCrate's Instagram account enter for a chance to win a copy

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    Full Review on The Candid CoverSummer of Sloane is the ultimate beach read filled with drama and set in Hawaii There is some really beautiful writing that makes the book so much enjoyable I am certain that this book will be in everybody’s beach bags this summerSummer of Sloane begins with a bang as Sloane discovers that her boyfriend cheated on her With her best friend In most books the main character would have to face the two people that she is most angry with but in this one Sloane actually gets an immediate escape to Hawaii I found this to be really interesting because it’s so different from anything I’ve ever read Sloane gets the chance to start the summer fresh away from her exes and make some new friendsI absolutely loved the Hawaiian setting in Summer of Sloane Of course living in Canada I don’t see too much tropical weather but the way that the setting is described in the book made me feel like I was actually there I especially loved the way that the hotel the pools and the sunny weather were described I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii and just reading about the ocean and the tropical flowers made me want to go even The writing in Summer of Sloane is really vivid There is a lot of character development even the side characters and you really get to know them as you progress through the book Even the descriptions of the scene and the bonfire parties are incredible Reading this book is a true experience that is really easy to appreciateSummer of Sloane is very dramatic read set in lush Hawaii The writing is beautiful and very descriptive I would recommend this book to everybody as it is perfect for the summer

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    Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewThis was so perfect It was exactly what I needed it to be and had so many elements and layers to it than I was expecting but in a good way Are you looking for a book that will leave you rooting for the main character while also feeling conflicted about what she should do? because that's what this is plus Finn is steamy and also sweet I love love love the way that the cheating is handled in this book and everything is just so good about it and I am so so grateful that I got to read an ARC of this oneBooks and Ladders | ueen of the Bookshelves | Books Are My Fandom | Twitter | Instagram | Bloglovin'

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    Initial Impressions 4116 Probably about 425 starsThis book was SO much fun It was perfect for that summery feel with a Hawaii setting and I instantly liked Sloane so much I loved that the conflict felt realistic but wasn't overly dramatic It felt like something that even if I couldn't relate to it wholly I totally understood and I thought Sloane handled it well and yet also like a typical teenager She was a great balance of acting her age and also acting maturely The romance was really cute I was anxious for some swoon and it wasn't uite over the moon level with swoon factor but I did love Finn and he was a really fun match for Sloane I also LOVED the different levels of friendship Sloane has great relationships with her parents and also things she needs to work through I loved the brother sister relationship with Penn her amazing friends in Hawaii and despite all of the drama with Mick and Tyler I actually really liked how that situation played out It was the sort of situation where you know it can't go back to the way it was but it was just handled so well I totally could have used just a little OOMPH of swoony parts towards the end but I did love the resolution I was a solid conclusion but I also liked how there was a little bit that left you wondering where these characters might end up in a few monthsyears and how their relationships would grow or change I actually found myself craving a Mick companion novel even though she ends up being kind of an antagonist in this book I feel like especially the way things were left with her I am so not done with her story yet I just pictured myself reading a new novel about Mick and what she would go through after this entire experience and I totally want to read about her I'd love to see her redemption a little bit too Even though I didn't uite forgive her for everything in this book I like reading about characters who aren't perfect and who need to do a little soul searching This book is fantastic for a fun and meaningful summer read It's the perfect amount of levity and summer fun but includes a story that doesn't lack in drama If I hadn't been reading this on my lunch breaks at work I would have had a hard time putting it down I can't wait to read from Erin Schneider and I'm definitely pre ordering so I can have this gorgeous hardcover for my shelves Note I received this book from the authorpublisher for review and also worked with Erin to design some Summer of Sloane candles This in no way affected my thoughts or review of the book All review thoughts are honest and uninfluenced Full review as originally posted HERE on The Book Addict's Guide 42016 SUMMER OF SLOANE was a wonderful book After a string of fantasies I was totally in the mood for a contemporaryrealistic story and Erin L Schneider’s debut did not disappoint A perfect mix of summer fun friendship turning points and great family moments not to mention a summer romance really captivated me and I didn’t want to put the book downI’ve never been to Hawaii but the setting was so wonderful that I could totally picture the characters and myself there The combination of sensory descriptions really brought together a full picture of Hawaii and I could practically smell the tropical air myself It was such a perfect set up for a great summery book and it had me longing for some ocean sun and sandThe book kicks off with a huge knowledge bomb being dropped on Sloane that effectively ends her relationship with her boyfriend and suashes years of best friendship all in one fell swoop It’s a terrible start to her summer but the silver lining is a few months in Hawaii with her mom her brother and the friends she’s kept in touch with over the years I actually really liked that the book didn’t wait to introduce this big conflict in Sloane’s life It really set up the tone for the book and put the focus on Sloane and how much she really wanted to figure out her life outside of her best friend and now ex boyfriend I sometimes get really turned off when books use a best friend fight as a source of the conflict because it usually sours me for one character or another and although Sloane is clearly on the outs with her best friend Mick there’s that sense that somewhere in the book there’s the potential to either forgive andor move on The book allows Sloane to take her time to figure out what she wants to do with this situation Really it just allows Sloane take back the summer for herself and not let this huge setback destroy her Sloane ends up empowering herself instead of letting herself fall victim to some serious drama and I loved her attitude towards the whole thingThe friendships that Sloane has with her Hawaii friends were so enjoyable to read I love the sort of friendships that even when you’ve spent time apart you just fall back into a rhythm when you see each other again They were relaxed and yet extremely close and there was such an easy give and take I always love seeing wonderful friendships in books and the relationship that Sloane has with her friends here was top notch They really support each other and just seem like wonderful friends The familial relationships were excellent as well I love brother sister bonds and really enjoyed the love and support between Sloane and her twin brother Penn It was also great to see Sloane getting along with her mom even though they didn’t always have the best relationship Sloane lives with her dad and even though her mom tried a bit too hard to make up for it sometimes it wasn’t really a source of conflict I really appreciated thatI also really enjoyed the romance between Sloane and Finn There were a few hiccups due to what had already happened to Sloane and she became a bit closed off when conflict arose but for the most part they had a great relationship and were both pretty chill with each other which was nice I was hoping for a few swoony moments but I really loved how easily they seemed to fall together and how much they both learned from each other over the summerSUMMER OF SLOANE had a nice romance and some great relationships ultimately this book was about Sloane and coming to terms with what happened between her her best friend Mick and her boyfriend Tyler Sloane ends up taking the summer back for herself and it was so wonderful to see her take charge of her own life and understand who she was as an individual There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a best friend or a boyfriend being such a big part of your life but I know I personally didn’t really get to know who I was on my own until I was in my twenties and I think the “young adult” age is really a time of self discovery SUMMER OF SLOANE was an excellent portrayal of that concept and it was great to see Sloane figure all of these things out while still maintaining that family and friendship support system I really enjoyed the book and if I hadn’t been reading it on my lunch break I totally could have read it in one sitting I think readers will really really enjoy this one I even felt drawn to Sloane’s friend Mick and wanted a companion novel with her as the main character I felt like her story wasn’t done yet and there’s a lot of room for a whole new book there

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    Thought this book was really good Sloane is heartbroken because her boyfriend and best friend have cheated on her so she runs off to her mother's place in Hawaii and spends the summer trying to forget The book has the appearance of a light read and in many ways that's what it is we spend lots of time on the beach and see an eclectic cast of Hawaiian characters Erin the author is Hawaiian But there's also uite a lot to it In the end the book veers in a direction I wouldn't have expected although the roots were there throughout and says some surprisingly powerful things about the value of letting go of resentment When I closed the book I really did find myself movedI received an advance reader copy of the book It wasn't in exchange for anything really I wasn't expected or reuired to leave a review but I decided to post one anyway

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    45 starsReview to come