I will share a personal truth with you darkness is not so intimidating once you’ve resided within its confines I’m not talking evil but a blackness that can dwell in your soul lurking in suspicion and toying with your heart It’s a state of mind a place where you view the world within its context It leaves a mark on you that is as permanent as any scar and as deep as any wound It crawls beneath your skin indulges in pain and scrambles reasonable judgment into chaos I am not shy of it I adopt it as any other part of the human experience and I am not ashamed to call on it for inspiration It is after all a component of my character I would not be complete without it and so it is sewn into my life with a fragile Zen like thread Ana Reinhardt has spent the last few years living alone working as a medical receptionist at a local clinic and getting back on her feet after dropping out of university and watching her family move to the other side of the world without her She thinks she has moved beyond it all beyond the depression and everything that followed it but she still doesn’t believe in love When she begins dating one of the doctors she works with she realises that maybe she does deserve a chance at a real relationship and maybe her life doesn’t have to be so lonely With four close friends who think the world of her she discovers that family comes in many forms and while running away across the globe is a good short term solution to dealing with pain in the long run you have to find something bigger to hold onto in your heart or else it will all fall apart very uickly

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    Polarity and Indecision by Erika Kochanski is one that readers will love A beautifully woven masterpiece that entails a story of how a woman finds love and hope in world filled with darkness Ana takes readers deep onto her path of self discovery where she searches for light instead of darkness that covers her like a heavy blanket that won't lift off easily A young woman who feels all alone with her family living on the other side of the globe Ana wants love in her life And with four friends and dating a doctor she works with at a clinic Ana just might discover what family she already has and that she can have a relationship if she's willing to go after it Erika Kochanski has written a intensifying plot that keeps readers hooked as the main character struggles within herself at what her life is and should be like I found Polarity and Indecision to be a shocking truth the mirrors the fears and emptiness that each one of us still holds back Ana is an inspiring proof that we can find what we are desperately needing if we dare to reach out and grab it A contemporary romance that readers won't be forgetting and one that will stay imprinted within our hearts A must read for all Overall I recommend reading Polarity and Indecision and rate it a five out of five stars

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    Depth of Character 43 StarsThere is a balance of light and dark in all of us In some the darkness becomes dominate letting depression regret and anxiety guide their tormented soulsAna Reinhardt our main character walks on the dark side of life She has worked in a medical facility in Brisbane Australia for five years Living alone and feeling lost Ana succumbs to her self loathing and attempts suicide Declan one of the physicians at the clinic finds her in the nick of time They start dating; soon she moves on to another doctor Oliver Oliver is a’ love them and leave them’ kind of guy and that is exactly what he does with Ana She is devastated but Ana soon realizes he isn't even the one she’s in love withPolarity and Indecision is a heart warming book about self discovery a girl finding hope and love in a world she felt held none of those things for herStephanie Lasley from The Kindle Book Review The Kindle Book Review received a free copy of this book for an independent fair and honest review We are not associated with the author or