FIGHT TO THE DEATH LOVE TO THE BONE Jason Is Back In His Home Town And Trying To Make Money The Only Way He Knows In An Illegal MMA Fight Bare Knuckles Hardly Any Rules All He Needs To Do Is Lose The Rabid Mongrels Motorcycle Club Bet Against Him, And They Are Set To Make A Killing, But When Jason Spots His High School Crush In The Audience, He Can T Bear To Lose All He Wants Is To Have Hyde Notice Him He Gets Than He Bargained For When Hyde Turns Out To Be The President Of The MC, Now Out For His Blood To Survive, Jason Will Have To Make A Deal With The Blond Devil No Matter How Manipulative And Vicious Hyde Can Be, He Is A Dark Wet Dream Come To Life, And Jason Can T Keep His Hands To Himself Soon Enough, The Self Destructive Lust He Has For Hyde Becomes A Dangerous Obsession That Takes Jason To The Most Forgotten Corners Of His Soul POSSIBLE SPOILERS Themes Outlaw Motorcycle Club, Criminal Activity, Abuse, Sexual Orientation Issues, Second Chances, Enemies To Lovers, First Time, Coming Home, Alternative Family, Blackmail Genre M M Dark Erotic Romance, Suspense, Drama Length , Words WARNING Adult Content Explicit Gay Sex, Strong Language, Violence, Mentions Of Past Animal Abuse, Mentions Of Past Child Abuse Reader Discretion Advised

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    1,5 2 I notice you now STARS You want that d ck f cking you hard, don t you That s why you lost I do That s what I think I want Me too I m gonna hold you down so that you can t run I won t run I ll take everything you ve got Ugh No Justno.There is NOTHING wrong with bottoming for someone But you don t have to be A COMPLETE P SSY either.Before we start, I want to remind everyone that I am a big fan of the Guns n Boys series and most of the books in the Sex and Mayhem series, by the same author, and all of them are M M Erotica, which means I normally quite like the writing style and general storylines So here s a quick summary of what happens till the half of BARE KNUCKLE LOVE Jason , an illegal underground fighter, has to lose a fight in order to fulfill his arrangement with The Rabid Mongrels MC, who bet against him But the sight of the blonde curls of his high school crush in the audience, a guy who never even noticed him before, makes him reluctant to lose and look like a p ssy eye roll His joy of victory is short lived though, because it turns out that Hyde , the Prez of the MC, is no other than his hot piece of ass ex crush and he is a mean motherf cker Hyde tasers him, kidnaps him and ties him to a chair They have a little chat about Jason s f ck up, but then things get interesting when Hyde starts standing in front of poor Jason and pushing his d ck to his confused but eager face NATURALLY, Jason opens up like an obedient little puppy Because how could he not, guys Hyde was the guy who helped him realize his homosexuality all too clearly 10 years ago and he had never done anything about his fascination with the male body since I mean, Hyde threatened to kill him a few minutes ago if Jason didn t lose the next fight they will schedule but who cares, right When our so called tough fighter is done sucking like a pro at his first blowjob by the wayHUGE APPLAUSE PLEASE, PEOPLE , Hyde takes him to bathe himself He is still bloody from his earlier fight after all eye roll QUICK P.S Hyde the a hole VIDEO TAPES HIM DURING THE SEX ACT And keeps it as leverage against stupid Jasonbut Jason still lusts for him even after this So don t worry, guys Their legendary love story isn t over yet Then he takes him to meet his fellow bikers and they first put a shock collar on his neck yes, seriously and then throw darts at his back After all the fun and games are over, Hyde asks Jason to move in with him till the next fight, to the house he happily shares with his little kid, his WIFE aaaaand her girlfriend, and OF COURSE Jason is so ecstatic about that brilliant idea eye roll OVERALL I picked this book up thinking I would read a sexy as hell book about a badass cage fighter and a broody biker, but what I got was a pathetic closeted gay guy running after an asshole, with his tongue out and waggling his tail like a puppy.Blehhhh No thanks Last words to Hyde

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    3.5 STARS HYDEJASONJason is down on his luck,no money,no job,no home,he has no one that cares about him.So he makes a deal with a prospect from the Rabid Mongrels MC to lose a fight.However,when he s in the ring he spots Hydehis high school crush.He cannot stand the shame of losing in front of him so he ignores what he was supposed to do and wins the fight.Hyde president of the club is furious and wants retribution.Jason is taken to the Club and subjected to an act of humiliation,which was uncomfortable to read so I would DEFINITELY take note of the warning at the start of the book.Hyde keeps him at his house until Jason has paid back the debt in the form of losing another fight.Jason is around 25 but came across a lot younger to me.He was very insecure,having been treat badly by his father in the past.He was desperate for affection and pretty much put up with anything Hyde threw at him I really wanted him to stand up to Hyde I was in the mood for some dirty M M action and this certainly deliversthese Authors write some of the hottest M M scenes I didn t realize it was so short though.I was totally into it and happened to glance at my reading progress only to find it was almost finished.Hopefully,there will be of these two in the sequel..Recommended,if you enjoy dark,gritty,sexy man on man action

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    It s out D

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    RATING 1 WTF IS THIS SH T Heart __To be honest, I got curious about this after reading a friend s update, and come on, who can pass up some hot man on man action Well, this was a bust for me Bare Knuckle Love has a promising premise, however, it s execution is sorely lacking The only reason this didn t end up a DNF is due to Jason I genuinely felt bad for him and all that he had endured in life He was a lost man, and my heart the idiot fell for him And grudgingly, I admit, some of the sex scenes were pretty damn hot PWhat killed this book for me And enough to give it a 1 star, wellthat honor goes to the douchecanoe of epic proportions Hyde for treating Jason like garbage and then claiming to not get enough of his ass pun intended queue eye rolls All I have to say to you, you ding bat That is all Posted July 7, 2015

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    Hmmm, how to rate that this one I ll start with a 3 and see what I end up with once I spew out my thoughts.Bare Knuckle love is a little too weird to be believable Jason is out of cash, unemployed and agrees to lose a bare knuckle underground cage fight During the fight he spots an old high school crush in the crowd and his pride forces him to throw common sense out the window and he wins the fight.This isn t the weird part.The weirdness begins when it disclosed that the crush is the leader of a big, bad motorcycle club He s straight or pretends to be but then forces Jason to get on his knees and do a very naughty thing because he s so damn mad that Jason didn t throw the fight Jason does what he s commanded because Jason has no self worth Hyde has filmed the whole thing and uses it against Jason This is sad and a little strange but I m easy and went with it But then, oh but then Hyde good name for him, really, kudos to the author decides to take Jason home and it is here that the WTFery begins Hyde, you see, is married to a lesbian whose lover lives in the same house all cozy like Hyde and his wife have a little boy Hyde is allowed to have lovers but not make sexy noise within hearing range of the boy Hyde lives a very normal life at home that is almost sweet Into this little bubble of non reality he brings an illegal MMA fighter without a second thought What on earth Sooooo, tell me if this scenario makes any kind of sense or if I m just having a really bad comprehension moment.Hyde is basically holding Jason prisoner to his sexual whim though Jason doesn t seem to mind the sex part and he s also forcing him to throw another fight because he has that humiliating little sex vid of him Jason does whatever Hyde demands because he s terrified of the video getting out and because he has no self confidence His inner monologue sounds like a beaten and bullied teen and it made me so sad.Jason, however, knows that this big bad MC leader is keeping a secret life that would destroy his standing in the MC and would destroy his life if word got out.Hmmm, I d say Jason WINS this smack down by a landslide Sadly Jason is not bright enough to realize this Or he s too blinded by the sex and can t think straight Anyhow, this is the premise which, if you ask me, is all kinds of terrible Still, I read it to the very end and have to admit that it was kind of sexy in a completely awful way.2 3 I m still on the fence The writing wasn t horrible and I d read this author again because despite my dislike of most of the story, it managed to draw me in I very much disliked Hyde and felt that the Jason was too weak a character He needed a hug and a nice guy Instead he got stuck with Hyde Ah well Insta lust will do that to you.

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    3 StArS

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    2.5 to 3 Stars Warning This was all sorts of dirty and crude I don t know why I picked this to read because I usually don t like such harsh reality I guess my curiosity got the best of me So if you like the questionable morals and gritty brutality of underground MMA fighting and MC clubs, then this is for you.To sum it up, this had violence, humiliation, desperation, uncontrolled lust, and crazy smex I just could not look away Oh no doubt, this made me uncomfortable, and it definitely made me squirm Obviously this is the stepping stone for a new series, and despite the above, I do think I would read the next book Again to satisfy my curiosity Yep.

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    4.5 stars sigh Wow, this was harsh I mean, it was so gritty and violent And the blood and the blackmail on top of it all sigh I don t know, it just felt so wrongMaybe they took it too far this timeHAHAHAHAHAHA Who am I kidding, I LOVE that shit This prompt image was created for K.A.Merikan It had it all, blood and hot guy on the run, ready to fight The hot stud in the pic is Jason I loved Jason, he is the gentle giantwhen he doesn t bite people And Hyde, wellHyde is a douchebag He puts Domenico Acerbi to shame.There is some pretty hot sex going on here and the story is heavy on the humiliation kink As long as this happens between lovers and not in front of others, I m totally ok with it.Although this is a complete story no cliffy here , it is also the beginning of a series I did feel that the story ended right at the moment the real romance kicked in, but I m not worried I know that behind the grit and the blood, there is magic for Jason and Hyde Photos from the authors Pinterest page Because you can never start a K.A.Merikan book before checking out that page At least I don t I cannot wait for the rest of the series Recommended

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    4.5Well, shiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt.That cover criminals enemies to lovers fucked up kinkery virgins KA Merikan ___________________________________________Actual review Jason needs to make a buck The best way he can do that is by fighting Only thing is, part of the deal is to lose But when he sees his old crush, Hyde, in the audience, he forgets all about the deal.Too bad Hyde is the guy he was supposed to lose for Now Hyde has him in his clutches and he s not too happy.Hyde is a crazy motherfucker Sexy as hell But crazy.The story is brutal It s bloody and, at times, made me cringe.Hyde and Jason are totally messed up But Jason loves it Hyde knows just what to do to get under Jason s skin He doesn t want to love it, but he so does He loves that dirty, slutty talk Mmmm.Criminals, kink, virgins, fucked up ness Full Of Win.

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    still free 10 23 15I was browsing books on , like I do, and came across this one and it s FREE for those of you interested Pick it up while you can, Dolls 2.5 3 I am a big fan of these ladies and love some of their other books but, Oi This one just didn t do it for me And I was so excited too The blurb sounded amazing and I was so into book cover lust that I thought for sure this would be awesome But in the end I just couldn t bring myself to like either character Jason was too weak for my tastes There s being submissive and then there s being a complete coward and letting someone do whatever the fuck they want to you I like my men strong minded and with a backbone No matter how shitty Hyde treats him he still lusts after him like the fool he is Ugh So not my kind of character And Hyde Well he was a colossal of an asshole Just, no Not my kind of read Still love these ladies and will continue to read whatever they put out.