Times were hard for Marc Too much cold not enough food and a once good friend had turned against him Then his life grew even complicated as magic invaded his world Little did he know that discovering the Haunted Tree would change him in ways he could not imagine Under the tutelage of the mysterious wizard Oren Marc and his lifelong friend Valeria found themselves on the path to learning the greatest secret of magic But this journey would come at a price Together they struggle to not only discover and fulfill their destinies but to also survive the evil that wants them dead all within the shadow of the Haunted Tree

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    A creative tale of hardship in a mysterious past Marc and his village struggle to survive after an endless winter has fallen on the land When times are particularly hard Marc ventures near the Forbidden Vale a murky wood that houses rumors of death An accident forces Marc to become sensitive to the magic all around drawing the attention of the powerful wizard that protects the village Regardless of his intentions Marc grows in strength as a manand a magicianThe setting is Roman esue England with hints of Robin Hood and a dash of Merlin and Chiron It's a little slow to start but I particularly enjoyed the relationship between Marc and the wizard Oren; the story seems to really hit its stride when the tutelage begins Marc grows as a wizard as a leader and as a man swearing to find his father's killer and giving in to his feelings for his friend Valeria It reminded me of a blend of The Once and Future King and The Clan of the Cave BearIf you enjoy high fantasy in a classical setting you may enjoy this fantastical survival tale

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    WowThe author said it was different than most stories like it and it was yet it was also I don't know how to say it but to use the work comfortable Like other reviewers said the characters are real to me Marc and Valeria are like friends to me now I enjoyed Haunted Tree very much and can't wait for the next book I do have to admit I rated it 5 stars when only halfway through reading it but that tells how much I was liking it by then Now that I'm done I stand by my rating Also I was given a free copy upon the understanding I would give an honest review of the book I guess I got lucky The first book I chose to review was great

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    The setting is medieval Britain but that's the extent of any historical content Marc the main character is blessed with magic and apprentices to the local wizard There is a romance obvious from the beginning to everyone except Marc Several characters are developed in good detail and several grow significantly in the course of the plotThe magic system is not well defined but is apparently an collection of paranormal powers granted by God Christianity is assumed throughout but will no discussion of doctrine Magic comes pretty easily to Marc and his girlfriend with none of the traditional blockages of the fantasy genreI didn't care for the way the final battle dragged out The author had to counter Marc's overwhelming power by giving him psychological barriers to finishing off the bad guys But it all worked out in the end There was no cliff hanger but there is obvious room for seuels which I will read when they are published

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    Several weeks ago a friend of mine loaned me her copy of Haunted Tree on her Kindle telling me I'd like it I usually don't care for historical fantasy preferring modern fantasy or I guess it's called Urban Fantasy Anyway I initially started reading it to make her happy and was uickly surprised to learn she was right Turns out I really like it Most of the historic fantasy I've read or tried to is loaded down with political scheming power plays and such and when there is too much of that I lose interest Haunted Tree has little of that presenting a clear and clean story I'm buying a print copy of the book as soon as it's available

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    A Christian Blockbuster; Haunted TreeIt's a brave soul who ventures into the realm of fantasy magic and faith Scott Scheller has walked the fine blade of remaining true to Biblical principals while being true to the wealth of magic in post Roman Brititania A coming of age tale with great amounts of conflict courage and love the lives of Marc Valeria and Oren the Wise struggle against the forces of darkness Be warned its a page turner that will be hard to put down once you have opened it up

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    Very Entertaining Read More PleaseI feel honored to be able to be at the beginning of what is no doubt going to be an exciting ride What Scott has provided in the Haunted Tree is a rich vibrant world of the Magus family Rich in character development exciting action and a very pleasant view of magic Can't wait for Book 2

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    I loved the way the characters where developed in this story I don't want to give too much away but by the title you can already see that a haunted tree plays an important part Wizards and magic about in this story which combines alternate history and fantasy adventure A great read to escape into

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    This is an intriguing coming of age book that readers of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games will thoroughly enjoy The book held my interest as I wanted to see what would happen to Marc and Valeria as their world changed and their relationship evolved This was a very creative and imaginative story

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    A really good book with a long time line not unlike the lord of the rings the story is set in 19teent century round about 1850 five star rating from me

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    Great Can't wait for