I didn t know what to expect heading into this book Vampire books have been overdone recently thanks to Twilight, and vampires in Christian fiction are hard to pull off So I was pleasantly surprised reading this debut by Ben Wolf.Raven Worth great name is a reluctant vampire He s been a vampire so long that he has resolved himself to it, believing he has no other choice until a tent revival preacher offers him a chance.This book explores whether anyone is too far gone to be saved If vampires existed, would Jesus blood be enough or would they be damned beyond redemption Just asking the question begs the answer, but how this is accomplished is well worth the read It s the Pharisees vs Jesus in vampire land And there are even a few surprises at the end.Well written, engaging, with classic vampire lore Grab your garlic and wooden stake and hunker down to enjoy. I don t watch vampire movies and normally don t read books about them I saw a post about this book and thought I d give it a try My hesitation is because I know two 9 year olds who have watched the twilight movies They think the movies are so romantic This breaks my heart Well, I loved this book It wasn t pretty but the message was great Christ s blood can cover any sin No one is beyond redemption To the author, great job. Blood for Blood was a delightful read The protagonist gripped me right from the beginning Raven, a vampire motivated by his next feeding of blood, was placed on the page with depth and just enough flaws to stir my empathy His motivation changed as the story progressed, providing the reader with a glimpse at his inner journey and a reason to genuinely feel connected to him The story question, What if a vampire got saved kept me turning the pages and before I knew it, I d fallen in love with a Christian family that really did minister as Jesus would want us all to The message was refreshing without being preachy, which is not an easy task to accomplish.Wolf placed tension on every page and he did a wonderful job torturing his characters His humor was timely and I found myself laughing out loud a number of times His plot twists were brilliant And as far as the kind of predicaments a Christian vampire could face, Wolf left no wooden stake unturned I came away with a new appreciation for what it means to love the unlovable I always cherish books that change my view of life and enlarge my ability to love others Blood for Blood has done both. I felt for the main character, a tormented soul, and I loved the romance Best of all I loved the themes and the positive message This is a well written story that carried me away to a different place and only released me when I finished reading the book. Winner Of TheCascade Award For Best Speculative Fiction Novel What If A Vampire Got Saved Calandra, An Evangelist S Daughter, Is Amazed To Watch As Raven, A Century Old Vampire, Develops Faith As Raven Ceases To Drink Blood And Becomes Human With Each Passing Day, Calandra Cannot Deny Her Growing Attraction To Him Even Though She Is Being Courted By Another Man Raven S Newfound Salvation Is Both A Relief And A Burden, As He Encounters Multiple Vampire Taboos And Must Overcome Them Just When Raven Begins To Get The Hang Of His New Lifestyle, Calandra Is Attacked By Bandits Will Raven Revert To His Old Vampiric Ways To Save Calandra From Certain Death Or Will He Rely On His Faith In God To Help Him Ransom Calandra From A New Brand Of Evil Horrifying Than He Ever Was As A Vampire This book had my interest piqued before I even started reading The premise alone was enough to make me want to dive in and see what all the fuss was about.I was not disappointed Ben Wolf dared to ask and answer a frightening and exhilarating question Can a vampire be saved In doing so, he created a story that is not only believable, but has themes that ring true in all of our lives Guilt Loneliness Love Loss Redemption The tale of the vampire Raven Worth draws you in with characters that are engaging and evoke extreme emotions, and then keeps you fully invested with a story like none other I have read Raven, Calandra, Luco, Maria, Garrett, Harry, and the Marshall find their lives intertwining in unexpected ways and the result is brilliantly tumultuous Familiar lore and new revelations collide and then hold you captive The twists and turns will have you gasping, laughing, and crying like a little girl Gritty and raw, yet somehow still delicate and beautiful, Blood for Blood will grab your attention from the first action packed words In my opinion, it is the epitome of what Christian Speculative fiction should be It has a strong message while still being relatable It is honest It doesn t shy away from the difficult subjects but it isn t brash or gratuitous Most of all, it dares to take you places that no Christian book that I m aware of has taken us before Ben Wolf takes the question What if and runs with it, ending the race with amazing results. Blood for Blood the debut novel of Ben Wolf is not the sort of book I would normally read But its unusual premise intrigued me Psalms 23 3 He restoreth my soul is the theme verse for this new adult novel Adults in their 20s This novel set in the 1800s isn t focusing on any old body s soul but a vampire That part gave me pause I don t read horror and never followed Twilight or any of the TV shows available today that feature vampires But in the pages of Blood for Blood I found so many wonderful examples of the redemptive work of Christ Reminders of how Christians judge the validity of someone s salvation based on the level of sin in their former life Evangelist Zambini believes God can restore anyone s soul and when he draws the soulless vampire Raven Worth toward the truth of God s word interesting things happen This author researched the folklore of vampirism and used his findings as a great foundation for the struggles of his protagonist Those struggles parallel our very human Christian walk as Raven grows in faith and out of his vampire life There were surprise plot twists and the villain was not who I expected Well written and captivating If you enjoy D L Koontz and Ted Dekker you will enjoy Blood for Blood Even if you are an anti horror reader like me you will find this story compelling and entertaining If you are paying attention you ll probably find a few choice nuggets of truth to meditate on as well. With the exception of the Twilight series, I don t read vampire books True vampire ists agree that Twilight doesn t depict accurate vampire lore, so before reading Blood for Blood, I was wary of gruesome bloodlusty behaviors, overtly violent scenes, and needing a crash course on vampires to understand the book.I worried for nothing.Ben Wolf beautifully explains they whys and ins and outs of vampirism, simultaneously fulfilling the needs of seasoned fans of this genre, and allowing newbies like me to feel like an expert as well The story pulls you in from the beginning Life kept interrupting my reading, but the book was never far from my side.Can a vampire be redeemed It s an intriguing question and Ben spins a story so rich and well rounded that you can t stop until the last page While a few scenes were a little too fast and I wantedinformation, the twists and surprise ending no spoilers made this a 5 star review.It s a book that lingersyou ll love it. Blood for BloodThere seems to be a trend of these vampires who become Christian books out there, but there are only three that I read that make you stop and say WOW This is one of those book What happens when a Vampire decide to give his life to Christ What struggles will be have to endure Blood for Blood tells the story of Raven Worth and how he changes from immortal damned to immortal saved and full of light and life.Ben Wolf, I love Luco, you have to write his story. As a Christian, I was hesitant to read a book about vampires This well written book captured my attention from page 1 There is a bit of gore at the beginning of the book Once you get past that, you are in for the ride of your life I highly recommend this book, Ben will change your mind about God and His desire to save even the vilest of sinners.