Seventeen Year Old Ruby Is A Fireblood Who Has Concealed Her Powers Of Heat And Flame From The Cruel Frostblood Ruling Class Her Entire Life But When Her Mother Is Killed Trying To Protect Her, And Rebel Frostbloods Demand Her Help To Overthrow Their Bloodthirsty King, She Agrees To Come Out Of Hiding, Desperate To Have Her RevengeDespite Her Unpredictable Abilities, Ruby Trains With The Rebels And The Infuriating Yet Irresistible Arcus, Who Seems To Think Of Her As Nothing Than A Weapon But Before They Can Take Action, Ruby Is Captured And Forced To Compete In The King S Tournaments That Pit Fireblood Prisoners Against Frostblood Champions Now She Has Only One Chance To Destroy The Maniacal Ruler Who Has Taken Everything From Her And From The Icy Young Man She Has Come To Love

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    Have you read any mainstream YA fantasy book over the past few years If so, it is likely you have already experienced this book with different character names.Frostblood is just so unremarkable Everything about it is familiar and predictable, leading to a read that offered up no excitement, no need to keep turning the pages It often feels as if YA fantasy publishers deliberately go looking for new authors to retell the same old recycled plots Stick an attractive cover on the front and lets see if we can fool people into buying the same book over and over again.This book follows the heroine Ruby who is a Fireblood in a world where Frostbloods are the ruling class Once again, this world is split evenly into two societal groups an overdone technique that I find particularly lazy It s the same with the Reds and Silvers in Red Queen, the Reds and Golds in Red Rising, and the Shotet and Thuvhe from Carve the Mark, as well as others If only the world were that simple If only there were just two groups of people with differences There is just no depth or complexity to a this vs this world.Also, Ruby was uninteresting and bland I feel like I have nothing to remember her by and it was really difficult to become invested in her story and troubles The book opens with her mother being murdered and Ruby being captured by Frostblood soldiers incidentally, this opening is almost identical to Carve the Mark, where Akos father is murdered by the Shotet before Akos, himself, is captured There s nothing here I haven t read before.Then, of course, the plot takes a completely mindblowing turn when our standard heroine with elemental powers easy way of adding some magic without having to think too much about a magic system teams up with a hot guy Arcus to get revenge on the royals who wronged her Is it just me or are you getting d j vu as well And I don t know why so many authors think there is anything interesting about pages and pages of training It s mind numbing But wait Just when you thought this was all looking familiar, Arcus reveals his dum, dum, dum, DARK PAST Yes, that s right Arcus is a very boring, very typical love interest, with very unoriginal secrets A lot of YA fantasy is tropey and contains all the same elements, that s true, so maybe you could say I m being harsh But this book s problem is not just a series of components that make it derivative it also has a very lackluster style The writing did nothing to draw me in dramatic events came and went without being engaging There can be slow parts in any book, but even the most dynamic chapters didn t hold any fire for me.To add a tiny bit of credit where it s due by far the most interesting aspect of this book was the exploration of how one can be blamed for the actions of others they are grouped with For example, the actions of a few radicals, whether they be Firebloods, POC, Muslims or feminists, can be used to make sweeping and false generalizations about all the others in said group This is interesting and rather appropriate right now Too bad it got lost under everything else.To summarize Frostblood and my review feel so very familiar I long for something new and different in YA fantasy.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    Reading Frostblood was a lot like reading Storm Siren for me, in terms of experience.And I m not only referring to the fact that both struggled to hold my interest The characters in them have powers similar to Elsa s from Frozen, especially Ruby who very much wants to be the new Elsa.Indeed, the real problem is that those powers may be impressive I mean, come on, who associates power with trash No one but they re not entertaining to read about Maybe on TV, this story would have engaged my interest a little , but on paper the powers are not in 3 D, if you follow me.Plus, really, how many times have you heard this premise hero heroine is wronged by royally, therefore, he she concocts a plan to kill or overthrown them And that s all they can think about revenge.Do I see some hands raising Nothing new I m actually feeling a bit unpatriotic right now, seeing that Elly Blake is Canadian and we all know that most books are written by American authors, so I felt quite proud of this lady for publishing a fantasy novel that seemed absolutely stupendous.But it s not impressive, sadly Even the writing has nothing new to offer And I just really dislike how the blurb makes this big fuss about a certain competition between frostbloods and firebloods because, as you ll see if you end up reading the book, it really isn t a huge scene in the story.And the romance, bleh bleh bleh I m trying here to find something positive to say about this book, and maybe the only thing I could say about it, something that can be said about most YA fantasy novels, is that this MAY appeal to you, if you have little to no experience with these types of novels Sounds familiar I must have mentioned this in dozens of my other negative reviews of YA fantasy novels.I ll just watch Frozen now If Frostblood is good for something, it s to give you the irresistible need to play that movie.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    This is a Awsome debut novel It is excellent by any novels standards I was recommended this as I really liked the Throne of Glass and the story the story telling is right on par with this great series If you grew up with fairytales and love superheroes you will love this story.Ruby is a Fireblood meaning she can generate frie in a land ruled by by Frostbloods the ability to generate ice , this is that enough to get her killed Thought the basics of her power by her grandmother, she is hidden away by her mother However when her secret is discovered and cost her everything she holds dear, she is burning for one thing revenge When an opportunity is presented to her, she is dubious of trusting her natural enemies as allies.This story has it all, well written, well paced, action, romance, and even great character development I like that fact that the characters natural personalities match their powers Ruby is fire so hot tempered, where as Frostbloods are portrayed is emotionally cold as they are powerful However the characters are not one dimensional the all develop through the story Ruby is constantly second guessing herself, but when she makes a decision she is determined to see it through no matter the cost to herself I really enjoyed this book, and can t wait for the next one.

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    Fire Meets Frost Ruby is a fireblood that her mother has tried to keep hidden because firebloods are being killed out by the frostbloods, at least the evil ones She s very powerful but can t control her power as no one has trained her untilArcus is a frostblood and he s also very powerful He is also something else that I can t tell you about, you have to read the book He saves Ruby from a prison she was taken to when they evil ones found her They killed her mother, she wants King Rasmus to die Arcus takes Ruby back to the Abbey where she meets some wonderful people One being Brother Thistle They want to train her to use her fire and control it Brother Thistle and Arcus have their work cut out for them but it mostly works out in the end They want to help her be able to take down King Rasmus Until Ruby is captured by the King s minions and brought back to his castle to fight in his pits She is set up against people, animals, frostblood s She hopes to be able to kill the king but will her plan every come into play Maybe, maybe not, there is something else about the king he s not quite right Will Ruby with the help of Arcus be able to defeat the darkness You shall see, when you read it I enjoyed the book I love Arcus, he s my frost king There were a few things in the book that made me want to smack Ruby but it was still good Sometimes it seemed like she could have used her powers before getting caught Either way, it worked out good enough for me I will leave you with a funny little EXCERPT How did you find me He unclenched his jaw to answer When Wheatgerm returned to the stables, I followed her tracks until they disappeared And then I heard someone bellowing nonsense, and I knew it must be you Who the blazes is Wheatgerm The horse you stole from the abbey, he said as if talking to a simpleton You mean Butter And I didn t steal her I borrowed her I take it she s safe Cold and tired, but safe in the stables eating like she s half starved Which she probably is, thanks to you And her name isn t Butter It is now She s not yours to name She s mine in spirit now that we ve had an adventure together And her name suits her She s soft and yellow, like butter He made a disgusted sound If we all had names to suit us, you d be called Thorn in My Backside Or Plague of the Gods I prickled at his scathing tone And you d be Miserable Blockhead Is that the best you could do Give me time I m half frozen I just love Ruby and Arcus MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    UPDATEREAD THIS FOR THE SECOND TIME LOVED IT.I really am enjoying my re reading journey through books I loved I read this book in one sitting today, my god it was good Elly Blake has taken a world divided by belief and power She has created strong characters, with strong bonds AND DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE DISPLAY OF THE POWERS IN THIS BOOK.Really really enjoyed this novel and I look forward to reading the follow up next year. omg next year, I might cry if i have to wait long

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    I ve lowered my rating to a 4, towards a 3.5 upon further thought 4.5 First off I m super excited because this author lives in my town which does not happen often But I ended up enjoying this a lot than I had thought I would I think I found the cover off putting mine is an ARC and has a different cover than that pictured I loved the world divided by binaries and watching those binaries blur It was a really cool read P.S A video review will be going up closer to the publication date Received ARC from Indigo Books and Music, many thanks to them

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    Stillness was a kind of violence in the hands of people who played at handing out pain This was the typical YA fantasy book that you see everywhere else It s got similar plot twists, similar heroine s and hero s, the typical romance, the action that is set somewhere, the similar settings it s all similar but it s also something I don t get tired of Elly Blake actually managed to make me laugh, smile, scream inside, and basically cover my mouth as the ending was coming because it was something I didn t expect Frostblood is about Ruby, a 17 year old who is a Fireblood living in a world of Frostbloods so just by knowing that, the reader knows that Ruby doesn t get along with her people because they are either different than her, are her enemies, or are afraid of her powers One day, soldiers come looking for this Fireblood to kill her because they want to get rid of Fireblood s as soon as they can since it s been happening for quite some time now and there are really no Fireblood s left and once they find Ruby and her mother, Ruby knows she has to do something to run away Because Ruby doesn t know how to use her gift, how to control her fire abilities, her mother ends up defending her when a soldier was about to kill her and ends up dying, leaving Ruby alone and is taken away to a prison cell Days later, 2 strangers arrive where Ruby is and offer her something she doesn t think she could regret kill the Frost King and she will earn freedom Hearing the word freedom is all Ruby could think about, so she agrees to do the task she is offered, but the thing is, she doesn t know what her task is and doesn t really realize what she just got herself into until seeing it Arcus, one of the people who carried her out to escape and be taken away to train doesn t see her as anything but dangerous and is tired of having to need because he believes in what they have told him that the Fireblood is the key to peace Ruby begins training at this different place with people that are nothing like her and little did she know that she would be able to trust some of these people, and even fall in love with the icy young man As she begins this train, Ruby is actually taken away to another cell but instead of staying there suffering, she is forced to fight and battle in the pit of the Frostblood King against Frostbloods when she is a Fireblood Ruby, being forced to become stronger than she thought she was, starts gaining this powerful strength delivered from the light or darkness and doesn t realize what she can do until after This might just be her chance to complete the task and kill the ruthless ruler and get revenge and what he has done to her.Frostblood wasn t new Like I said, it was the typical YA fantasy that has sights of romance and a new ship that may or may not sink which is making me scream inside because I ended up shipping Arcus and Ruby The fantasy elements are the same ones you would see in other books, like Red Queen and Snow like Ashes I admit I don t get tired of it I understand the hate an author can get because readers think they are basically copying another work of another author and making it theirs in ways, changing the plot, the world building, the characters, the fantasy elements changing everything but then, I really don t care I m here reading a book and I m entertained I like it, I finish it, and maybe I ll cry.But I didn t hate Frostblood, I merely enjoyed it.The characters were okay The world building was okay Everything was okay In fantasy books, I can never relate to characters and see where they re coming from, and Ruby was no different She was the typical heroine that has a gift she doesn t know how to use unless she gets trained Arcus was the typical hero in the story that has a secret past dark or not that reveals it later but to be honest, it s kind of obvious in Part 1 of the story view spoiler There are lines where he is named god and I knew from that instant that he was the lost King and not his brother hide spoiler

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    A focused mind is a powerful tool Frostblood is one of the books which I enjoyed the most After Red Queen, I was wanting on blood discrimination And few days ago I found this piece of writing which I will never forget.The most important thing I liked in this book is its way of writing It is just beyond amazing At least for me I enjoyed reading how author expressed things How she made me smile by some jokes in conversations, made me excited by the action scenes, made me sad by some scenes In short this is one of the best writing styles I have ever read OVERVIEW Ruby is a Fireblood, the kind which is not acceptable in the kingdom where the Frost King, Rasmus, rules Her mother is killed in an attack by the Soldiers of Frost King In the attack, Ruby is imprisoned by them But she gets free by the rebels who wants to remove Rasmus from power They are planning to use Ruby for their purpose But Ruby has her purpose also Revenge Revenge of her mother s death.The he very big surprise is rebels are also the Frostbloods They are doing this for a reason.Rasmus, Frost King, hates Firebloods for a reason That s why he kills them THINGS I LIKED Discrimination, I liked how the world is divided in Firebloods and Frostbloods Arcus, this character is just amazing My favourite male character after Paxton from Great Hunt He was just a mystery till the end of the book The book revealed his mystery in a very well manner I liked the way his character was written Even though I found him rude in the beginning but eventually I came to know why he was rude Arena Scenes, those were very well written I was literally feeling that I was watching these scenes I was Feeling the atmosphere of arena view spoiler Death Scene of Captain killer of Ruby s mother , Ruby was giving him the chance to save his life She became soft hearted because of his daughter and wife were in the arena even though he didn t deserve mercy But Captain, out of pride, didn t listen Entry of Arcus in Arena, whoa I couldn t believe what I was reading when this scene came I was just stunned But equally feeling good Relationship of Arcus and Ruby, that was nice I liked them being together But when the Rasmus came, I got afraid I was thinking that Ruby might begin to love him But thank God that didn t came Otherwise I wouldn t have liked it Because I had already liked the Arcus and Ruby I wouldn t have liked Rasmus in between hide spoiler

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    Mal wieder ein richtig richtig gutes Jugendbuch, was auch mal ohne Klischees und Fokus auf eine Liebesgeschichte auskommt Nat rlich gab es trotzdem eine Lovestory, allerdings mochte ich die sogar echt gerne Es gab nur wenig was mich gest rt hat Ich h tte mich zum Beispiel furchtbar ber eine Karte am Anfang oder Ende des Buches gefreut, da ich manchmal etwas verwirrt vom Worldbuilding war Die Idee an sich und auch die Beschreibungen haben mir aber gut gefallen Auch die Art der Magie hat mir gefallen, hat mich alles in allem sehr an Sarah J Maas Celeana und Rowan erinnert Ruby und Arcus fand ich super, ihre Temperamente haben zu ihren jeweiligen Gaben gepasst und die Dynamik zwischen den beiden war genial Die Geschichte war auf keiner Seite langweilig, was nicht nur am interessanten Plot lag sondern auch am tollen Schreibstil von Elly Blake Aber grade deshalb h tte das Buch gern noch ein paar Seiten mehr haben k nnen

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    DNF 37%I don t usually rate books I DNF unless I make it to 50%, but this book has me bittereven though it s pretty much my fault Still I got drawn into the hype and pretty cover and so, I bought not only this book in hardcoverbut also books two and threeBecause IDIOT Regardless, you can imagine how much I wanted to love and persevere through this thing and its successors But alas, as much as I loathe wasting money, I just can t force myself to pick this book up any It basically reads like every other YA fantasy romance you ve ever read before, except SHITTY I have read and rated highly many a cliched YA in my time, but this one just isn t cutting the mustard The writing is blah, the characters are wooden and one dimensional, and the magic system is non existent The only silver lining here is that I get to pare down my physical tbr by three books, albeit not via the avenue I would prefer Thankfully though, I have since trained myself to stop buying entire series at once without first reading and loving book one I still have a few unread series on my shelves which were purchased before said training took place, but hopefully I have better luck with those Onward.