When I started this book, I knew it would deal with some pretty heavy subject matter After all, the blurb is pretty forthcoming about the fact that rape is commonplace in this futuristic world that Mya Robarts created While it proved to be every bit as gut wrenching as I expected, there were alsomoments of simplistic beauty than I had anticipated Given the dark, gritty and downright gloomy existence that the heroine lives, these few exquisite moments provided her with the inspiration necessary to keep living another day For the reader, they served to keep the story from becoming so depressing as to not be enjoyable Even in the darkest of times, there is light to be seen if you look hard enough Finding that light is the essence of the human drive to survive against all odds.Lila Velez was a girl that managed to find the light in a very dark world Coming of age in her town meant being eligible for recruitment by the army While this sounds deceivingly honorable, don t let the fluffy language fool you Recruitment is really a nice way of saying rape that is completely legal and sanctioned by the government There is nothing nice about it or this life that Lila was born into It is raw, brutal and horrific.If you can picture that, then you can imagine the morose feeling that pervades this book The vast majority of this book takes place in the months preceding the recruitment ceremony Yes, they actually have a big ceremony to celebrate these traumatic, and very public, mass rapes There was a strong sense of impending doom and the clock ticked down to the time that Lila would face a certain and brutal rape.Fully aware of what the future holds in store for her, Lila is determined to take control of her own first sexual experience to the extent that she can when she is faced with an ever shortening timeline She sets out to lose her virginity before it can be taken from her She has no illusions of romance, but refuses to let the soldiers take that part of her At least she can be sure that her first time will be with someone that she cares about, even if it isn t with someone that she is in love with When Lila s best friend, Rey, first turns her down, she is disappointed but not deterred She is certain that she will be able to convince Rey before the troops arrive in their town If she can t she is sure that she can find somebody After all, anyone would be better than the soldiers.General Aleksy Furst immediately takes notice of Lila when he arrives in town An awkward, rather comical, first meeting ensures that he won t soon forget Lila Despite her initial protests, Lila eventually comes to consider Aleksy s offer to rid her of her virginity.While reading this story, it was easy to draw many parallels between this fictional futuristic dystopian America and factual past and present war crimes of the world This book forces readers to evaluate their values and sheds light on many unpleasant truths that are not discussed in polite society From homophopia, rape, government sanctioned war crimes, genetic modification, gender specific roles to hypocrisy, this book touches on so many controversial topics that I couldn t begin to list them all That is really what makes this book so moving and memorable Of course, I enjoyed the love story that evolved between Lila and Aleksey However, the beauty of this book was in it s ability to make readers think about these controversial topics The best books are those that force us to reevaluate our beliefs and behaviors, sculpting us into better,compassionate, individuals This is one such book.While this book certainly isn t a feel good type of story, I highly recommend it Like 1984 and other dystopian classics, The V Girl is a thought provoking social commentary I especially liked the questions for discussion that the author included at the back of the book. UPDATE 12 10 16 So this book has apparently been revised and re edited to fix all the glaring errors that I had problems with before I decided to give this story another chance because it had a lot of potential to be great and it is Whereas before, I was so distracted by all the grammatical errors that I just couldn t fully get into the story, now I was completely immersed in Lila s world Even though I read this book a while back, and ultimately knew what happened, I found myself staying up late in the night to finish it I finished this book within 24 hours While I still wholeheartedly agree with my review below, I m still in love with Aleksey s character and still found Lila to be way too immature for her age and the environment she grew up in, I found that my response to the newly revised edition was greater than when I initially read it And again, I already knew what was going to happen Which is why I m going to be changing my 3 star rating to a 5 star rating Not only was I unable to put down the book, but I wanted to backtrack just to keep the story alive a little longer.Original reviewLila lives in a cruel world A world where recruitment isn t just for military but rather for the military s sexual services The soldiers go from town to town and recruit young men and women to be their own personal sex slaves That s not the worst part, during the recruitment process, the soldiers can choose anyone to rape on a ceremonial stone The soldiers will be coming to Lila s town next and she s of age to be recruited She refuses to have her first time be against her will So, she tries to get her best friend to sleep with her However, she wasn t expecting the protection and love of a certain neutral cop This story reminded me a lot of The Bronze Horseman You have Lila who is in a place of need Her father and brother have medical conditions that make her family the town pariahs Lila is a very inexperienced girl when it comes to love, relationships, and sex So, when Aleksey shows up and takes a sudden interest in her by offering her family protection, giving them his food rations, and ultimately taking care of them as best as he can without raising suspicion among the other cops So many things reminded me of The Bronze Horseman but at the same time, the author added so many new elements to it that I didn t feel like I was reading the same story.My one major complaint about the book was the fact that it felt like the book had never graced the desk of an editor There were words missing, sentences that were jumbled up, and sometimes it took me a few tries to figure out what the author meant I generally tend to overlook them as long as they don t interfere with the flow of the story but there were so many of them that it became a big problem for me I think once this goes through the editorial wringer it will be great Aside from that though I though the story was great I fell for Aleksey immediately I mean, here he is, new to the area and all of a sudden he s saving Lila s family left and right Once during an air raid when the person at the bunker entrance wouldn t let them enter because of her father and brother s disabilities Aleksey could have just turned a blind eye and let them continue on their way to a new hiding spot but instead he marches up to that bunker and rains hell and fire down on the guy who didn t let them in He doesn t stop there though, when their home is destroyed in the air raid, no one is willing to take them in even though they ve been ordered to take in those who need a place to stay Again, he could have just let the towns people figure it out on their own, but not Aleksey Nope He shames them all for their behavior and then takes Lila s family to the building where he tends to injured soldiers since his position is sort of like a doctor There were just so many sweet things he did for Lila that really melted my heart I ve put my life at risk for others ever since I joined the Army It d be a nice change to risk my life for something I want for me I crave you While I loved Aleksey, I couldn t stand Lila She was supposed to be eighteen years old but the way she behaved made me think she was closer to fourteen I mean, she keep trying to sleep with her friend who doesn t want to sleep with her Meanwhile, there s Aleksey who s taken care of her from the day he arrived and has offered his services to her but she refuses him Not only that but knowing about the dangers leading up to the recruitment, she does stupid things like leave her house at night to try to seduce her friend Mind you, there are patrols going on with soldiers and cops around who wouldn t hesitate to take privileges with a teenage girl who s out at night Heck, one guy had already assaulted her already in broad daylight with people around Those people just turned a blind eye So tell me why, why would you go out at night knowing the dangers She really frustrated me The V Girl was nothing like I expected It was dark, gritty, but at the same time very romantic I know those things shouldn t go together but they did I think the sweet romance between Aleksey and Lila helped balance out all of the darkness I enjoyed reading this story and look forward to what the author has in store for readers next Favorite quote You usually can t recall all the people you ve shared laughs with But you rarely forget the people you ve shared your tears with. The V Girl is possibly the most heart wrenching, stomach wrenching and, if that even makes sense, steamiest panty wrenching book I read in years, possibly ever It s brutal, sexy, addictive and completely unique Imagine getting a mix of the feelings of despair and love of Hopeless with a brutal future like the handmaid s tale, with a war setting where romance will blossom like the bronze horseman with the gut wrenching angst of the hunger games, with the slow sexual tension of the captive prince series, the feelings of wait for you, and the disgust of a crime novel and I dare male readers to read certain Saint Agatha scene and still tell me that new adult romance is a silly gender and a little bit of YA fun romance ala delirium.Behold the handsomeness and fierceness of Aleksey F rst.Meet Lila, a heroine you might love or hate depending in how you feel you d act if facing her problems Is it acceptable that a girl takes matter in her own hands to avoid a life of slavery Should she try with different guys or should she accept Aleksey s proposal and his quirks Justify your answer What would you do if it was you the one in danger of being taken by the soldiers if you don t lose your virginity first That s the basic premise Lila is 18 and wants to lose her virginity and feel at least for once, that she s safe in the sexual department There are a lot of events, some violent, some funny, some sweet that all revolve around Lila s basic need of connecting to another person through sex This will save her from recruitment a.k.a rape.I love the romance, the messages, the poems between chapters, the world building I can explain the Second civil war as well as I can explain the first one I stayed up late last night to finish this book and I m captivated Perhaps it s because I ve had my own story with the theme of this book, but I love it I think that only a few of new adult authors can handle the topic well and make it heart wrenching, romantic, entertaining and thought provoking without making it preachy nor boring Mya Robarts is one of those authors She delivers a story that keeps the reader laughing, raging, hating, loving, thinking, cringing applauding, and when it ends you are free to take the messages with you as food for thought, or think about this book as a love story A brutal love story but romantic nonetheless.The V Girl contains graphic scenes that might shock some readers, but let me assure you that the graphicness is reserved to consensual acts of sex and a horrible depiction of what torture really is Although rape is a reality in this world we don t get to witness it We know itfrom backstory and the way the author showed us the feelings of the characters Lila s fears became mine as I was reading and that s to the credit of the world building and writing The prose is simple, unadorned, straight to the point, and that makes the situations believable Even the romance.As far as the dystopian genre goes, this isn t the typical story where the circumstances are tweaked to make the protagonist the leader No rebels, no special powers, no arms are handled to the protagonist in a silver plate so she ll lead the rebel forces against the oppressive government Lila will find that if she has to lead a rebellion she ll have to 1 learn how to drive in a place where this is forbidden for her people2 stir her gang to become stronger, because they suck.3 Learn to fight with her own hands because The guns of the resistance gang are primitive.4 Become a leader herself when she would prefer not But the current leader of the rebellion sucks at it.This is refreshing Not every YA dystopia orlike NA dystopia character has to be Katniss or Tris Katniss struggled to become a leader, but still she got people eager to make her a symbol and Tris didn t seem to have any difficulty getting guns Lila will have to learn how to use everyday objects as guns and will have to do what she can to become stronger I admire her so much because of this If it were me I wouldn t want to go out of my house ever I d live in hiding.Aleksy is fantastic I could predict from the first chapter that he d be a love interest, but other than that I couldn t see where the relationship would go You ll find what I d call an I want to use you triangle here Lila wants to use her best friend but she doesn t want a relationship with him, or anyone Best friend wants to save Lila from sin but he wants to be in love with his dead ex fianc forever, and Aleksey wants to deflower Lila, but he doesn t think he s capable of love and he knows he won t be around for her Aleksey doesn t want to fall in love but he will and that is one of my favorite parts of this book.In terms of steamy scenes, I think that they were well written and sexy Some are rough, some are sweet, some are graphic but all are realistic and vital to the plot or the overall message of the book I enjoyed them all For example this quoteWhy does it have to hurt only me It s true Why sexuality is alwaysdifficult for women than for men Not fair But as I said the messages are there hidden between the characters actions if you want to see them, but if you don t this is still a very compelling story of fighting for love and against love.I want to recommend this book to 18 plus readers, because some topics here are disturbing, but any reader that can handle the heavy subject will enjoy the book Read this if you want something different. Wow, The V Girl is one hell of a book What a punch it throws to the heart and soul There are so many amazing things about this story that this review will be a bit lengthy.But since I don t want to make it cover 20 pages like an analytical essay, here s a quick bullet list of some great things Lots of anti rape messages yes Pro consent messages yes Anti slut shaming messages yes Healthy relationship choices behaviors such as being honest about expectations wants, defining boundaries, accepting and working with obstacles like PTSD, respecting partner s wishes, and lotsProperly executed alpha male i.e is all the thrill and sensuality of power and control without any of the physically or emotionally abusive behavior you so often see with supposed alpha characters in books Recognition that men can be raped by either sex Healthy, supporting view of sexuality that encourages people to take control of it, know their bodies, explore their desires, and to not be ashamed to be a sexual being and have these types of feelings Exploration of these topics in a way that s deep but easy to connect to and understand Supportive father figure who wants his daughter to be happy and embrace her sexuality and doesn t demonize her whatsoever and a supportive brother and sister too though Azzy does have a few moments, but seeing as she s like 11 this is excusable Recognition that virginity is not a legit biological thing it s basically just a person who hasn t had sex which doesn t define anything really essential since a virginal and not virginal body have no real differences outside of the very temporary damage that might be inflicted by penetration and that the hymen is just a useless piece of tissue that can break even if you ve never had sex and can stay intact even if you have sex every day And probably lots of other stuff I should have taken notes but I was really into reading this so I didn t think to I might go back someday to better elaborate and all the specifics that made me go Yes Yes Fuck yes This is a powerful story that tells the story of an 18 year old girl working hard to keep living from day to day who is exploring her sexuality and herself in a world where there s war and the recruitment which is a showy ceremony of legalized rape looming above her She suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after witnessing many horrible things and has developed her voyeurism kink from the trauma yet still yearns to be loved and have a consensual, trusting sexual relationship, especially since recruitment is fast approaching and Lila cannot bear the idea of being raped by soldiers like her mother was and experiencing sexual contact for the first time under such horrible circumstances She wants to lose her virginity to protect herself and to have a bit of control over her body in a world that doesn t think anyone has that right the right of autonomy It s very easy to relate to Lila her fears, her wants, her hopes, her turmoil She s everything an 18 year girl is full of complex feelings and desires, a blend of childishness and maturity that is on the cusp of true confidence and ownership of self but she is also so mucha survivor, a fighter, a dreamer, someone who expects the worst but deep down wishes and hopes for the best I loved Lila Not once did I feel unsatisfied with her character I could understand her very well and thought she was a great choice of a heroine.This is where Aleksey comes in he s actually super well written too He embodies the alpha male archetype, but in a way that removes him entirely from being abusive He heavily values consent, is open and forthcoming about his wants with Lila and the constructs of their relationship as it progresses from sexual connection to deep romantic love so, for example, he doesn t lie to her about wanting a romantic relationship with her at first and is honest about wanting to be just about a sexual connection and human touch , doesn t blame Lila for her PTSD or try to force or coerce her into doing something she doesn t want to, is willing to fulfill the things Lila needs in order to have with him like consent, trust, and understanding , and always has a firm control over himself with Lila so he doesn t hurt her even accidentally He s not perfect, of course, he s suffering from a kind of emotional ignorance and detachment from his hard life, but he slowly learns with Lila and becomes better and better with how to love her and express it, just like how Lila slowly becomes better at trusting and being comfortable with sexual intimacy after her ordeals and fears Although, one thing I want to address is that Aleksey s kink is rape roleplay or as the book calls it consensual non consent which while, like Lila, that makes me personally a little uncomfortable just because the nature of this is a little complex to define in terms of morality and when it goes to far or is no longer safe healthy, I think the author handles this in a good way by having Aleksey understand the boundaries of it and that he has to be aware of his partner s feelings and be sensitive to when consent is withdrawn or a line is drawn If this was just your average story, I d say it was unnecessary to add in, but usually the people who have this kink and who are very clear about the boundaries of it either exist in a society that warps sex or they have had a traumatic experience with sexual assault for example, survivors of rape often engage in rape roleplaying because it s a way for them to regain a sense of control over their bodies and cope with their trauma though it can manifest in other people for other reasons While we re not given a backstory of how Aleksey got this kink, I d say it s safe to assume it manifested from the world he s in and the things he s seen, much like how Lila s voyeurism developed as a result of seeing others get raped and is her coping mechanism.Also, there s a seven year age gap between our leads, but since we re in a situation where Lila wasn t really allowed to be like your average teenager and mature at her own pace, she is presented as a muchmature and competent person than what we see in your average contemporary novel, I m not being as harsh as I d usually be Yes, she s 18, but generally a 25 year old is a lotmature and experienced so this creates a power imbalance which is a problem In this case, even though Aleksey isexperienced and mature, he doesn t present anything in his behavior that speaks that he would abuse this gap in power and Lila is intelligent and experienced enough to not easily fall prey to being in that situation or be the kind of person someone would target if they had such power abusing tendencies in mind.We get to watch their relationship develop slowly, understand their individual feelings, their turmoil, and we see how them opening up to each other deepens and intensifies their connection with one another as it grows from one thing into another, so you get a feel that this relationship is real and legitimate, making it quite a realist romance that speaks to readers on deep levels, all while the story somehow makes time to be a platform for discussion and thought regarding the morals of relationships and sex and autonomy at the same time as this epic story of dealing with emotions and sexual desire between two people not quite sure how to merge the two work to find the answers together one clumsy step at a time.As for the writing, the author does a superb job The style was simple, yet heartfelt and appropriate to the setting The messages are coherently conveyed, the story soundly weaved, the characters very well fleshed out, and outside of a few errors in my Kindle edition I could find no grievous flaw to the prose Thumbs up from me All in all, if you aren t very sensitive to the topics surrounding rape and aren t triggered by the topic easily, this is a great read that s as equally moving for the heart as it thought provoking for the intellect Though since the book contains a lot of mature subject matter and a few detailed sex scenes, I would definitely say this is new adult, though I think perhaps it d be worthwhile to have a mature 16 or 17 year old read it because it has such a healthy romance relationship and offers very sound, good messages regarding some very sensitive issues that are paramount to your average young person and young women especially I wrote this kind of fast right before heading out somewhere so I ll likely return to it at a later date to proofread and maybe add somestuff All in all, five star book Thanks for the recommendation, Veronica Rolli as Aleksey F rst Thanks Michelle for telling me the name of this hot dude Re readsent me a letter to update the book Love it EVENthe second time First and foremost I DON T WANT IT TO END I WANT MORE PLEASE Thank you Mya Roberts for writing this beautiful, epic LOVE STORY Now the theme itself is so HORRIFYING that for a while I debated whether I wanted to read the book or not Usually rape is not something I want to read In fact I read the reviews of the V girl first before reading and most of them were accurate, rape is not something that we get to see graphically I can t stand rape I just can t But the INTELLIGENT, MATURE, ALMOST POETIC approach the author used to tackle this difficult topic was brilliant There s rape, the blurb says as much but it sthan a menace, a threat to the people who live in this world 90% of the book the story isabout the Heroine s fight, about her feelings, not about rape for the sake of bringing drama Nothing like game of thrones style It s sad to think that The V girl society is very realistic I think our own society has come to accept rape and abuse as something that can t be avoided From where we stand as society where rape culture is fed on us daily to the moment a society like this becomes a realityi m sad to think about it but it may happen it seems like whenever there s war there s crime Looting, Murder, torture, rape, slavery Honestly just see what Hitler did I m sure his high comanders had green card to do whatever they wanted to the people they oppressed Countless of TV shows, movies and books talk about torture and murder during war They never talk about rape and that s sadly the reality every women of every country that has been invaded has to live For them or for someone they know.There s PLOTYOU HEAR ME PLOTand subplots too There s a good story here that made me cry, laugh, throw my kindle to the garbage literally swoon REPEATEDLY.Swoon why Because ALEKSEY FURST A SOLDIER WHO DOES WHAT S RIGHT what the other soldiers should do PROTECT PEOPLE and he wasn t expecting to fall in love with Lila but he did It s a very difficult situation for this couple On the one hand she FOR OBVIOUS REASONS hates soldiers On the other hand IT S PROHIBITED TO HAVE A FOREIGN AND AN AMERICAN getting married and the punishement is torture rape no problem Love heaven forbid how come But aleksey fights his way to get Lila s heart, he changes for her, he risks everything for her, and little by little she ll find that Aleksey is not her enemy He s there to LOVE HER not to take advantage of the situation.Would he gain her heart and have the honor to be the one who deflowers the heroine There s plenty of sex yes but it s portrayed in a way that fits the plot perfectly And when you reach the 85% mark you ll be ready to cry and soak your kindle Its that dramatic And what comes next is horrifying.But thanks god there s something that Roberts had in store for us that we weren t expecting view spoiler A HEA hide spoiler You can see this and other reviews on my blog Book Nerd ParadiseAt first, I was very cautious to try out The V Girl It sat on my TBR shelf for months as I went back and forth on whether to read it or not I didn t know how much violence there was, or what kind of violence, and it made me hesitant The blurb isn t very clear as to how explicit the book is, or if it salong the lines of bdsm erotica.In the end, I took a chance, figuring that I could just set it aside if it made me too uncomfortable After I closed the final chapter, I took a few moments to gather my thoughts and feelings This book is very different that what I normally read and the conclusion I came to boils down to one word thought provoking Not only does The V Girl have the typical elements of a traditional novel there s a story line, character building, world building, romance but it also takes a look serious subjects and makes the reader think about them What happens to society when rape is legal and everyone has been affected by it in one way or another There s a scene in the book where our MC, Lila, talks about how it s best to dress so as not to attract the attention of men This really got me thinking about how relevant this is to society today Girl are sent home from school because their outfits are a distraction to their male counterparts Instead of teaching boys to respect a woman s body and that no really does mean no, we re putting the blame solely on girls dressing too provocatively It s the old ignorant argument of she deserves it if she dresses like that It also takes a look at the line between consensual and non consensual Is it really consensual if your only other option is to be raped in front of an audience What do you do when the world is so messed up, it s almost beyond repair These are the kinds of deep thoughts I had while reading The V Girl But on top of all that, The V Girl is the story of one girl s survival and journey to love in this dark and sinister world It s exceptionally written all of Lila s thoughts and fears became mine as I was reading I was rooting for her and Aleksey the whole time as they fought to find a solution Lastly, for those who might be uncomfortable with this topic, while there are instances of rape in this book, they are not explicitly graphic I was provided a copy of this book through NetGalley in return for an honest review Thank you, Mya for the e book copy in exchange for an honest review I fucking loved it The V Girl by Mya Robarts.Has a gif ever beenaccurate The V Girl by Mya Robarts is Brutal yet Brilliant.Set in post apocalyptic America, The V Girl illustrates a society where rape is not only legal, but excepted In her awesome debut, Mya Robarts crafts a unique story with unforgettable characters and tackles heavy topics effortlessly and with maturity.At times, The V Girl is difficult to read Not because there are graphic scenes which there areso, beware but because of the world these characters that you come to know and love live in such a brutal society where consent is something of the past And always in the back of my head as I was reading this is that this, this life is the norm for these people There is something disillusioning about that and frankly terrifying.We follow Lila, our heroine, who is a as she is racing against the proverbial clock to lose her virginity before the Recruitment Ceremony a legal ceremony where soldiers can come and terrorize towns where she will be forced to give it up without her consent in what will be a violent filled and humiliating experience Lila is a extremely unique character A Gem in fact She is complex and made mature for her age by circumstance She literally has no choice but to grow up and be an adult We see this especially in her younger sister, Azzy, who is a child but mental is most definitely not a child Lila is not the innocent heroine I was expecting, at all She goes far and beyond all my expectations One of my favorite aspects of Lila is that view spoiler she is a Voyeur Though she is not sexually active prior to her attempts throughout the book, She watches other people having sex with their consent, she isn t a creep hide spoiler Mya Robarts The V Girl 3 50 Million Shades of the Rainbow Stars.In a free society, sex doesn t come in fifty shades of grey, but fifty million shades of every color in the rainbow Unfortunately, Lila Velez doesn t live in a free society Where she lives, sex is mostly mean red Rape is a government sanctioned activity, and most 18 year olds are publically defiled For Lila, the question isn t if she should lose her virginity, but to whomI need a partner who cares for me, even if it s only a little Nothing of that use and discard nonsense And the boundaries should be well drawn beforehand What is acceptable and what is not LilaTo find the right partner, Lila embarks on a odyssey of sexual observation, introspection, and exploration She examines and evaluates every nuance of her own sexuality, as well as that of others The end result being A vibrantly beautiful sexual awakening that changes her life in a spectacular way Lila is a remarkable heroine she isn t ruled by social norms, emotions, or hormones she fights to control her own destiny and, she refuses to let gender or sexuality determine her self worth She is, as her father puts itHer own best friend Dr Baron VelezBut the person most deserving of notice is Mya Robarts herself In a time when most authors mass produce poorly written romances about virginal heroines who lose their hearts and panties to emotionally stunted manwhores with borderline personality disorders and multi orgasmic albeit robotic sexual techniques Robarts produced a ground breaking commentary on the polychromatic nature of sexuality, and a heroine who not only knows where the consensual prism stops and the non consensual mean reds begin, but intellectualizes the physical, emotional, and psychological ramifications of both schematics In short, Mya Robarts is purple If you don t notice her, God will be pissed Blue may indeed be sneaky, but The V Girl is sneakier It s genuineness is there, until it s not While Lila Velez is very Herself , Aleksey F rst is very Christian Gray He s dominant, aloof, secretive, kinky and, he changes for the first woman who says NoI wish you weren t afraid of me But I am That s the reason I can t accept your training proposition His grave expression speaks louder than words Aleksey isn t used to the word no I think it d feel better with my friend I know him well, trust him, and it wouldn t be a one night stand Nothing against casual sex, but I have expectations, and I won t settle for less Fine, he says curtly Tell me what your expectations are and I ll adapt Aleksey LilaThe fact that too much time is spent on Lila s growth and not enough on Aleksey s render the FSOG similarities extraneous Not until the very end are his secrets revealed Thus, Aleksey s development feels insubstantial, his kinks inorganic, and his behavior erratic The couple s HEA is also problematic, as Lila s recruitment gives Aleksey too much control over her future Considering her independent nature and pro choice stance, her happiness with the arrangement rings false Despite the story s imperfections, there are many moments of great linguistic lyricism and beautyMost girls prefer flowers over trees Flowers blossom quickly They speak of passion Of beauty But they wither so easily A tree doesn t speak of passion but sturdiness It grows higher Lasts longer Some trees have been here before I was born and they ll be here when I m gone Real love ought to belike a tree and less like a flower LilaUltimately, it s Mya Robarts eloquence, creativity, and unique philosophy that make The V Girl as compelling as a sea green abyss Were I you, I would not be afraid to succumb to it To Veronica, who recommended this book to meFor information about my rating system, see my profile page. GIF QUOTES Capote, Truman Breakfast at Tiffany s Random House 1958.Walker, Alice The Color Purple Harcourt 1982.Moore, Christopher Sacre Bleu Harper Collins 2012.Robarts, Mya The V Girl 2014. In Post Apocalyptic North America, Sexual Slavery Is Legal Lila Velez Desperately Wants To Lose Her Virginity Before The Troops Visit Her Town And Take It Away By Force She Makes Plans To Seduce Her Only Friend Lila Does Not Love Him, But He Is The Only Man Who Has Shown Her True Affection, An Affection She Is Willing To Take As A Substitute For LoveLila S Coping Mechanism To Deal With Her Mother S Loss Is Her Secret A Secret That Will Bring Her Closer To Aleksey F Rst, A Foreign, Broody Man Who She Distrusts Because Of His Links To The Troops And His Rough, Yet Irresistible Appearance He Offers Lila An Alternative To Her Plans, A Possibility That Terrifies Her And Tempts Her In Spite Of HerselfWith Threats Looming At Every Turn And No Way To Escape, Lila Fears That Falling In Love Will Only Lead To Heartache The Consequences Of Laying Down Her Arms For Aleksey And Welcoming Hope Might Destroy Than Her Heart They Might Force Her To Face The Worst Of Her Nightmares Becoming A Reality Is Love Possible In A World That Has Forgotten What The Human Touch Is FINALLY a well written book with a seemingly simple yet disturbing plot I know NO one likes or should like to read about rape But this book doesn t focus on the actual rape view spoiler It would ve made me sick if the entire book was filled with this but luckily there were only a few well placed brutal scenes to bring out the horror hide spoiler