Moving from Texas to Hawaii in 196012 year old Peggy Sue faces a difficult transition when she is bulled as one of the few haole white students in her school This lyrical debut novel is perfect for Common Core classroom connectionsIt's 1960 and Peggy Sue has just been transplanted from Texas to Hawaii for her father's new job Her cat Howdy is stuck in animal uarantine and she's baffled by Hawaiian customs and words Worst of all eighth grader Kiki Kahana targets Peggy Sue because she is haole white warning her that unless she does what Kiki wants she will be a victim on kill haole day the last day of school Peggy Sue's home ec teacher insists that she help Kiki with her sewing project or risk failing Life looks bleak until Peggy Sue meets Malina whose mother gives hula lessons But when her parents take a trip to Hilo leaving Peggy Sue at Malina's life takes an unexpected twist in the form of a tsunami Peggy Sue is knocked unconscious and wakes to learn that her parents safety and whereabouts are unknown Peggy Sue has to summon all her courage to have hope that they will return safely Releases simultaneously in e book format 978 1 60684 586 8

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    Peggy Sue’s story evokes sympathy as she comes to terms with her new home and life in Hawaii She desperately wants to go home to Texas and while readers know how the story is supposed to turn out this line sums it up nicely no matter which way it turns out “ Waiting for what you want is hard” p 131Anne Bustard’s writing is filled with parallels and fitting metaphors often comparing the beautiful Hawaiian landscape to ordinary events and objects The metaphors really stood out for me and helped create a visual image of the surroundings The writing also conveys the characters’ feelings through times of change uncertainty and difficulty There’s a touching scene at the beginning as Peggy Sue says goodbye to her cat Howdy at the animal uarantine station One can’t help but feel the same emotions as Peggy Sue as she goes through that tender moment especially with the author’s language describing Howdy’s silent pitiful cry as “a sad so deep it can’t find its way out” p 3This satisfying read is rich with Hawaiian culture language and lore and offers relatable experiences and uality writing in attractive simple and short chapters for middle grade readers A glossary of Hawaiian words is included along with an excellent author’s note at the end 35 stars as the ending was a bit too trim and tidy for my liking

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    Confession I'm usually good about reading ARCS in the order that they will be published but I read this the week before winter break because it was a frustrating week of tech problems and this was the only book that really looked good Love the cover I'm currently in my holiday sweater from 1985 and a cream red green and blue plaid pleated skirt I post books on Goodreads as I read them so apologize for the really early entryE ARC from NetgalleycomPeggy Sue is not happy that her family has moved from Texas to Hawaii in 1960 because of her father's job especially since her cat Howdy has to remain in uarantine for a very long time She misses her friends and her grandparents and has to deal with a mother who has chronic headaches and doesn't spend a lot of time with her To make matters worse a girl at school Kiki continuarlly bullies her and calls her haole threatening to beat Peggy Sue up The few bright spots include a new friend Malina hula lessons and a budding sewing business School is okay other than having Kiki in her home ec class and having to partner with her because Kiki has trouble sewing Howdy's health is an ongoing concern as is her mother's but when there is an earthuake off the coast of Chile while her parents are on another island and she's staying with Malina's family Peggy Sue knows that the most important thing is to have her family safe and togetherStrengths I've been looking for historical fiction wet in the 1960s and this was uite good bringing in information about living in Hawaii Other than Graham Salisbury's books I can't htink of others set in Hawaii There is enough girl drama to pull in readers who don't care as much for history Lots of good details about life in Hawaii and even though Kiki is the bully there are some good reasons given for her actions and she does improve a bit I liked that it was important but not central to the story and it's one of the few recent bullying episodes in books that are realistic and make sense Weaknesses This could have had detail about daily life in 1960 The description of phoning the grandparents long distance was good modern children don't understand the concept I wanted to know about why the family moved and about the mother's illness as well There was one historical inaccuracy that seems petty Peggy Sue goes to the five and dime to get fabric and comes out clutching her purchases in a PLASTIC bag In my mind this was as wrong as her hopping into a space ship I worked in a fabric store in the early 80s and know we had paper bags for everything I don't really remember plastic bags being used until I had my own apartment in the mid 1980s something that is backed up by this article This is why I am fearful of ever writing a book of historical fiction

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    In 1960 Peggy Sue’s family relocates from Gladiola Texas to Hawaii and as if moving isn't hard enough her beloved cat Howdy is placed in animal uarantine upon their arrival A uarantine that will last 120 days to ensure Howdy doesn't have rabies Peggy Sue knows her cat doesn’t have rabies but she is helpless to alter the jail time She visits as often as she can and notices that Howdy is losing weight hair and he’s stopped purring Some of the pets in uarantine have already died and Peggy Sue doesn’t know what she’ll do if Howdy doesn’t surviveOn top of that she has been targeted at her new intermediate school by Kiki a tough 8th grader who wants to fight her on Kill Haole Day the last day of school To make matters worse Peggy Sue’s efficient sewing skills land her as Kiki’s partner in home economics class and she must help Kiki finish her project There’s no escaping or avoiding Kiki nowPeggy Sue’s mom also suffers debilitating headaches and isn’t always there for her daughter when she needs her Dad tries to step in but there’s no replacing mom Malina the girl next door and Peggy Sue become friends and it helps ease the pain of knowing her best friend back in Texas is moving on with her life Peggy Sue and Malina take hula dance lessons and Peggy Sue begins sewing costumes to earn money to hopefully buy a plane ticket to take her back to Texas But when an earthuake strikes the coast off of Chile while Peggy Sue’s parents are visiting a different island she realizes that nothing is important than family and being safe That the day to day struggles don’t really matter if your family is in danger or swept away by a tsunami Home is where your family isBustard does a beautiful job of creating a cast of authentic characters that we can hold on to and root for If you’re looking for historical fiction with humor and heart look no further than Anywhere But Paradise

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    Anywhere but Paradise is a beautifully written Middle Grade MG novel about Peggy Sue Bennett a 12 year girl who moves from Gladiola Texas to Hawaii after her father gets a job in the sugar cane industryAimed at readers ages 8 12 Anywhere but Paradise touches on several important yet difficult issues for MG readers bullying discrimination loneliness and coming to terms with major life changes over which you have absolutely no controlSome of the writing may be too intense for younger or emotionally tender readers — I had a lump in my throat from almost the opening pages The scene where Peggy Sue has to leave her beloved cat Howdy in the uarantine center is heart wrenching Throughout the novel Bustard uses Howdy’s situation extremely effectively to mirror the struggles Peggy herself is going through The parallels are skillful adding pressure to Peggy’s situation without being purely duplicativeThere is another tough section toward the end of the book when a tsunami strikes Hawaii and Peggy Sue is separated from her parents The days of uncertainty while Peggy Sue waits to hear whether her parents have survived are a bit harrowingStill even in the darkest moments of the novel I never lost hope for Peggy Sue In fact I found the ending both deeply satisfying and realistic Things will never be perfect in Hawaii but Peggy Sue manages to make a place for herself within this new and gloriously imperfect paradiseAnywhere but Paradise is a marvelous book and I look forward to reading from Bustard in the futureDisclaimer I was given a free advance copy of Anywhere but Paradise from the publisher in exchange for a fair review I also got the chance to interview the author Anne Bustard You can read my interview with Ms Bustard on my blog bostonwriterswordpresscom here

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    I loved this book It had such a wonderful feeling to it and great structure it's 1960l Peggy Sue has to move to Hawaii with mom and dad She brings her cat Howdy but he has to stay in uarantine for 120 days This is part of the great structure because Peggy Sue has to deal with being the new student and only being able to visit Howdy on the weekends It is sometimes heart breakingWell written with a great sense of setting I got a great feel for Hawaii Highly recommended

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    Peggy Sue leaves Texas with her dad and mom and is enrolled in her new Hawaiian intermediate school just weeks before summer vacation But Hawaii is not the paradise it's made out to be when her cat Howdy has to be uarantined for 120 days in case he has rabies; and a native Hawaiian girl Kiki bullies Peggy Sue reminding her that it's a tradition that the last day of school is kill haole day and Kiki wants to fight her Peggy Sue does everything she can to get Kiki to change her mind especially by helping her with the sewing project in home economics while also trying to earn money from odd jobs to fly home to Texas As she counts down the days Peggy Sue takes hulu lessons from a new friend's mother and learns Hawaiian history and about its legends just as Hawaii is entering statehood It takes a Hawaiian natural disaster for Peggy Sue to finally change her thinking about what paradise is The author was born and raised in Hawaii and I appreciated learning about Hawaii from a native's perspective especially when the native is white and the minority The short chapters made me want to keep turning the pages as did the 1950s details about statehood and school lifeI looked for other books by this author after reading her recent book which I loved

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    Peggy Sue is not happy that her family has moved from Texas to Hawaii Her beloved cat is stuck in uarantine for 120 days and her mother seems pretty depressed and suffers from migraines To make matters worse on her first day of school Peggy Sue meets Kiki who calls her a haole white person and bullies her every chance she gets Peggy Sue does make a new friend in Malina and starts a sewing business but she is still not happy She wants to go back to Texas where her grandparents and best friend live Then a major earthuake strikes Chile and a tsunami heads towards Hawaii while her parents are on another island Peggy Sue comes to realize that what she really wants is her parents to be safe and happy It turns out life in Hawaii isn't so bad after allI lived in Hawaii for a little while so I was very drawn to the idea of this book I liked the Hawaiian words sprinkled throughout the story and the description of what life was like on the islands in the 1960s There was uite a bit of Hawaiian history in the story as well which was good since Hawaiian history is not something that is often taught outside of Hawaii I do wish there had been a bit information about life in the 1960s because for the most part this story could have been set in any recent decade However it was a fun uick read that I am sure will appeal to girls

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    I received a free kindle copy of Anywhere but Paradise by Anne Bustard published by EgmontUSA from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review I gave it five stars It is due to be released April 14 2015 Peggy Sue a twelve year old girl is transplanted from Texas to Hawaii in the 1960's She is not happy about it Her mother is often absent because of migraines In school she is ridiculed because of her height her white skin the 'funny way' she talks She's a Haole who stands out in school She's bullied primarily by a girl named Kiki Even with using every method available cannot seem to escape the bullyingCan she find a friend? Can she avoid the punishment threatened for the last day of school? Will Howdy every purr again? Will he start eating stop losing his fur? Will they both survive the lengthy uarantine?Even though this is designated for readers age 10 and up I really enjoyed it Poor uarantined kitty Howdy Anne Bustard has captured the voice of Peggy Sue completely What an enjoyable read I look forward to from this authorLink to purchase

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    Oh my goodness I loved this little gem of a book by Anne BustardMaybe because I too left my home as a school girl And even though I didn't go uite as far as Texas to Hawaii I did leave Texas to go to school in Georgia and felt as out of place and lonely as Peggy SueOr maybe because I wished I'd had the kind of spunk and skills Peggy Sue had using her wits to sew herself out of a fixThen again it could've been Howdy I didn't have a cat in uarantine but I did have a cat that my parents didn't like so much It seemed like my poor Samantha was always getting thrown out of the houseAnd though I didn't have the worries of a Kill Haole Day I certainly know what it's like to end up on the wrong and scary side of a group of girlsPeggy Sue just grabbed my heart and in the middle of her story I learned a lot about Hawaii and its history Such a good tale from Anne Bustard and a perfect middle grade read

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    Peggy Sue and her parents move from Gladiola Texas to Hawaii the brand new state in 1960 She is uickly labeled a haole an unwelcome white person by the school bully Kiki This of course is based on Hawaiian history which includes white men's exploitation and overthrow of ueen Lili'uokalani in 1893 by a group of businessmen and the US Marines No apology was made until 1993 and signed by President Clinton Suffice it to say Peggy Sue is not made welcome and worse her cat Howdy is placed in isolation for 120 daysHawaii has no rabies and is careful about animal uarantine for new visitors to the islands With themes of home friendship prejudice this historical fiction novel for middle graders is uite good and Bustard's Author's Note is most informative