A green apple tree grows in the heart of Thirsby Suare and tangled up in its magical roots is the story of Lottie Fiske For as long as Lottie can remember the only people who seem to care about her are her best friend Eliot and the mysterious letter writer who sends her birthday gifts But now strange things are happening on the island Lottie calls home and Eliot's getting sicker with a disease the doctors have given up trying to cure Lottie is helpless useless powerless—until a door opens in the apple tree Follow Lottie down through the roots to another world in pursuit of the impossible a cure for the incurable a use for the useless and protection against the pain of loss

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    The Water and the Wild is about a girlThe girl had a name The teachers who read roll at Kemble School called off Charlotte G Fiske though she preferred to be called Lottie and out of respect for her wishes that is what the author will call her too Unlike Mrs Yates who had prematurely wrinkled and stooped like wilted spinach Lottie looked much younger than her twelve years She had grown up to have a tangled mess of lemony hair a face smattered with freckles and gray eyes that frightened the localsLottie has a friend in fact he is the only friend she has His name is Eliot and he is a wonderfully fun person to spend time and plan for the future with Apart from one thing Eliot is sick with a disease that no doctor can diagnose but that all agree is incurable When Eliot’s father tells Lottie that Eliot has only weeks left Lottie panicsShe has been receiving birthday gifts every year from someone with bad handwriting but a good heart anyone who gives good gifts has to have a good heart and she had asked that person to cure Eliot However this reuest must have been too difficult for whoever is sending Lottie gifts because he or she did not send Eliot a cureThen Lottie is attacked by a “homicidal tree” and rescued by someone who leaves a handprint on her arm When she gets home there is a rude girl who casts slurs on her fashion choice but leads her down the apple tree that grows outside Lottie’s window and into its roots Lottie finds herself on an amazing adventure though her main objective is to find a cure for Eliot her only friendThis book is brilliant I don’t say that easily so you know I mean itThere are many things to love about The Water and the Wild but as the theme for this month is friendship let’s focus on thatLottie does not uite understand what Eliot’s father means when he says that Eliot has only weeks left but she doesn’t like how the words make her feel Eliot for his part presents such a heartbreakingly courageous face to his impending end that I was already blinking back tears while chanting “No no no no” However this friendship aside it is Lottie’s gradual acceptance of and fondness for the three fae beings she meets in the fae world that won me overThere is a boy sprite Oliver whose eyes change colour according to his changing moods He bruises people with a simple touch and has to live being careful not to come in contact with any other living being for fear of causing them harm He uotes poetry as a way to express himselfHis sister Adelaide also known as much to her displeasure Ada is prickly suspicious and very conscious of her place and position in society She is very hostile to Lottie because of the upheavals Lottie’s very presence causes in her lifeThen there is Fife Dulcet a Puck like creature half wisp and half sprite who has a lot of anger in him because of his mixed heritage His keen or magical ability is knowing exactly the right thing to say in any situation As such he is often the one to defuse tense situations or talk them out of hairy placesLottie is as much an outsider in the fae world as she is in the human world She has no keen or magical abilities and she doesn’t even know her own history–something that other people seem to be well acuainted with However Lottie is willing to endure everything–all the slurs the difficulties the danger–if it means that she can get Eliot a cure for his diseaseI loved the world Ormsbee created for the story Lottie and her new friends go on a journey through wild woods in order to petition the Southerly king for the return of Oliver and Ada’s father the head healer who has been wrongly accused of treason They journey through the plague ridden areas of the wisp territory in order to meet Fife’s mother the ueen or as she is known the Seamstress of the wisps Lottie survives an attack by a Barghest and almost has her soul cleaved from her bodyAs I said a lot of adventures are had Friendships are forged and friendships are testedThe brilliant thing about The Water and the Wild are the allusions it makes to different children’s novels For example Lottie’s travels through the apple tree’s roots are reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland the heroic journey Lottie and her friends go on reminded me of Bilbo Baggins and his journey with the dwarfs Every fae creature in the book has a genda that is a bird which called to mind Phillip Pullman’s daimons However as much as The Water and the Wild alludes to other novels its charm is very much its own Lottie is a wonderful character; she is brave silly eccentric fiercely loyal and vulnerable She makes mistakes but is not afraid to apologiseThe urgency granted to the narrative by Eliot’s sickness is matched by the uick pace of the novel While there is introspection aplenty and angst too thank you Fife it does not overwhelm the narrative as action is given primary importanceThe despotic king and the intriguing twist surprised me in a good way The ending is brilliant subtle yet reassuring And the best news? There is a seuel planned The novel is complete on its own and has no hated cliffhanger but there is a potential for and I love that the potential is going to be exploredWow this review if you can call it that is long Just one thingThe Water and the Wild contains narrative elements that render it enjoyable to readers of all ages While the young reader will enjoy the story at face value the older reader will be able to understand and appreciate the subtext involving social hierarchy and the debate for free access to antidotes and vaccines of fatal diseases The novel dresses up contemporary topics in fantastic garb For example consider the debates around medicare in the US In the novel the sprites refuse to share the antidote or cure for the plague with the wisps who are slowly dying outwhich is yet another very pertinent subject genocide of a people and culture If you let a people die out even when you have the ability to save them aren’t you too as responsible for their deaths as what directly kills them? The novel asks this uestion as well as several othersThe Water and the Wild has a tremendous lot to offer any child or adult I recommend it strongly

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    Lottie Fiske is a stubborn girl but a sweet one She seems so ordinary with her lemony hair periwinkle coat and cranky guardian but within her is gumption and kindness and bravery than even she knows And outside is a world miraculous still Her secret correspondent who grants birthday wishes and leaves them inside the old apple tree is only the beginning of her introduction to this wondrous world or worlds All she has to do is ask and he complies So when her best friend's sickness brings him to the brink of death she dares to ask for the biggest kind of wish and determines to do anything to save him even if it means danger and adventure Lottie's story is full of magic and wishes and poetry which is exactly why I loved it If these are the elements you look for in your books I think you will love it too It's not a story for the cynical but one for the hopeful It's a fairytale for the young and the older Ormsbee may be a new writer but don't let that fool you Her writing is elegant and well crafted Her characters are real and fully imagined My only wish is to find out about what happens with these characters after their adventure I'm certain there are adventures in store Perhaps if I ask nicely Ormsbee will grant me this one and leave it for me in a box in the old apple tree A girl can hope Rebekah

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    This book is richly imagined with such compelling characters and high stakes I'm in awe of the author's storytelling and look forward to

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    The way stories used to feel enchanted

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    meets meets in The Water and the Wild; it's one of the better middle grade books I've read in a long time It's a novel about friendship love and adventure all written amazingly and accompanied by beautiful illustrations All the characters are likeable in their own way and Lottie and Eliot's friendship is really powerful and intense; they'd do anything for each other and it's not easy to find characters like that in children's books these days Every character was original and the book has a vivid amount of vocabulary unlike the limited vocab of most modern kid's books It was really nostalgic for me to read this; The Water in the Wild is the way children's books should be written the way they used to be written up until they were replaced with pre prescribed nonsense like The Hunger Games and Diary of a Wimpy Kid Reading The Water and the Wild has really restored my faith in today's generation hopefully it'll inspire younger readers to dare to dream and imagine and to be themselves

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    I picked this up on a whim in a bookstore without having heard anything about it because the cover design was just beautiful they don't give dodgy books covers this lovely But even with the sweet cover and charming blurb this was an absolutely wonderful surpriseIt feels like a timeless middle grade read fitting in with the likes of Frances Hodgson Burnett and E Nesbit with the powerful mix of magic and strength and main characters that make you go awww yeaaaaah because they are real little people with flaws that are addressed and accepted not brushed under the rug There is a main character that has freuent panic attacks but they are treated with such respect by the other characters who just wait it out with her and accept it as part of who she is They aren't painted to be a weakness at all but her resilience to trauma throughout the book is praised and view spoilerin the end Lottie turns her struggle into her greatest strength hide spoiler

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    45Summary From GoodreadsFor as long as Lottie Fiske can remember the only people who seem to care about her have been her best friend Eliot and the mysterious letter writer who sends her birthday gifts But now strange things and people are arriving on the island Lottie calls home and Eliot’s getting sicker with a disease the doctors have given up trying to cure Lottie is helpless useless powerlessAnd then a door opens in the apple treeFollow Lottie down through the apple roots to another world—a world of magic both treacherous and beautiful—in pursuit of the impossible a cure for the incurable a use for the useless and protection against the pain of lossPlotI really enjoyed this originally fun book At the beginning I noticed very vague similarities to Alice In Wonderland which made it super fun At first I wasn't that into the premise of the book but all the creativity and characters drew me in almost immediately I have to admit the pacing was a bit iffy at times but it didn't really effect the overall story And the world building was spectacular It was confusing at first but I caught on uick I thought it was super original about the five senses where each character had a sense that was extra strong TBH I forgot the proper names so that's why I'm vaguely explaining thisCharactersKE Ormsbee does a great job of writing lovable characters Over the course of the story I got and attached to the characters I now know and love At the start Lottie seemed immature and selfish But she uickly overcame that and I think I'll see a lot of future development for her in the next book Also I love love love Fife and Ollie Their characters were super goofy especially Fife and I think they had depth than Lottie Overall RecommendationsThis was such a uirky middle grade read and I'm so glad I won a giveaway for this book The plot was original and the world building was such a delight to read about And the characters were so likable I can't wait to read about them I definitely recommend this to 3rdMemorable uotes“Eliot isn't like anyone I know He's just Eliot And even if he isn't refined he knows how to live That's why I'm not about to let him die”“You might have a little trouble waking me Fife told Adelaide I'm a very sound sleeperNo worries Adelaide said sweetly I'll just kick your face till you come to”

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    This and other reviews can be found at wovenwithwordsI received the book from the author and this is an honest reviewThe Water and the Wild is a children's fantasy book It follows Lottie as she attempts to navigate a new fantastical world where they have keens powers that allow them to have super hearing taste etc in hopes of curing the incurable or in her case her best friend Elliot's disease With three new friends Lottie Fiske is left to deal with learning about a lot of new things and deciding if saving Elliot comes before everything elseI just want to start out saying that Orsmbee's characterization is on POINT All of her characters have distinct personalities that help move the narrative along nicely and they bicker and argue and help each other which I find is great They have failings and they also grow as the narrative progresses learning to trust each other and get over natural prejudices that arise from being from different sidesLottie is stubborn and uirky and loyal to a fault and each challenge is met a fiery passion to continue on and help her friend It's easy to fall into the magical world with Lottie and not want to return to the real world The storytelling is compelling always moving forward not growing stagnant Having a magical keen isn't all fun and games either because Orsmbee tackles the idea that not all keens are welcome with Oliver a shy poet of a sprite I can’t pick a favorite character they’re all so good but I do adore Ollie a lotThe only failing I found was the pacing at the end mostly because I just didn't want it to end It felt a little rushed as the book came to a conclusion I kept looking at how many pages I had left and thinking about how many uestions I had unanswered It still came together nicely in the end but I can't wait to read the next one I think there’s a next one I hope that we can learn about the Wisps and the Seamstress because they were a compelling side story that I'd to learn aboutIf you love magical stories that have a uirky side this book is for you It has fantasy friendship adventure and a uniue voice that will make you hug it like I did

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    OMG This book sets up such a original and amazing fantasy world full of people and sprites that can do fascinating things The whole novel was suspenseful and lighthearted and throughout the story you really see every side of Lottie I can't wait to read the rest of the series

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    What I love about this book isEVERYTHING Kathryn Ormsbee you got meI swear this book is sooooo sooooo rich in imagination So wild and I am blown awayIt is so easy to love this story seriously I mean the way that she describes things Her touch felt like a trickle of cold rain or The scents of flowers grew stronger on the night airand so did new smells of pine of smoke and of fresh fallen water HOW BEAUTIFUL DANG IT It makes me want to follow these kids wherever they go I mean walking through webs? World under the apple trees? BRING ME THERE NOW Characters?I am in love with all of the main charactersLottie a girl that suffer from panic attacks but always fights backsShe is fearless and smart and forgiving Elliot a boy who is sick and no doctor can heal him He is the only person who understand Lottie and always there for her Lottie and Eliot friendship is something that comforting me I love their friendship Oliver a boy who loves poetry and so mysterious that I want to get to know better ofAdelaide a girl who can come across as mean and rude most of the time but to put my place on her shoes I can understand why she is act that way and Fife a boy who is so caring and funnyThis story is about friendship and I really want to be their friends if I could105 starsYOU GUYS MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THIS BOOK ON YOUR TBR LIST NO YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS PS Thank you Kathryn for this giveaway gift I can't wait to read the second book 3