Preach The Gospel To Every Creature What Did Jesus Mean Genetic Manipulation Is Happening, Right Now It Seems That Science Can Mix Different Species Of Animal, Including Human, And Engineer Whatever Outcome Is DesiredHuman Genes Are Being Mixed With The Genes Of Animals, Plants, And For Those Who Can Accept It, With The Genes Of Fallen AngelsThe Question This Book Addresses Is An Important One For This Generation Did Jesus Die For Those Who Are Not Fully Human The Bible Does Not Give A Direct AnswerJohn Darnell Looks At The Arguments, For And Against, Testing Each Against Scripture He Particularly Focuses On The Issues Surrounding Those Who Are The Outcome Of Fallen Angel Human Experiments Nephilim

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    If you do not believe that humans are being genetically modified today in many ways, then this book is not for you.But society and governments are already discussing whether to grant citizenship to part humans transhumanism the military is experimenting with animal DNA in soldiers to increase their natural abilities such as eyesight the Bible prophesies that Jesus will return at a time when the world is like the time of Noah , and if He did not return, human life would not continue to exist Perhaps we are closer to this than we think.Darnell begins with the problem of determining at which percentage of non human DNA a person is no longer human and then asks if it is morally correct to clone a human to provide yourself with matching organs in order to avoid rejection Is your clone a person Does it have a soul and a spirit What gives it life Where did that life come from Can that clone be born again and go to Heaven Or because he is not a person , will he eventually go to Hell Or is he soul less You cannot continue to read this book until you deal with the fact that today there are human animal chimera created in laboratories which can possibly live to maturity And possibly breed This might be the reason that in the Old Testament, people who copulated with animals were put to death Although most animal hybrids are sterile, there are some which are not This continued reproduction of humans with animal genes could pose a serious threat to human DNA You must also deal with the existence of Nephilim, creatures resulting from the sexual union of fallen angels and human women Whoa well, if you believe in God overshadowing a woman on earth in order to produce His Son, who was then God and Man, and if you realize that Satan s plan has always been to counterfeit everything God has done, then it is a logical step to believe that Satan and the other fallen angels could have cohabited with human women to produce angelic human hybrids on earth.Genesis 6 describes how some angels left their angelic state in order to take wives of the daughters of men on the earth and produce offspring Again, whoa , some of you might be saying I thought that Jesus said that in Heaven, angels did not marry and reproduce Yes, but these fallen angels came to earth These angels who married were no longer in Heaven and lost their right forever to return to Heaven In Heaven, they cannot reproduce because they are male That is not the only reason, but it is a good enough reason to explain why they do not marry in Heaven Do they have male genitalia in order to make them male Not in Heaven Nobody, neither human nor angelic, has genitalia in Heaven Dr Richard Eby, a medical doctor who died and went to Heaven, described his experience The first thing that he did in Heaven was check his body because as a medical doctor he was interested He was surprised to find that there were several organs absent, including genitalia Without blood, there is no digestion when Jesus appeared on earth after His resurrection, He said He was not a ghost, because He had flesh and bone but not blood The fallen angels married the daughters of men on earth So this tells us that these angels were all male Whether they had genitalia is not significant They had the Y chromosome Chromosomes can be transferred in vitro, physically or supernaturally They produced offspring which were called Nephilim which have both angelic and human DNA.The Bible also describes how these Nephilim had descendants who obviously had some angelic DNA God instructed His people, when they entered the Promised Land, not to intermarry with some tribes These were tribes with fallen angel DNA If people studied the Bible carefully, they would realize that God was not an inconsistent tyrant who randomly decided that one tribe should be destroyed while another survived, but realize that God ordered destruction of non human DNA in order to preserve the human race Understanding these Scriptures would prove that God was not a racist God told His people not to intermarry with tribes with non human genetics Yes, He also did say not to intermarry with pagans, but that was a religious not racial constraint So how can mixed angelic human DNA happen There are many records in the Bible of angels appearing on earth as men The males of Sodom wanted to have intercourse with them The angels obviously appeared human The Bible also says for us to be careful to entertain strangers, because we might be entertaining angels unaware Angels have the ability to lower their frequency and appear as matter temporarily In those situations, they can be seen and felt Some people who claim to have gone through similar encounters with fallen angels today, having sex and producing children , describe the encounters in detail However, it seems likely today that Nephilim would be produced in the lab in the same way as human babies, with in vitro fertilization and surrogate mothers.There were millions of Nephilim at the time of Noah only he and his sons had completely human genes Some authors say his wife also did, but the Bible does not specify the women this is not of importance genetically No males on the Ark had Nephilim Y chromosomes Thus every descendant of Noah would have a human spirit at conception However, if any of the wives had Nephilim DNA, this DNA could end up being genetically a part of some humans God sent the flood to destroy every life on earth except those on the Ark in order to wipe out the genetic defects that would have ultimately changed human DNA beyond the point of no return God destroyed Sodom to protect human DNA because the humans went after strange flesh in other words, they knowingly mated with fallen angels God loves people When they sin, He sometimes allows their cities to be destroyed But He preserves their people, perhaps having them exiled But He does not completely destroy them To my knowledge, He only destroyed cities that had populations with human fallen angelic hybrid DNA 2 Pet 2 4 8 In the same way, when God told the Hebrews to completely destroy certain tribes but not others, He was telling them to destroy the Nephilim who had changed the genes of every human, animal and plant in their cities God s creation was being destroyed because the original DNA of all life created by God was changed Some people say that God said to destroy the people because they were evil but grapes and cattle are not evil Do you ever wonder why the spies brought back huge bunches of grapes carried on sticks between their shoulders. but God never allowed them to plant any of these crops They were told to destroy them If the grapes were allowed to grow naturally, they could have affected the pollination of many crops, resulting in seeds that were sterile and making the food supply extinct When cucumbers and squash are planted close together, fertilization occurs, but the seeds will not germinate The Old Testament forbad the planting of different crops together in the same field for the same reason.If there are Nephilim today, where are they Jesus looked like a human but He had supernatural abilities beyond those of man Nephilim will resemble humans to such an extent that it will be difficult to distinguish them from humans Some people say that the fallen angel human breeding program has become so effective that no longer is it producing giants with double rows of teeth and 6 fingers and toes like Goliath, but bodies that very closely resemble humans Did you ever wonder why we are dealing with 2 numerical systems today, one based on 12 dozen, inches and one based on 10 metric I see a relationship between these 2 systems and the number of fingers and hands Nephilim would count up to 12 as a unit while non Nephilim would count up to 10 What about the hexadecimal system in computer code Just a thoughtThe only defining characteristic of the time of Noah was angelic human Nephilim population Could that happen today If you think so, then this book would interest you If not, then do not waste months searching for this not easily available book But if you do believe that this could eventually happen and that some Nephilim will or do exist on the earth, then the question for the church is Are these creatures human with the possibility of going to Heaven or fallen angeliccreatures with the destination of Hell Darnell talks about the origin of the soul and spirit, and how man was created when God blew His spirit into the body, so that the body and the spirit have different origins It is at this point that I disagree with Darnell He thinks that all Nephilim are human with a spirit from God I think that some Nephilim have a spirit from Satan, but some have a spirit from God.Darnell thinks that all Nephilim can be evangelized and go to Heaven I don t.However, we both end up with the same conclusion If a person wants God and seeks Him, he will find Him God will not reject him because of his genetics.Darnell feels that you should pray for everyone, love everyone, and evangelize every one.I feel that you should not pray for Satan and that he is incapable of receiving love, so you can not love him And evangelize him I don t think so Praying for Satan and trying to evangelize him is wasting God s resources when he could be praying for someone who will respond to the love of God.I believe that the spirit comes from the father at the time of conception and it is formed by the Y chromosome Males have an X and Y chromosome Females have 2 X chromosomes God and the angels have a Y chromosome Jesus had the Y chromosome of His Father, God Jesus had the spirit of God, His Father, not the spirit of Man from Adam through Joseph but He had a human body Nephilm who have a Y chromosome received it from Satan, so the spirit they receive was made by Satan and is like the spirit of fallen angels and thus would never be interested in salvation Jesus had the spirit of His Father and the body of man Nephilim have the spirit of their father, Satan or a fallen angel, and the body of a man Hebrew genealogies were recorded through the male lineage thus tracing the Y chromosome Matthew 1 2 Abraham begat Isaac, etc It is possible that circumcision was intended to identify those with a Y chromosome from God in order to prevent Nephilim offspring The Nephilim population in the Old Testament was large enough to frighten the spies from entering the Promised Land Some researchers say that Nephilim went into hiding at the time of Christ because the spiritual power of the Church was greater than that of the Nephilim.The first female Nephilim would have a fallen angelic spirit from the fallen angelic father But if she married a human male, her offspring would all have a human spirit because the spirit comes from the father So her children would all have some Nephilim fallen angelic DNA but have a human spirit Are they Nephilim genetically Well, they are Nephilim genetically and human genetically But the human Y chromosome of their fathers produced a human spirit If the Nephilim female married a Nephilim male with a Nephilim Y chromosome , all her offspring would be Nephilim and have a fallen angelic spirit Thus her male offspring who married a female human would have offspring with a Nephilim fallen angelic spirit Her female offspring who married a human would have offspring with a human spirit from the human father.This is where I think that the author misses the mark in his discussion of ministering to people with Nephilim genetics We should not be looking at the DNA but at the type of spirit Some people with part Nephilim DNA have fallen angel spirits some have human spirits And even scary, and something that the author did not deal with but we will have to at some time because researchers are creating human animal hybrids and letting them grow to maturity , can these human animal hybrids have a human spirit Can they be born again Are these some of the creatures that Jesus told us to preach to when we went into all the world not all the earth A simple question with probably a simple answer If the father was human, the chimera would have a human spirit if the father was an animal, the chimera would have an animal soul but not spirit Humans are the only creations on earth that have a spirit angels were created in Heaven and have a spirit They also have a soul mind, will and emotions and a body Animals have only a soul and body So a chimera with a human father could be born again A chimera with an animal father could not Of course, the chimera with a human father would have speech a chimera with an animal father would not.Fallen angels cannot be saved They willingly made the choice to rebel against God after they already had the experience of God They chose not to want to be in His Presence any longer There are many books which discuss chromosomes in Nephilim by authors such as Douglas Hamp, Rob Skiba, and many others I think that the spirit which is passed on by humans from Adam is a spirit which must be regenerated through the new birth in order to become eternal But the spirit which is passed on by fallen angels is an immortal spirit which cannot be born again No angel could or can ever be born again An immortal angelic spirit cannot be made eternal It cannot be dead Christians are given eternal life when they are born again The dead human spirit is regenerated, given life eternal.The important thing is that if a Nephilim has a fallen angel immortal spirit, he will not want to be born again and certainly not want to go to Heaven If he has a human spirit which needs regeneration, then the Holy Spirit will continue to draw him to God until he finds God or dies.It is interesting that Noah preached to the world for the many years that he was building the Ark and not one person responded to the message and they were all Nephilim I do not read in the Bible that God told him to preach to them, but Noah did So the point is not the science about whether Nephilim can be born again The point is that if we are led by the Holy Spirit to pray for someone, then we pray for him If he comes seeking God, we help him find God Whether he is a Nephilim does not matter We do not even need to know We would treat a Nephilim who came to us in doubt wondering if he could be saved the very same as anyone else and the result would be the same He would be told the Gospel and he would be born again So this is an interesting scientific question but it probably did not need an entire book to answer it I think it is likely that ministries today are dealing with people who know that they have a small proportion of fallen angelic DNA and wonder if they are ineligible for Heaven But in my opinion, they still have a human spirit No Nephilim with a fallen angelic immortal spirit would come to their ministries wanting salvation That desire is not a part of their spirit because a fallen angelic immortal spirit cannot be saved Only a human spirit can be saved.You might think this is unfair All the angels had a choice and some chose to rebel The author thinks that these Nephilim with fallen angelic spirits never get a choice to be with God But we do not know that God gave all angels a choice It is entirely possible that He would give these Nephilim with fallen angelic spirits a choice while on the earth But this would be between God and them The fallen angels had a choice They did not need to be preached to about salvation They were created knowing God and they willingly rebelled These Nephilim with fallen angelic spirits would be created with the ability and knowledge to choose God on their own, without human preaching They could choose Heaven or Satan in the same way as fallen angels This choice would not happen because of the action of any church on earth I am simply making this comment because the author feels that these Nephilim spirits must be given a choice and it is up to the church to help them with this No we are given the mandate to deal with human spirits but not angelic spirits.So, a Nephilim with a human spirit can respond to the need to have his spirit become eternal through being born again The Church can help him with this.A Nephilim with a fallen angelic spirit already knows his choice and will make it on his own, just like the angels in Heaven who fell The Church can neither help nor hinder this decision.Many extra Biblical sources such as the Book of Enoch describe how the spirit of a fallen angelic man hybrid after the death of the body is loosed as a demon Demons cannot be evangelized Kenneth Hagin agrees If this is true, then all Nephilim have fallen angelic spirits This contradicts both the opinion of the author and me Kenneth Hagin is extremely reliable But these genetic situations were not common then We probably are all short of the truth here You might think that I am suggesting that there are people for whom we should not pray Kenneth Hagin gave examples in his life of people who were beyond prayer, who had known God and then knowingly turned away and rejected Him unpardonable sin, not that it could not be forgiven but that it could not be changed like the fallen angels, they saw both choices and chose Satan Jesus offered everything He could they chose Satan Our prayers cannot violate their free will For them, there is no prayer left that can work God does not want us wasting our prayers on impossible results Jesus heard the voice of the Father before He prayed and then He prayed the will of God The will of God did not allow Him to violate people s free will If they wanted to turn away from God, He would not and could not stop them.In the same way, if a Nephilim cannot come to God, then I do not believe that God would tell us to pray for him, any than He would tell us to pray for Satan If a Nephilim could come to God, God would have us pray for him The question is not Is this person a Nephilim , but is this a person for whom God wants me to pray right now, and how does God want me to pray In fact, that is our answer for everything in life God, what do you want me to say and do right now And that is the reason for the title of the book preach the Gospel to every CREATURE, not to every human or person So, what am I saying I am saying that I believe the definition of creature here is a human who does not have totally 100% human DNA but still has a human spirit We preach to this creature I believe that this definition excludes a physical body resembling a human but with a fallen angelic spirit We do not preach to this creature In other words, the definition of human is does this body have a human spirit Simple.I may have disagreed with some of the book but I commend the author for being bold enough to publish a book like this that could result in ridicule and persecution The book is scriptural, it provides a lot of food for thought, in particular at this time of genetic manipulation of human DNA, and it clarifies the position of the church.Have I ever met a Nephilim Not that I know of Is this going to be a major factor in my life Probably not I am 70 years old But I believe that this book will help to prepare the future church for a problem that is bound to arise Just as governments are debating the definition of a human, the church needs to be prepared for this debate And it had better have its beliefs backed by Scripture John Darnell does the most thorough Scripturally accurate job of any author I have read about this topic.The Church needs to be aware and prepared for this debate.

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